Foreign husband/wive of Malaysia citizen allow to work in Malaysia

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Hi trance how many questions like this pop up! Exaptypus it is legal for abstinent visa holder to work part time in an internship. That was and is still true (just checked for updates still ok).

Laws donchange but when I worked I needed a spouse visa. I got that by forming a company with my spouse and applying for a work permit from that company. I paid myself 5k from that company. I then contracted myself out via that company. The spouse working visa is relatively easy to get but is issued by the employer. New employer means new visa. It was easy to get though but I know many employers would be hesitant.

Hi I would like to know whether i can register for small company/Firm in KL , Malaysia  or not. My current visa status in Malaysia is Work Visa through MDAC. If i can register then what r the steps ?

Best bet is to see an accountant. If I remember correctly you need a malaysian as well to be a share holder but rules change - for a small private co at least that is. On obviously a spouse is best!

please send me the method through which i got the malysia visa and then to carry out my job there..and after that i want to continue my mphil in clinical pharmacy there because i am a pharmacy graduate,so please reply me in this connection i am from pakistan

I am a Malaysian who have a Thai boyfriend, he worked in Malaysia for 9 years now, Under work-permit.
Can he apply for a PR in Malaysia before get married to a locate?

For my understanding is someone who reside in Malaysia can apply for PR
Married to someone from Malaysia in total of reside in Malaysia for 10 years, right?

What about working under work-permit for 9 years in Malaysia.
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hi all

im new member n just joined this forum..i am indonesian n married with a guy which is malaysian citizen,,same with Sab,,i am only get sosial visit pass n live in m'sia..i think want to get a job bcoz i feel boring at home doing nothing,,but i am not sure as a foreigner, i can get a job in malaysia bcoz someone told me its againts the law of malaysia country..can someone give me an advice about this??




thank you  friends for all comment
but i was in malaysia in 2001 i found lots muslim husbands who married with malaysian girl hurt because they didt give them residance and  lots of them leave malaysia , but i think its not good  that malaysian goverment let them with no paper because if lots husbands leave them malaysian wives so its terrible hope to hear from u soon thank you all

Hi guys, from my personal experience (I am a spouse of Malaysian citizen), the immigration will only extend the LTSVP for 5 years if your passport allows it. Meaning, if you only have 3 remaining years left on your passport, the immigration will give max 3 years for your extension.

As for working permit, just bring in the necessary employer docs (if I'm not mistaken, consists of 3-4 forms) while you're extending your LTSVP. Then, the immigration will give a stamp stating that you are allowed to work/do business indefinitely for the duration of your visa. This way, the company you're planning to work on does not have to sponsor you.

But companies here in Malaysia always have an 'excuse' to refuse taking foreigners no matter how skilled/experienced they are- because the government are giving them incentive to hire local  employees.

- not too sure about the Permanent Resident thing, anybody with experience would like to share?

Hi, I'm malaysian chinese. Currently work in singapore. Me and my Nepalese bf planing to ROM at malaysia. He is planing to study and work in malaysia after our ROM.

1. Now he at Nepal, do he need a tourist visa or study pass come to malaysia?

2. If he get his student pass, do he need to apply LTSV?

3. Can tourist visa change to student pass?

By the way, he is Nepal citizen but holding Australia PR.


Hi I think he needs a student visa - best to ask immi - but no mention of study for LTSVP in documentation for it. They prob never thought of that

Nemodot :

Hi I think he needs a student visa - best to ask immi - but no mention of study for LTSVP in documentation for it. They prob never thought of that

Thanks Nemodot.

Tried to call and email... But no respond from them. =.=||

Hi, I'm Malaysian but my husband is from china. We married in Aus . Is it possible to get him a Malaysia citizenship and how long does it takes to get it?

How ying :

Hi, I'm Malaysian but my husband is from china. We married in Aus . Is it possible to get him a Malaysia citizenship and how long does it takes to get it?

That is easy. 1 million years ! (unless he happens to be a billionaire investor in Malaysia). You won't get it especially as Chinese. PR is hard enough. A citizen has to be fluent in Malay btw and look at the criteria.... I know some PR holders married to malaysians (typically 10-15 years it takes) but no citizens. PR gives you rights as malaysians except no political rights and have to avoid all political involvement.

