I want to move in another country...

Mmmm i see

set you sights higher

Jhovy07 :

What about the salary of nanny?

its not going to be good Money,here in brazil its going to be something here in brazil its going to be something like R$33 a-day so in english Money,,,, something like 6 pound aday
thats if you can get a visa and get into the country

try to come here in ksa

Do you have what it takes to teach english as a second language? Master degree, or TESOL , TEFL? If you do you can teach here in cambodia, i currently have helped countless people settle down in cambodia, with a teaching job. It pays 800$ for non natives, 1200-1500$ if your native, Caucassian skinned nets you a higher pay grade ( not trying to be racist here, its just a fact ). Cost of life is really low so you can save quite alot and the country is expanding at a pretty fast pace, alot of chance to start a business once you got some capital. If you need more info about the cost of life, starting a business, visas, or how to find a job here, hit me up a PM more then happy to give you some insights.

Good Luck!

Hi Jhovy,

If you looking for better life and good life, why dont you look for a nanny job in UAE.

Salary over here is quite decent.


Dhieraj Garg

Hi dhie may i know the rate salary of nannies there?

300-400$ for maids ( my friend from uae )

Salary for a full time nanny is between 1600 to 2000 AED + accommodation

Hello sir
Can you hire Nepalese for that listed job?

i dont run recruitment firm, but i am sure there is demand in UAE

still if there possibility to do work in regarding topic with your help, please leave your message in my mail box ***

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In dollar how much?

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Sorry Neiel, I settle teachers down here since i know of alot of school around my place and have deals with them, not fond of students personally that needs private teacher ( dont know students that need private lessons ) i mostly deal with the shcools, not the students or parents. Sorry cant be of help :X Try looking on VN forums, its a big thing in vietnam, skype teaching, alot of people are doing it for 12$ an hour. My friend does it here in cambodia with VN students ^^

Good luck

1600 AED is about 435 USD.

USD 435 to 545

The first thing to do is to decide on which country you wish to move to.
Then check on visa requirements and if you can work there.
Then find out if there are jobs available in your field of expertise.
Then cost of living.

Hello, Have you considered moving to my Country? Singapore. Worth considering

Greetings to all Dear there are many countries God made every part of this world outstanding Beautiful Every part is unique and interesting many ways to spend and explore world but there is a way to make your trip more attractive and meaningful by just graphing an opportunity to volunteer in any filed in any country you are willing to move
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