Exit permit system in Kuwait?

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I am planning to move to Kuwait later this year. I recently read that some Gulf countries legally require expat employees to have an exit permit approved by their sponser i.e. employer whenever they wish to leave the country. I understand that Qatar is follows this rule, but can anyone inform me if Kuwait does too? Do you need permission from your employer to exit the country? I would appreciate any answers on this. Many thanks.

In the private sector there is no such thing as an exit permit. On the other hand, employees working in the public sector or in projects sponsored by the government need to issue an exit permit in order to be able to leave the country.

I worked in both sectors so I know how it goes on both side :)

JustfedUp - thank you for your answer. So this wouldn't apply to a privately owned Kuwaiti school?

No it doesn't. Teachers or other employees working in a privately owned school wouldn't need an exit permit. However, I think it's better to inquire at the place you are interested in, just in case they have a special arrangement with the authorities or something. But I haven't heard of such a thing.

a late answer but just in case someone else reads this post: what happens in some private sector companies is that they still insist on holding on to the passport of their employees, ergo to leave u have to submit a passport request application, so its kind of like an exit permit as they check your outstandings etc.

What if sir we leave the country and the cancelation is not finish processing is that good ??

Please rply sir


I have doubt that my friend went vacation last month his visa shall expire on Dec 2017. He cant able to come before time to expire his visa, such case he may apply some jobs to kuwait?
Its possible to proceed? Please advice.
Old Employer side need to full fill anythings, because my friend expecting that his passport existing visa page not yet closed. Please guide us.

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