The LTSVP is rather like processes I have to deal with work.

1. Inefficient process identified as needing changing

2. System replaced with system twice as hard as before!

Conclusion in Malaysia when someone says "let's make this process more efficient RUN!"

So for the moment I only can apply the temporary visa for him? Then can he go back to Malaysia with me straightaway? Is it hard to apply for the temporary visa and how long does it takes to get it?

Hi I'm Malaysian spouse from Thailand.I got 6 months social pass and I just get job in Malay so my company helping me with work permit but they said I need to cancel my 6 months social visit first so I can get work permit . As I understand ,to get PR you must have long term visa (5 year) but since i have to cancel my social pass ,how could i be able to get PR... just dont g

Your company is talking bufaloe sh1t!

You MUST not cancel your visa

You do not need a work permit.

You just need permission to work stamped on your visa. Go to immigration and ask for the forms and what is required. Some are similar to a work permit. Then see your company and explain the process. You just basically need an offer from them

Hi Nemodot,

Thanks for yr reply.Yeah i actually though that i dont need work permit but since im now in BKK so i couldnt check with immigration right away but my company is big company and they hired lot of thai staffs so i believe they must face this kind of matter before. I dont know ... Maybe 5 years visa no need work permit or any cancellation but 6 motnhs visa does need work permit to work?? anyway it's ok ,will check later when get back to Malay

Thanks :)

No it is simple. You have a 6 month. LTSVP. only 6 months as Thai prob. You renew up to 5 years. If you want PR you stay on this WP don't count

It is a typical Malaysian scew up. Before spouses got work permits. Then they brought in new system worse than before! as you bet a visa employers dint understand as it is stamped not permitted to work. Screw up 1

then you need lots of paperwork like a WP to get right to work. So screw up 2 as more bother than a WP

Screw up 3 is that Singapore and even Indonesia do it better and easier. Indonesia you marry get permit can work. Why Malaysia didnt do that is a mystery

actually you cannot vet a work permit. Rules say you must use ltsvp as a spouse. But often ignored

You can try the WP route but forget pr. Andwaste of a visa

Or carefully explain to company that you can work once offered a contract. You offer to deal with application yourself but they supply paperwork you ask for.


After reviewing your situation I have a question, since my husband for example having official permission to work, I'm his legal wife have any right to eventually work or not? Your wife got a work permit? Since I have been unable to find a comprehensive and accessible information on this issue. I would be very grateful to you for your answer,cause it is really important for me.

The rules changed last year and I believe now spouses are given an open endorsement to work rather than have it tied to an employer.  I guess when the current job is given up or the endorsement expires you would move onto the new system?

I  do not quite understand what you're saying, what kind of sistem? I just would like to know will I have opportunity to work if my husband will work in Malaysia, can anybody give me link to this law or smth else? I will be very thankfull if smb can help me with this question.....

hi . i m muhammad zahir .i married a local malayu girl in pakistan. i bring all of my particular means my marrage nikah latter and all of things and went to pejabat agama islam .there i fine and in this 4.2.2014  i get my malaysian nikah latter. in malaysia i ,m still useing my visit and now i get s p pas .and immagration told me to leave malaysia  and my last date is 26.02.2014.     when i get my surat nikah from pejabat agama islam perlis ,then can staying malaysia .plz let me know what shalli do and let me explane turm and condetion. xxx.thans

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Dear everyone,

I am seeking for your help/ information on how to obtain permission to work for a foreign spouse if you have ever had to go through this before.

Facts about my status is : 1/ I am a wife of Malaysian Citizen ( my husband is Malaysian Chinese) ; 2/ I have obtained the 3 month social visa pass with husband ( 1st time issuance). 3/ I have got the job offer from a foreign company in KL, Malaysia.

Now I am requesting for permission to work from Immigration Department, based on my status as above. But I was rejected, with the reason that I need to stay here at least 1 year/ or obtain 1 year social visa pass before I can start working in Malaysia ( they said this is new law, and only applied for a few citizenship among Bangladesh, China, Vietnam; and I am from one of those countries).

If anyone has any information on this new law, or if you know any law firm who can consult on this, kindly share with me via this blog or email me at anhntv0905[at]

Many thanks.

You can appeal a decision.





