Help! Bringing Dogs to Ghana

My son and his family (along with myself) are moving to Accra.

My son is in Ghana currently and his vet told him that Ghanna will only import pure-bred dogs!!

Is this true?   I have a Terrier mix and a Goldendoodle!

This makes no sense to me.

Hi Laurier1945,

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I suggest you to read the following health requirement of the dogs:


I. All importers of dogs into the country (GHANA) would be required to provide test    results of the under listed diseases before a permit would be issued for the importation.

    Brucella canis Serum Agglutination/Giemsa smear

    Trypanosoma evansi Card Agglutination test and/ Giemsa


    Babesia gibsoni Giemsa smear

    Dirofilaria immitis Microfilaria filtration test

    Leishmania spps.                                         Indirect fluorescent antibody test or

ELISA or Direct Agglutination test

Importers should note that a permit would only be issued if all the test results are negative.

II.   Evidence that the dog has been vaccinated against the following disease organisms should also be provided

    Canine distemper
    Leptospira canicola and Leptospira  icterohaemorrhagiae


The Veterinary Services Directorate would like to bring to the notice of all AIRLINES that pets (Dogs and Cats) can only be imported into the country on a signed Veterinary Import Permit from the Veterinary Services Directorate.

ALL AIRLINES should therefore ensure that pets they carry are covered by Veterinary Import Permits from the Veterinary Services Directorate to avoid any inconvenience to their clients

(Source: )

May be you should check for the right crate size according to the dog.



Thank you David.  Very helpful.


Thanks for that info David, I was also looking at bringing my pets to Ghana, but the cost from Australia was a hugh shock so I am tearfully rehoming my much loved pets, the medicals cost were not that much but the crate and flight cost per animal really knocked me sideways, $10,000. per dog, so wrong.

Laurie, I am curious - how did it go? I am going to Accra soon and I would like to bring my dog with me. Had you done the import permit? I am hearing different information in that regards.

Not true.  I brought my GoldenDoodle and a terrier to Ghana.
Look at the Internet and you will find the forms that you will need for your Vet to fill out and send to the Veterinary Official in Ghana.
The testing is expensive.
And be sure to check with the airlines as there are only certain times they will let the dogs travel (due to weather conditions).

I would be happy to answer any other questions you might have.  I was there for ten months.
Where are you going to live?  Why are you going?  Is your son working for an NGO?
Good Luck,Laurie

It went fine.  I did all the paperwork and had everything ready .
I have to caution you. There were people at the airport who said that the paperwork had issues missing. They were looking for bribes.


To give you a bit more details about myself, I will be working with an NGO in Accra, and I am moving with my family  (+ my dog hopefully, if everything works out well). It will be quite an experience for us. We are really looking forward to it. If you have any advice on where to stay in Ghana or what to do, I'd love to hear from you on that as well.



Hi Lily,
I certainly hope that the NGO is paying for your housing, as it is extremely expensive and leases must be signed and PAID FOR 2 years in advance!!!
The best thing that you can do is buy the book, NO WORRIES GHANA.  It was written by the North America Women 's Association and will become your bible!
I strongly recommend The Vets Place for your dog's care.  They are excellent and they gave a very good groomer on site.
They also have a pet supply shop where you can buy high quality dog food (usually Dutch or German)

Good Luck!

I'll look into this then! Thanks a lot!!

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