Swedish Visa: Guide for Filipinos (Share your story)

Im aware that i have to go back to Philippines to process my residential permit.. its just my bf wants me to.. anyway im going to submit my documents on october 5.. Im pretty nervous about it..  I dont know what blog u have,, hope i can read it anytime soon..


Hej M&k01,
         Yes its in thier policy that you need to apply from the country of the origin. You can check on for the requirement that you need to submited online. Your birth certifikat and marriage contact if your married must be authenticated by nso.  If you meet all the requirement submit it all att once coz it will be more easier for the Swedish migration board to decide. Normaly it took only few months like max 3 months but its always depend on your case.If you want to know more info don't hesitate to communicate with manila Swedish consulate apply online is the quickies way.
Lycka till

Yeah thats true.. Its really hard for us filipino's to leave or visit other countries because of other who able to took advantage of it and never came back.. well we can never really blame them because our government is suck!..
Anyway i think we might have everything to prove our relationship.. Photos from the last 3 yrs and conversations..  The reason i my bf asked me to renew my passport is because i intend to apply resident permit as soon as i return here. Anyway theres always next time. I just hope it all worked out :)

M&k01,  there is actually no need to show them any picture... They based only on how long you know each other and how long you totaly been together... After you submit all the required document online you will have interview from manila consulate of Sweden and there they will ask you all those detail.  they will forward in Swedish migration board your result of your interview. Many applicant were not honest and they violate the rule thats why we don't have good reputation. But that wont affect your application.. 

Where are you in Sweden? 
Am in north Sweden

My Bf in Stockholm Sweden.. Okay then ill just bring in case they will ask some photos or documents that weve been together..

I just got an email stating my visa is granted wohooooo... It only took 2 days and i get the result. thanks for all the advice guys ;)

Wow, grattis till er

   I just wanna ask what are the complete requirements to prepare in applying for a visit visa / Schengen or Tourist visa to Sweden?
   How will an invitation from your partner works before I can apply for the visa?.. is it ok if he sends the invitation through my email or it needs to be sent through postal mail, and does it have to be signed by a lawyer or any?
   My partner and I have known each other last January 2016 and he will be visiting me here in Phil next month and we plan to apply in the  Royal Norwegian Embassy in Manila or Norway Visa application center by the time he arrives. Is it ok to apply directly to the embassy like a walk-in applicant (if so do we have to make an appointment in doing that?) or is it better to apply online?
   Anybody who could help us with this matter is very much appreciated.


Hej Jane, 
If you are applying for tourist visa, you need to set appointment online to Norway embassy in manila. If your bf is coming with you you don't need an invitation letter if not he need to send you the invitation letter by post with his original signature.. For more information about Swedish visa visit their website.  All information you need is in their website. If something more you want to know just message me.

lycka till,


hi there miss arlyn!
tack for your reply. so there's no need to have an invitation letter since we will go together to Manila to pass the requirements in the Norwegian embassy? passing the documents personally takes a lot of time for them to process unlike applying online? we have to wait long for the result?...and how does insurance works also, is it only applicable to choose the ones in the list of insurance company based in Thailand and Europe or is it ok to have anywhere?

God bless!

Hi janechael

When you are applying for a schenen visa. You always need to apply online. You cannot apply as a walk in applicant. When i applied for a schengen visa, oct 2014, they have a website called UDI. Where you need to register and pay the fees. But now they have a center who accepts applications but you still need to set an appointment with them. Try to check the norwegian embassy website.

You still need an invitation letter. Ms. Arlyn only said you don need maybe because he is with you and he can always sign the invitation letter when he is with you. It is a requirement. You also need a copy of his personbevis with the purpose of : invitation. If he will be the one who will finance your trip, you need to show his bank records. When i applied, i showed my bank statements with a banks seal. You need to show a proof that you will be coming home before the schengen visa expires. You also need to satisfy them. In case they need it too, you may include a copy of his passport and arrival stamp in the philippines. All of these informations are in their website. The forms that you need to fill in are also there.

After your interview on that same day, you will have to leave your biometrics at the norwegian embassy too (i just dont know hows the processing today because it changed already) then they will contact you if your visa is granted or not. In your case, it takes 30 days of waiting as per their information in their website. But of course it depends on the case. Good luck to you.

thanks neslund, do you know how insurance works also?.. is it ok to have it anywhere or should it be on Europe and Thailand only?

You are very welcome. When i applied for schengen visa, i took MALAYAN INSURANCE. The insurance must be on the accredited list for schengen visa. My husband was the one who bought it for me, by then he was my bf. By the way, you also need a copy of your flight details (you should not buy the plane ticket yet) just the copy from mnl to stockholm (or gothenburg), it means, it is your preferred departure and arrival dates going to sweden and back in the philippines.

to neslund,
tack again. I will remember that. it's a big help really. if ever there's something I would like to ask in the future that confuses us still will it be fine to ask you both again?...
to miss arlyn/neslund: from where in Sweden do you live now?

