Godd international schools near KLCC

My hubby has been transferred to KL and we will be moving in a few months.
Could anyone give me reviews about good localities to stay , commutable to KLCC and good schools please. I have a 4 & 9 year old.
How is ISP[at]Desa park city? I know from other reviews that facilities are good, but how are they performing?

I'm Leow here, a realtor in Malaysia. Desa Park City is quite far away from KLCC. To be honest, it's not commutable to KLCC. U have to drive to a train station first to take train then later interchange to Light Railway Transit (LRT) to KLCC. It will takes quite some efforts to get there. I recommend you stay someplace near KLCC. I have some places to recommend. Just let me know your requirements and I can find some places which can suites your need. My email is ybleow[at]gmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

The first issue is which schools have places for your children.  There are a lot of waiting lists.

Next issue is cost. International schools are expensive. Private schools are less expensive. You should be prepared to pay anything from RM3-6k upwards per month for 2 children.

There is no public transport at Desa Park City. I think the school may have long waiting lists, so best to check this out.

There is an Indian curriculum school in Brickfields (which is mostly an Indian quarter) which is located around the Sentral Station i.e. access to public transport.

http://schooladvisor.my/?p=internationa … nal-school

This website may be useful to check out the different schools and curriculums and also send them an enquiry about availability of a place for your child/ren.

KLCC (if you mean the city centre and the twin towers area?) is only on the Kelana Jaya to Gombak LRT rail line. However, it is possible to use the monorail which connects to Sentral railway station, and walk from the following monorail stations - Bukit Bintang, Raja Chulan and Bukit Nanas.

Otherwise, the main international schools are not really near to the LRT line as they are located in the suburbs of Damansara, Mont Kiara, Ampang, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Cyberjaya, etc.

Thanks Gravitas.
I have visited the websites of most schools and thus know the fee structure.
The Indian school, GIIS doesnt have good reviews, although the ones in India are doing good.
Will chose accomodation near school, or midways between work and school.
What I really need to know is which schools are good overall(i.e; academicc/socials/CCA)

Sent you a PM. There are lots of earlier posts about different schools on this blog.

I was a student of Sayfol International School located along Jalan Ampang, easily commutable by Metrobus directly to KLCC for about 5 minutes or so. No turning at all. I think it's a great school.

Other international school commutable to KLCC around Ampang would be Fairview but I heard they've moved elsewhere. Also, Mutiara International School and International School of KL (short for ISKL).

Garden International School, Australian School, Alice Smith International School are all pretty far away from KLCC.

GIS, Australian, Alice Smith and ISKL are real international schools.

The others mentioned here are NOT international schools.

What? You mean the other ones I've mentioned?

Apart from Desa that is a real international school (but new with no exam record) - didn't see that on the list. Places like MAZ, Fairview and Sayfol are not international schools and best avoided by westerners/locals who want something resembling an education.

I'm not sure what you mean by them not international schools but I'm guessing you're referring to the quality of the education provided by them. Yes, I agree. If parents are looking for more quality education that resembles the western kind, ISKL, GIS and Alice Smith are the ones to look for but the semesters fees are expensive. Well, I guess it will depend on the family's objectives.

Thanks all for your replies. Proving to be of great help. Meanwhile, I've found another school called EtonHouse International school. Seems very new in the block . Any reviews ? It is located in the Diplomat area, so am a bit apprehensive. We are looking for international schooling minus the poshness :)

Eton House is right in the centre of KLCC, but it does not cover the complete elementary education. It looks to me like a niche educational provider, specializing in one2one education (small clientele). But to be honest you have to go and visit places and see your gut reaction.  I have placed my kids in alternative and non-mainstream situations overseas, yet they are still both Masters and have wonderful careers. So as long as you support your child and their learning it does not matter if it is not that academic in the early years.  I think they should just enjoy being in school. A love of learning is far better than a strict school with homework for a six year old.

Yes Gravitas, exactly my feelings.
I want a school where they just learn while playing , be happy, build a good social circle and grow up into sensible adults.
My kids' current school , although IB, has got its flaws, but they are a happy bunch a learning wjat they have to learn and enjoying their childhood, and freedom.
Mainly, I dont want to put them amongst senseless teachers or a school with negativities

Well said, Gravitas. If that's the case, deepills, the other schools I've mentioned aren't what you're looking for.

While the choice of international schools may be personal,  one if the governing criteria should be the staff. They can make or break your child and kill the joy of learning . Fairview used to rate good in terms of overall standards but has seen a steady decline over the years. Poorly qualified staff and those with questionable proficiency in English Language are frontliners. Sayfol is worse off even in infrastructure.  Try Taylors international school accessible by lrt. It is an international Baccalaureate school but also does the well established ipc curriculum.

