Swedish Visa: Guide for Filipinos (Share your story)

She did that last time and got denied so she's trying to apply as a tourist not to visit someone so i suggested the other option 😀

I know that she already applied before and got denied. Applying for a visitors visa or a tourist visa in Sweden is just the same i guess? It's the same schegen application form that she'll be filling in. They will ask her the purpose of her visit.  And if she says this time that she's supporting herself and her boyfriend is not sponsoring her so that means that she has to book hotels etc. In the form, she has to write the name of the hotel, adress and telephone number. It's more complicated for her knowing that she's not gonna do it naman in the end. Baka magka problema siya later on. It would be better to tell the truth to avoid problems in her future applications.

I just want to clarify something based sa comment.
There is no such thing as a show money in SWEDEN. Kahit saan ka mag search, SWEDEN never required a show money kahit schenzen visa payan.

im here inside sweden rightnow holding a 90days visa only,me and my boyfriend planning to apply for partners visa,i just want to ask how to apply it,i can stay here while applying the partners visa?

Hi good day everyone!

I was planning to apply for a residence permit in Sweden.  How long will it takes for the processing of it?
my fiance will provide all the needed requirements for the via application.  We first met on dec 2016 then since then we have frequent meetings already. We meet 5 times. Is there any possibility I will be approve for the visa? and I've heard the residence visa takes 17 months long?

any advise please?

thank you! :)

Hello missy!

Correct me if I am wrong, you will apply for residence visa? , Yes, you're capable as long you meet the income and housing requirement stated by immigration. You can apply via online or paper. You can do it right away after you visit sweden. 😄

You can check the website for more information. 😊

Hi kataugusto! Thank you for your response. I appreaciate it. Yes will push through for the residence visa. However I was quite confused because you said I can apply for it after I visit sweden. So it mean that, I will apply first for the tourist visa for me to go to sweden then apply for residence permit once I'm there?  And I guess my fiance was able to met the standard requirements for it. And just a bit of clarifications on howong does it takes to process the residence permit, is it really 12-14 months? Thank you! 😊

Have a nice day!

Have you been to sweden? It's really good proof of relationship if you have been to sweden. Do yiu have facebook? I can add you up to a filipino swedish group where yiu can ask more questions and can gather information about applying Visa from our country. 😄

Hej! Has anyone here switched visas before? Im currently on a resident permit for studies but i want to switch to a sambo visa. Is that possible to do that from here in sweden? Also, will it be possible for me to apply if i have been married before in manila and annulment is on-going, but i want to be a sambo to a swede? I seem to not find that topic in the MV website! If someone could help i would really appreciate it! Thank you!

Hi Kataugusto Me and my Fiancee planning to apply for a residence permit soon. We meet 3times already but we are afraid that we got rejected because we started communicating Nov. Of last year meet Jan. For 1week and april 2weeks and July  10days and now planning to apply for residence permit my worries is i dont have a job here now.

hi, me n my partner applied for residence permit last july 8, 2016 , been interviewed here in hongkong since im working here last october 18 and finally my residence permit was granted august 22, and now waiting for my permit card and it will take 2-3 wks for me to pick it up...13 and half months of waiting...

Hi! I am just new in here. I hope you can help and teach me what to do. Since my cousin will help me to go to sweden and will support me for what will i be needing like supporting papers,and everything. What do i need or what documents do i need including the supporting papers from my cousin to present in the embassy? Please help me since i am very much interested to see and visit sweden. And its really an opportunity. Hope you understand. Thank you.

please who knows, if my hasband is going to  be in rehabiliation centre, will it affect our process???plz help me

Hi is anybody her who had process here in Sweden. Can you give me a tips what they asked in the interview. Me and my husband have interview at migrationsverket this coming October 3. Pls..

i processed my residence visa without visiting as tourist visa first here in sweden .  Do can make it also.

Same here..I guess yes..possible

Hello everyone! Can anyone advice me or give me some helpful tips that I can use during the interview for residential permit??? It would be of a great help!!! 😊

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