Advocate for the legal topics...resident permit+buying new/old car etc

Hi to everybody ,
We are 2 women who wants to move to Uruguay with two little dogs (fox terrier+king charles) from Turkey..I
I do my BİG search (real estate, buying cars, resident permit, 2.nd passport, gay marriage etc...)
for Uruguay... and I have 4 full of info files in my desk to bring with me next week to Uruguay.
I have a little 2 problemz that I wasn't able to solve : 1. to find a lawyer in Uruguay...
I have sent a several messages to Fischer & Schinkendantz and to Guyer & Regules Lawyer Offices but unfortunately no one answered me....:((.. So I don't know how I can find a lawyer for doing legally the residency to Uruguay (by the way I prepared every single document Apostilled-so we are a good and easy clients for them)..
I will appreciate if anyone could help us on this matter.
Thank you to everbody
Salud. :)
Aytaç Attagenç

We are using Fischer and Schickendantz as well.  Contact  Macarena Castells   (mcastells[at]  for information.

Even if you have all the correct documents it is still not easy or quick I am afraid!

Thank you Morrell,
I write right now an email to her.
Hope that they will answer.
It will be my 4th e mail to them !!!!!
Thank you again.

You can also try to email Nathalie

Thank you sooooo much ...We had contact the and had a meeting last week...Thank you again for your
answers..İt helped me sooo much ...Thank you and Warm Regards. :))

My name is Melina, Im uruguayan and Im actually living in Montevideo.
If you are still looking for a lawyer please feel free to contact me and I will help you to find one.
See u,  ;)

Hi Melina,

Can you please refer me an Uruguay lawyer?? who deals in immigrations??

Hi Odan - you can check out the Immigration lawyers in Uruguay from our Business Directory please :)

Hi I Interested to apply the Uruguay resident visa
Please suggest me any immigration lawyer please
i shall wait for your reply

are you a lawyer.  I need legal consultaion

Please do help me with a lawyer in Uruguay. As I have planed to move with my family.

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