Is Chinese Teacher Needed in Ho Chi Minh City?

I am Serena. My boyfriend and I are planing to move to Ho Chi Minh in one month.
I am trying hard to looking for a Chinese teaching job (i have been taught Chinese as a second language for two years in china) . I applied for mandarin chinese teacher in international schools  but no vacancy at the moment or no response.
Could you guys help me and give me more information of finding chinese teacher job in chinese language school or international schools in Ho Chi Minh? Is Chinese teacher needed ?Do Chinese teacher have a market in Vietnam?
I appreciate it very much.Thank you.

Serena, the real key to your question is: Where is Chinese taught in Vietnam? And how many Chinese schools are there, and where? And more importantly, why would Vietnamese want to study Chinese?

Traditionally, Chinese in Vietnam was limited to the Chinese minority schools run by the Chinese associations, and the study of classical Chinese in the Confucian schools. Since trade with China was largely in the hands of this "Chinese" minority (some of whom had been in Vietnam for centuries), there was no need to study Chinese, especially after the triennial exams for the Mandarinate stopped early in the 20th Century. Written Chinese hung on as the language of the Hue Court until 1945, when Ho Chi Minh (who had studied and spoke Chinese) made the Quoc Ngu the official script of Vietnam.

After April 1975, the Vietnamese government expelled many Nguoi Tau / Minh Huong Chinese, but once the economy opened up, some of those returned.

My gut feeling is that Chinese is taught in some big city Secondary Schools, and in the larger universities. Given the current dispute between China and Vietnam over the Paracel and Spratley islands, you are unlikely to find much interest in studying Mandarin among the common Vietnamese. But there should be a market among those going into tourism and overseas trade, and that is a specialty market that may already have all the Chinese teachers they need.

lirelou ,thank you very much. You response to my quesetion is orderd and to the point.
Now I know more about the Chinese learning situation there.TKX

Hi Serena,
I was wondering if you would be interested in giving private lessons to us. I'm from Vietnamese and my friend is from Scotland. We're intermediate level and very keen on improving our Chinese. Please let me know if you're interested! Thank you!

A few of the aides that I had studied Chinese in addition to English.  One told me that most Vietnamese find Chinese relatively easy to learn.  Of course reading characters is another story.  Young people in HCMC see learning Chinese as a skill that could advance a business career.  Despite the political enmity, China is still Vietnam's largest import trading partner and Taiwan is second.  I did have the impression thought that most students study Chinese in government run universities but I may be wrong about that.  Of course I assume the OP wishes to teach Mandarin.  I don't think there is too much demand for Cantonese.

Your post from 2014, now is 2015. I dont know you get here or not. But i think at the moment Chinese teacher is needed and there are alot of ppl want to study Chinese.or you can teach Chinese at home like private .

hello~ yes i am here ! There is a lot international school offer chinese course!

Hi there,

very nice to hear that Chinese still has market in Ho Chi Minh City as i'm planning to resume my teaching jobs. I'm an English teacher back at Shanghai, have been in teaching for years and spent two years in university. Now i'm living here, have a full time job, but i love teaching, and definitely want to find a part-time teaching jobs.

It is great to hear from you. With the post on you can find the part-time job that you wanted!

Good day!


I am looking for a teacher of the Chinese language in Hanoi. Please recommend. Thanks

Hey, are you still looking for a Chinese teacher?

Hello, yes! Im looking for the lessons.

Hi! Are you in Vietnam now?

Hi, everyone:
  My name is Kerry , I come from China and live in Ho Chi Minh city now , my native language is mandarin and can communicate in English . I would like to provide  private lessons to someone who interested in learning Chinese .I am free in the morning and Sunday ..
Please contact me if you are interested .Thank you !

Did you find job yet?

Could you add me wechat please?

Many thanks


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hi, are you teaching in Ho Chi Minh city now?

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