You do not mention applying for a LTSV pass (Long Term Social Visit Pass), Just a Social Visit Pass is not sufficient.  The LTSV Pass is only available to spouses of Malaysian citizens. You have to pay a bond of RM2k,  which is returnable if you both leave again. Here are the documents that are required and can be collected from the local immigration office near Publika/Solaris Dutamas - The exact address is 69 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1. The building say "KDN" on it (Kementerian Dalam Negeri). There is free parking for visitors at the back of the building.

Form Imm 12 (2 copies)
Form Imm 55 (2 copies)
Form Imm 38 (2 copies)
Marriage certificates (Malaysian & Foreign if you married abroad) - originals and copy
Statutory Declaration the marriage is still valid - certified by commissioner of oath (there is one in the Jalan Duta centre that can be used)
Security Bond with the usual RM10 tax stamp obtainable from post offices, etc. (same as for property rental lease)
Original and copy of passport of Malaysian spouse (all pages)
Original and copy of Mykad of Malaysian spouse (all pages)
Original and copy of passport of expatriate spouse (all pages)
2 passport photo of Malaysian spouse
2 passport photo of expatriate spouse
A wedding photo with both spouse on (preferably from the Malaysian wedding ceremony)
Original ID and passports for both spouse
Original and copy of Wedding and Divorce certs if either party were previously married

Dear Gravitas,

Many thanks for your response! I appreciate it!

Actually, I have obtained 3 month long term social visa pass with husband already. But I couldnt get permission to work.


Dear everyone,

Kindly share with me the process and document I need to submit to immigration department to extend my long term social visa pass with malaysian spouse. I have obtainted the first 3 months LTSVP, and now I need to go to Jalan Duta Immigration Department to extend it.

Many thanks.

Some nationalities have to be resident in Malaysia for 1 year before they can work.

If you get a job, then you go and show them your letter offer and ask for permission to work. Obviously, you need for LTSVP to be valid. No renew that first, if you are one of the nationalities that qualify to work after only 3 months.

i find job but they said take permit first befor applying

Yes of course - you have to get the Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) sponsored by your Malaysia spouse first. Because it is that visa that gets endorsed with the RIGHT TO WORK.

Dear Sir

I'm a foreign spouse of a malaysian citizen married for 14 years.  I applied for work in an education institution but rejected my job application for the reason of  that i don't have work permit but i have social visit pass valid for five years with multiple entry visa. My question is, is it the company should endorse me through a letter for me to be able to apply work permit? The interviewer made it clear to me that its me to apply for the work permit.  Im confused. Please enlighten me.  Thank you very much.

Honeylu - Yes what they expect you to do is to get your LTSVP endorsed with the right to work.

You will need some paperwork to do that, including a job offer. Ask your spouse for help. Basically they will not get you a work permit but expect you to process the endorsement.

Yap you most be the one to apply they will allow you...just need to pay your tax levy i think no problem..

Dear Sir,

Does the immigration gives work permit for foreign spouse without an endorsement or offer letter from company for job seeking purposes? Thank you very much.

No - you need a job offer to get the endorsement.

Unfortunately a lot of employers use the "no work permission - no job" line to turn people down when they apply for a vacancy. Its an easy way to say NO.

Eventually you will find an employer who wants your services and will provide an offer letter so you can get your endorsement. Just keep trying.

Actually i just married a malaysian guy..and i got a visa for 6 month..after that i can apply for 5 years too..but currently i am not permitted to after getting 5 year visa..can i work?? Or what will be the procedures.. Means i have to go through some paper work or need to get some permission??

@shaikh azma...

There is no form to fill out for the work endorsement. Once you get an offer letter from an employer, you go back up to Immigration with the letter and you ask them to amend your passport with the work endorsement. The endorsement is provided free of charge. It consists of Immigration putting a stamp/chop in your passport stating that you are allowed to work, as well as them striking out of the line on your LTSVP saying that working in Malaysia is prohibited.

Hope this helps.

Yes, ask your company issue u an offer letter, bring that to apply for work permit, it is easy

Yes, after they got long term visa can just go to the same  immigration office, with their spouse along with offer letter from company with LHDN stamp...and fill in some form, not that easy but not soo much problem than before

Is that mean the malaysian spouse can work in an industry including as an insurance agent?


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