Thanks Jane.Is Taylors good? It was perviously Sri Garden, and reviews are dodgy. Any good Reception schools suggestions? We enquired with a few and seats are either available for one child or the other. So now we also are looking to put the elder one in big school and younger one in Pre School which are good for a 4-5 year old.
ISKL and GIS are quite a distance like Gravitas mentioned :/

Hi dee, may i ask why klcc? is it closeness to office? why dont u try living in mont kiara which is great for families and has a fair amount of indians. garden international school and mont kiara int school are in the vicinity and both really good schools. klcc is a 20-30 min drive from mont kiara. it might be a bit tough in the beginning, but assuming that ull will buy a car, it will get easier and ur hubby will get used to it.

Mont Kiara is a good choice. I live in Mont kiara and work in KLCC area. Its not that far away from KLCC. And there are 2 very good international schools within the vicinity - Gardens (which my little niece & nephew goes to) & Mont Kiara International. And Mont Kiara is a pretty nice community to live in - at least being expat, u wont feel alienated.

Two schools that have consistently delivered TOP results year after year are Alice Smith and ISKL; the former is British (A levels), the latter International (International Baccalaureate). Both good socially, both with good bussing which should make finding a suitable accommodation relatively easy. There are other good schools - but these are the ones I have direct experience of. There are high-achievers of Indian origin that I know of personally in ISKL (assume same true at Alice Smith). The one downside of Alice Smith is that the Secondary campus is far out (30km from KL) whereas ISKL is v close to downtown - and will have a new campus in 3 years time even closer to downtown.

I already live in KlCC. My boy is 3 and the half - any recommendation for the school? I visited Eton but reviews lately are not good, heard the have lots of problems with administration and teachers!
I know Alice Smith is probably the best one, but waiting list is too long.

Hi ,

We are looking for a good but not very expensive  international school in KL. My husband is already in KL but me and the kids will move by March 2015 from India. I did search some schools over the internet but most of them are out of our bugdet. The fee structure of Global Indian International School seems to fit our budget, but are there any other schools which are better and have similar fee structure? My husband's office is in KLCC so any suggestion for the schools near that area. My daughters will be going to grade 3 and grade 6 in 2015 respectively. Please suggest. Need to decide at the earliest.


St. John international school is near KLCC but it's not recommend

Try Brooklyn Smart Academy. A new Smart School initiative.
It is empowered by parents, lead by a Doctor. Take a look, and see if this is the right school for your kids.


In my experience the whole Malaysia "Smart School" thing is just a marketing con. They are not smart just same old same old make a quick profit by businessmen. Pay as low as possible for unqualified teachers and rely on rote learning and throwing out those that don't get A's easily.

A doctor isn't an expert in education. Very Malaysian thing to say actually  :whistle:

I have to say that I disagree with the opinion. Of course, I can't speak for all the 'smart schools' out there but generalizing any genre of products is just plain naive.
I will say aye to the fact that a doctor isn't an expert in education, but this guy is truly amazing. My wife and I had a tough time balancing work and our children's education for a couple of years before we found him. And it's not just me, my friends benefited from his tutoring too. So, if you ask me, I would bet on him over any institution, any day.
Having said that, I do notice a hint of general negativity from you towards any institution.
I couldn't help to wonder, are you a teacher? ISKL perhaps? I'm just curious to understand your perspective.

Smart schools was a typical malaysian initiative. All marketing no substance. Rather like most things that hapen. Over 13 years I have seen so many initiatives and hubs and none actually worked. Ask any local! Most exist to provide extra graft possibilities. The doodoo has hit the fan with oil prices low as it is the key driver of the Malaysian economy. Without that wastage cant continue.

Yes I am a teacher now but one of the mid range for profit ones. About 15 (max) schools in Malaysia I would work for the other 70 plus are total nightmares for kids and teachers. These dont have many expats anyway - well qualified ones. Many employ Europeans/Iranians (not qualified or experienced) to add some "white faces". These schools offer less of an education than a state school so why pay?  They btw pay local teachers half of what a state school teacher earns. You do the math on that one. I know one who trained as a chef and now teachs at one of these  school without support or training. It is assumed that a female knows about kids :huh:

But there is a bling bling thing in Malaysia about education so I am told by Malaysians. Profits in these schools are high as that's what it is all about not education. Parents are ripped off here although Middle East is just as bad so I am told.

In Malaysia you get academics running banks and bankers running schools. Would you want a plumber to do brain surgery on you???  Malaysia boleh :whistle:

Hi Nemodot. Can you please list down the 15 schools that you like to work for? Thanks.

Completely agree with your thoughts. I am recently shifted to KL and looking for school for my 9 yr old daughter. Schooling really expensive in KL. But after reading your msgs I am thinking positive. Kudos to you dear. Thx

Hi Deepali.
Can you pls tell me which school are they going presently. Will be a great help.

Does anyone have anything to say about Garden and BSKL?

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