Relator/Broker needed San Juan

Hello, after looking around we want to explore the option of buying a home rather than renting. Can anyone recommend a good relator and/or broker in the San Juan area?

Can I use a broker from FL, USA? If anyone knows! Thanks! :)

I don't think you can use a broker from FL unless they're licensed in PR as well.

(Moderated: Please recommend in the Puerto Rico business directory)

Thank you so much! Love the grengo comment. I guess I'm a grenga but I haven't accepted that yet lol.

Hi There ! We just moved here last October and we were referred to a great realtor by someone on our Act 22 group.
Her name is Jackie Homar and she works with her husband Roberto. They are very trustworthy,  reliable and experienced. They found us a great rental in the heart of Condado and helped us negotiate the rent down a bit. They also are very fluent in English. We are very pleased with their service.
Jackie Homar 787-640-6296
Hope that helps

See 247realestatepr, he is a member of the forum and somebody I trust.
He is in the business directory and online a lot

How do realtors work with finding rentals? I'm interested in one because my husband and I don't speak any Spanish at all. How much do they charge?

How about realtor/property manager in Luquillo and/or Fajardo area? Looking to rent a house for the first year. Thanks in advance.

Realtors get about a month rent from the owner for finding a place, that is very little money, so they may ask for a fee to find it for you. When you know where you want to live, drive around and check for a rental sign (Se Alquilla), or check the clasificados.

Realtors do not do that much with rentals, and are not going to drive you around the island hunting for one. It is a quick operation mostly, show you what they have and you go see it and if you like it, come back to sign the paper. If you instead deal with the owner you can negotiate and maybe lower the price or get some used furniture out of the deal.

Condo rental they are likely to have handy, houses some. People put up a sign, they tend not to use a realtor.


Please contact me about your inquiry

I also worked with Carlos at 247realestatepr here on the forums and my wife and I were very happy with the results.  He was professional, informative and efficient.  He speaks fluent English and Spanish as well.

Good luck to you!

247realestatepr, I look forward to working with you. We won't be coming to PR until September. I will contact you when we get closer.

Cool, we are looking forward to your report on the adventure. Come on down, the water is warm.

June thru November I believe is the Huracan or Hurricane season, so you may get a little extra rain, Hurricanes rarely touch on the island they tend to miss us most of the time. 2 Cows, 3 chickens and one fool swimming in a river drown and it is all over the newspapers.

La Perla may loose a few roofs during a Huracan if some of the houses are still wood there. It used to be a really big deal in La Perla (Many years ago) because the houses used to be made of wood and not well constructed and they were right by the water. Any way a lot of the houses there are now concrete so they won't be washed away. But you do not want to go there anyway. Bad area next to the El Morro. I have not been there in over 40 years so a lot has changed in La Perla, some for the better but some for the worse.

You will be welcomed !

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