Canadians who are willing to sponsor a live in caregiver....

Hi there,,, Is this possible? I am Filipino but currently living in Vietnam. I want to know Canadian employers who are willing to sponsor applicants like me.

Hello Aking,

Sponsoring a foreign national for immigration to Canada is something that carries with it a number of very serious legal and financial obligations. Principally the legal obligation to guarantee that you will leave the country when your visa is no longer valid or is revoked. It also carries the implicit obligation to support the immigrant financially for the entire duration of their stay in Canada, so they will not become a drain on any Canadian social programs. Also anyone sponsoring someone for immigration to Canada must himself be either a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident.

I doubt highly that anyone except a family member or extremely close personal friend in Canada would be willing to take on that kind of serious responsiblity. Certainly you will not find someone here on the forum willing to sponsor a complete stranger.

William James Woodward, Expat-blog Experts Team

Hello Mr. Woodward,

I am thinking of it but I am still hoping that there will be a family who is willing. I mean I will work for them. I know that this is not easy but if  there is someone then I would be very thankful. It's my dream to go to Canada because I know life there is easier and I can be a resident there after working for two years or so. Yes I am a stranger but there is so much time and chance to know each other if there will be someone to sponsor me.
Anyways, thank you Mr. William.


Sometimes it looks good from too much far,but when you actually get there you get bored.Canada's a great country with good facilities,nice friendly people,etc.But You're so much used to where you stay sometimes that its get really hard and dull to adjust to a new destination.Everything gets different from the original place you been staying for years.Its natural.Before you plan to move to Canada permanantly I would suggest you to go there for 2 or 3 months on maybe a visitors visa and see if you like in there or how you get used to conditions over there.

Hi, Aking.

To give you an idea of the hiring process for live-in caregiver you should check the Employment and Social Development Canada website.

Changes has been made recently. If an employer would want to hire a foreign caregiver the following requirements (but not limited) should be met:
1. pay processing fee ($1,000.00)
2. pay for the transportation and health insurance

These were not the case years ago. The changes are meant to protect the worker and help the employer find the right candidate for the job.

The changes doesn't meant to discourage anyone who wish to come to Canada under the live-in caregiver program. Looking after someone doesn't mean overlooking one's welfare.

Start by knowing the requirements and the process.

well! Another way to immigrate  here in canada for a foreigner  woman or man is to be spouse or husband to a  canadian citizen ..!! it 's a long process it take a year or less + all the $ fees.. but it's possible .. :)

Hi. this reply comes a bit late... but in case you are still interested in it. While I agree with the people that commented before me that it is hard and difficult for families to do I have read a few ads from people looking for a live in caregiver and are willing to sponsor. The difficulty is that you are not in the country, yet and thus they wouldn't be able to meet you beforehand, so giving them the oppurtunity to skype-interview you would go a long way (and experience of course!).
You should try going to the general, plain all-canada-wide kijiji search and just enter "live in caregiver" or even better "sponsorship" / "lmo". Especially up north (northern Alberta for example) employers are more willing to hire foreigners, because Canadians that will do the "normal jobs" are harder to find.

There are also a lot of Nanny-Agencies that connect foreigners with Canadian families looking for a caregiver. You can just google nanny agencies in canada and see if that would be something for you.

BTW: If I do get into a sponsorship program and your employers are mistreating you you can exit that particular employment-situation without having to necessarily leave the country right away! If you can find a better employment oppurtunity they are willing to let you switch the VISA (at least that is what I was told from Immigrant Services)

Thank you for this vital information. I am still interested but more likely I have to plan it again later. I wish I could go to that country but it seems it's really hard to look for employers who will abruptly trust me. Anyway, thank you so much

Hi would be nice if you will help with under thae live in caregiver programm. I can thanks send you via credit card)) My email is :majore[at]

Hello. I'm Fabiola a single mother with 2 kids. Any one on this site can help me please? I'm in danger and I'm suffering! Please help! I need to come out of this life I'm living in.

Thank you for the  Assistant

I can and will be a good nanny to your kids because i have 4 kids already and have experience in this kind of job... i am here seeking and willing to work for my kids i am a single mother. I love kids and i know how to take good care of them.. God Bless.. thank you

Hy i am a truck driver am i going to find a company which will sponsor me.

Good day mam/sir is anyone can help me to find an employer from Canada I am looking for an employer from Canada to work as a nanny there I am currently working here in hongkong as a domestic helper..I am hoping that someone can help me I really want to work there to give a  better future for my son I am a single mother..thank you and godblesa

That is true but myself I am a truck driver ,do you think I will find  a company which might sponsor to move and work in Canada currently I am working in South Africa but I am a Zimbabwean nationality.Best Regards Prince

With so many Canadians who are currently unemployed, it is highly unlikely than any employer is going to accept all the legal and financial responsibilities to sponsor an unskilled worker. They'll just hire a Canadian who can do the job.

I really doubt that you're going to find anyone here to sponsor nannies or truck drivers.

James  Expat-blog Experts Team

Am a single woman aged 30 I want to work as a caregiver , in fact am willing to work. Please help me and get for me asponser in Canada I a sure you that I will work for him or her and my names are Nakawooya Angel

Hi im mague im here in taiwan now working as caregiver did anyone can sponsor me to wrk there in canada i am a filipina thnks

Maguebalili :

Hi im mague im here in taiwan now working as caregiver did anyone can sponsor me to wrk there in canada i am a filipina thnks

Please refer to post #15 from James

Do u know hw to coming over there in canada and whos canadian willing to give an sponsor thnks


May the grace and peace of God be with you all.
I am Ma. Theresa Cala,  I am 31 years old and a single mom. I am very much interested and willing to work in your country.  I can assure you that I am a dedicated  person in terms of my work. I have been working through different individuals adjust through different attitudes and personalities. I am flexible and easily adopts in my environment.  If ever,  God be willing that I would be lucky enough to get a sponsorship I can assure them that I would happily work for them and serve them with joy. Thank you and God bless you all!

Ma. Theresa Cala

@ Ma. Theresa Cala,

Please post your job search under the Jobs in Canada section please.

Also note that i am closing this thread as it is an outdated one.



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