Sure no problem. Just ask and we will try to answer. I am still in the philippines, i applied for a residence permit together with my son and i am currently pregnant. I had our interview at the consulate general of sweden last april 18, 2016 and after 2 days, we got the decision already. Yahhhhhh!!! Residence permit plus permission to work. We are just waiting for our residence permit cards to be delivered and hopefully, this May or early June we will be in sweden for good. My husband lives in Söderbärke, Dalarna county sweden. Good luck to both of you. :)

hej.! I always forgot to write 921 with your name. he he he sorry for that. it's good to hear that good news from you and your partner. and grattis for having a baby. are the 2 kids from your Swedish partner? partner is from Borlänge. maybe just near where your partner lives also. hopefully one day when I get to visit Sweden this year we can meet sometime also. he he he. how young are you by the way and your partner?.. how long you've been in LDR? many times you visited Sweden?.. how many times he visited you here?.. sorry if I have many questions.

Hi there. Its okay. Hehehe. I am 30 years old already. My first child is not my husband's child but he will be legitimated under his name after subsequent marriage. We have been together for 2 years before we got married. He visited me twice a year. Then his last visit was november 2015. Borlänge is a municipality in dalarna too. It takes maybe an hour drive from söderbärke to that place. Yes we can meet when you are there already. Feel free to message me when you are there. By the way, what place do you live here in the philippines?

I'm 29 years old now and my partner is 36. we just met online last January and hopefully next month will be our first meeting and we will apply visit visa so i can be with him for 3 months. yes our places are just near. good to meet sometime. and 2 years is long enough though but good you have made it both this far. good luck in your journey there.

Good day!. I just would like to ask if anybody knows how to reserve a round trip plane ticket in going to Sweden back to Philippines without paying it or buying it?..I am applying for a visit visa and it's one of the requirements. Your help will be much appreciated. Thank you!

Hi! Paano ka po nag-apply ng Residence Permit? Through online? Yung migrationsverket po ba? Magkano po iyon? Tska ano po ang mga kailangan? Gaano po kayo katagal nag-antay para sa interview?

Salamat po! :)

hi siemone you need to write it in english everytime you post here...

Hi siemone001!
   I can't answer you regarding your matter about how to apply a residence visa/permit because I had applied for a schengen visa only. And my application has been granted for 2 days from the time I passed the requirements to VFS global visa application centre in Cebu.
   Try to read and see,, (because they accept applications for those who will be going to some European countries through Norway application portal but I guess for visa application only). Try to email the Sweden consulate in Manila because they will answer you right away and guide you on what to do.
   God bless!

much better if u applied through online,i forgot how mich is the cost,its my husband who done everything but i applied the schengen visa and when im here before my schengen expire i applied residence and i got it after 5months

All the information you need to know is stated in  To log in you need to create an account. Read carefully all the instructions. Godluck

we are same but already apply online

Hi, everyone! I am a filipina and i have a swedish boyfriend. Weve been together for a year now, were planning to move in together and i relocate to sweden. Problem is, i am still married to my ex husband- annulment in process. What are the best and fastest way to get to sweden? Can i marry him there? What visa should i get? And what is the best advice u can give me? I already applied for a student residency permit since i enrolled in school. i submitted my application online on feb 2016 and im still waiting for an update, no news yet. Weve email them a lot of times and called too but has gotten the same answer. No case officer yet! Can i apply for a schengen visa to norway and make an itinerary for touring in norway and go to sweden after so i can be with him? Please help. Its been a long wait and i want to be with him soon! What ways can me make this happen? If i apply for residency to move to someone, Will i be granted a residency permit to be with a boyfriend if im still married here? Waiting for replies! Thank u!

Hej!..your case is a little hard I can't help you out on that, sorry. But if you want to apply tourist visa to Sweden you can apply to Norway vfs global application centre in Cebu if you are near to the place. It took me 2 days to be granted by my 3 months schengen visa.

I think considering the new rule that has taken force, It will make it difficult for you to apply a residence permit now... I have applied mine last year and it took us atleast 12 months to get an interview.

You have to visit migrationsverket's site and apply for a permit living with a partner. The rest of the procedure is indicated in the site, you only have to fill in details and requirements.

Yes you can marry him but that doesn't promise a permit. Can you visit Sweden? Yes you can I think, it shouldn't be a problem. I have visited Sweden while waiting for the interview :)...

Hope this helped somehow.


Anyone is interested to join our group chat in fb. We are all Filipinos there and all are Swedish partners. We shares Swedish visas info's. Some done interview already and some are waiting decision. Kindly send me a private message in fb.

Thank you

Jeniffer Tan

Whats ur fb?

Jeniffer Tan

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