Formalities & Rules for Family Joining Visa

Hi kshettigar, Mr JD,

Immigration rules keep changing on an ever regular basis here in the Sultanate.

That is why it is best for you to check with your prospective employers as to what the latest rules and regulations are.

Since only the employer's PRO has access to the government authorities, only he would know the exact and the latest update on these issues.

I can tell you what the rules were sometime back. But I may not know what exactly is the latest on the same. That is why it is best to check with your respective employers.

Ultimately, it is your sponsor / employer who is entirely responsible for everything official about you and your families.


I am trying to get my wife in Oman on family visa but her family visa got rejected since my designation on work visa is stated as "embroidery". There is no issue with the minimum salary requirement and I have also got company accommodation. Please advise what do I do so I can get my wife to stay with me

Hi n_m2015,

This is a very common issue, not just with you, but with many other expatriate employees.

Since your employer would not have had the labour clearance for your specific job at the time of appointing you, they must have got you in on whatever labour clearance that they might have had then.

You must take up this issue with your employer seriously. But before you do that, see what is mentioned in your employment contract - whether you are eligible for family status or not. If yes, then it is the responsibility of your employer to ensure you family joins you.

Thank you very much Sir for your reply. Yes, I have a grade to get my family on asking my HR to change my designation they are saying we dont have labour clearance. My wife comes and stays on visit visa for 4 months and they again we re-apply for her visa. What do i do please help me? Also please tell me if exit is required while changing the designation on visa?

Hi n_m2015,

I know it - it is a labour clearance issue - obviously.

When the employer does not follow the country's immigration rules, the employee pays the price. Like you are paying now.

Unfortunately, you cannot do anything. the employer has to apply for your position;'s labour clearance and the Ministry of Manpower has to grant your employer that clearance. Only then can they change it in your official papers. But as you employer is well aware, it is easier said than done.

Until the Ministry of Manpower grants your employer that clearance, I am afraid your wife has to keep travelling back and forth every 4 months !

If your employer does not wield enough clout with the ministries concerned, then there could be further complications of a 3-month waiting period between visits.

Thank you very much for your help !

Can You please let me know Is Attestation of Birth Certificate required for Family Visa. My son is 4 years old.

Aslaam O Alaikum

is it mandatory to have 1 year rental agreement or i can get family visa if i have 6 month rental agreement ?

Thanks & Regards,

Salam sir currently my professional is sales man can I apply for family visa please guide me

Hi Majlisi,

As long as your salary is R.O. 600/- nett in hand every month, you are eligible to apply for family visa.

This, as well as all the other details regarding the family joining visa, have been dealt with in detail in the forum.

Kindly read the numerous other threads on the same topic for your benefit, please.

Hi my salary for 1st 6 months of probation is 575 omr with furnished family accommodation. The rent of 250 is paid by co. After probation period my salary will be 1095 with continued family accommodation and company car. Will I be eligible for bringing my family immediately after 6 months. I am aware of the 600 omr rule. Wat to do. Pls advice

shobypjacob :

Hi my salary for 1st 6 months of probation is 575 omr with furnished family accommodation. The rent of 250 is paid by co. After probation period my salary will be 1095 with continued family accommodation and company car. Will I be eligible for bringing my family immediately after 6 months. I am aware of the 600 omr rule. Wat to do. Pls advice

Hi shobypjacob,

Kindly desist from copy, pasting your same query multiple times.

I have just responded to you elsewhere.

Again, I see the very same post in some other place.

Please do not do it.

Thank you.

P.S. And your same post is in my P.M. as well - twice !

Please stop.

Thx for your reply

I have a doubt regarding dob difference between my passport and marriage my passport dob is as per my birth certificate that is 20feb and in all other certificates it is 31may. I want to know if it cause any pbm while apostille as I want to apply for family visa.if s wat is the solution for that


Plz guide me as it is urgent

Hi Sir / madam. 
Please reply .  all the above criteria is satisfied but my profession is electrician, I got rejected mentioned that this profession is not eligible for family visa. I am graduate in commerce. Please advise a solution to get family visa.  Thanks

For appostellite attestation of marriage certificate you need to attach only the passport.  Hope there won't be any issue in getting it attested.

Thanku sir for ur reply,but the pbm is i have dob difference in passport and marriage certificate


I m Hari, currently living in Muscat with my family and planning to change a job as my current company agreed to provide a NOC letter. Hope you have a good idea about the procedure in changing  oman visa/ Noc procedure.

Hence I kindly request you to advice me in the following.

1.Can I send my family to India without cancelling their current visa and residence card since my kids are studying in Indian school and it will take time to arrange a new visa for my family , hence I will only cancel my current visa after my family leaves to india.

2. If yes whether my family can come back to Oman with old visa ( since not cancelled and valid till next year).

3. If yes how long  they can be allowed to be in the old visa.

Your advise is highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards

How can attestation to be done. Do we required to attest  Ministry of External Affairs as well Embassy of Oman in india or can be attested in muscat. Because still my marriage certificate and birth certificate it's not attested. Can you clarify it can be done in india or here in muscat. Or which one will be better for fast process.

Because earlier I have attested my educational certificate in india through MEA and Embassy Oman in Newdelhi. Are this same procedures applicable for Marriage and birth certificate  ?


Please let me know if you were successful in bringing your family.

I have a Indian issued marriage certificate attested by dubai and India.

Now I am in Oman and there are different answers as to where should I get the attestation from.

ROP website says i should get it done by mofa and Indian embassy.

Attestation services say that it is only applicable if i got the certificate from Oman.

If the certificate is from India then i should get it attested by apostile in India for Oman.

I am so confused and worried.

Please help.


can you please advise me the below points

this month i came to oman

so to bring my wife and one 2 year kid, the marriage certificate and birth certificate which attestation i have to do(indian ambassy or MOFA or what) please suggest

After how many month i can bring them to oman, please suggest

Hi sanjivs312,

To be able to apply for family joining visa, an expatriate employee must produce evidence of 3-months salary credit to the bank.

Besides that, the proof of accommodation through a rental agreement must be submitted. Plus, all other required documents.

For more details, kindly visit the forum where all information is available.

Thanks for your reply and

what about the marriage certificate and baby's birth certificate attestation

which attestation i have to do please suggest? so that i will ask my wife to start those activity


now my family are at india

also the marriage certificates and baby's birth certificates are at my home town, india

so can i do the attestation of those certificates in india by my parents?

please advise also in india where where i have to go?

Can any one please give me an idea about total expenses in Family joining visa.

As per ROP website the visa fees is OR 20.
What is Iqama Fees?

Do i need to send my children to GAMCA approved medical center for Health checkup or only checkup for adults is required.

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