is it true that Norwegians rarely ride expensive cars?

i heard Norwegians have an egalitarian mentality so they don't ride expensive cars like porsche cayenne, or BMW X6 and frown upon those who ride. So is it true?

I'm not sure it's egalitarianism which causes that, or at least not directly. Cars are so incredible highly taxes here that most people can't afford a nice car. This results in people driving around older cars, or at lest more basic cars. I have a very small car, and it cost about 240% more than the same car in the UK. Most of the difference is due to the tax. The fact that most people can't afford nice cars probably makes people jealous of the people who can.

agree with what dmcart says. I know many people who either don't have a car or are looking to trade their car for an e-car. Fuel and tolls are also quite expensive if you drive regularly here! I've seen big expensive cars here so it's definitely not the egalitarian attitude.

IMO Norwegians aren't that extremely different from people anywhere else. They still want nice stuff- big houses, vacations in foreign countries, and fancy cars. It's just harder to acquire some of those things here.

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