Airtel receiver

This is a shout out to anyone using an "Airtel" receiver.

Have you been facing poor signal quality the past few days?

My receiver was working perfectly well, and now all of a sudden has stopped receiving signals. I have fully paid up and have done the basic checks such as dish, direction, cables, etc.

If other users also have a similar problem then it could be something to do with weather conditions or solar flares.


I am in the process of getting an Airtel receiver, but a friend of mine who owns one told me about 2 things

1. There was an firmware update, and once he got the update he had some issues, he had to ask someone back in India call Customer care and do a REFRESH thing.

2. There was a notice from Airtel regarding some global satellite position changing which could effect channels till March 21st.
hope this info is useful,


Hi Arjun,

Your response is certainly useful. Since its just a couple of days more, I probably will just wait until March 21 and see if the issue resolves itself. Otherwise I will have to call in the satellite fixing guy to sort it out.

In the meantime, I have to figure out another way of watching the on-going T20 World Cup matches  :unsure


Since you said you are planning on getting a connection, I can say this: There are some great channels on it and I think money well spent for such quality fare.

Thanks for the info :)

i'm sure they will be STREAMING live on some web :) google is your friend when in need ;)

Indeed it is.

Update about my Airtel reception.

Nothing was wrong with either the receiver or the signal.

My dish had moved due to windy conditions one day  :dumbom:

The satellite guy who turned up to sort the issue out was literally laughing at my face. Probably was the easiest assignment he had had that week!   :nothappy:

:D i will be getting the dish next week. Waiting to enjoy some HD programs. Glad its fixed. :top:

Hello Farhaz,

Would you recommend the satellite person you were dealing with? I need to have a new satellite dish put up pointing to Turksat but I can't seem to find someone speaking a good English or understanding exactly what I need.

I can ask this guy and see if he is able to. Let me check with him and let you know. English is a bit of a problem though - thankfully I am able to converse in Hindi as well so I manage. If they guy is able to do the Turksat connection, perhaps I can come over with him to act as translator. :)

That would be amazing mate. Thanks!

Brightonguy - just spoke to the fellow. He said he can do Turksat, but will let me know details of cost later day. I will keep you posted.

Thanks a million!

due to solar flaring effecting the earth atmosphere or ionosphere  no worries its normal in cosmos

firozkamarudin :

due to solar flaring effecting the earth atmosphere or ionosphere  no worries its normal in cosmos

In my case it was neither the sun nor the moon nor the cosmos. It was the wind :)

Hello Farhaz,

Any news on the Turksat mate?

I will check with him. He called and told me something about needing a week, but let me call him now.

Dear friends,

This query is for my relative. He recently moved to Bahrin and would like to know the following

1. What is the best way to watch Indian Channels in Bahrin ? Who is the service provider?

2. Where to buy the connection ?

3. What are the charges? Will we get regional channels like Asianet, Surya, Kairali etc,???

Any pointers is really appreciated.

Airtel, Tatasky and all such are available in Bahrain. Most satellite dish shops can do this for you. But be aware that these are not legal. Recently there was a series of advertisements in the local newspapers about these being illegal.

Hi Farhaz

Can you please let me know Videocon d2h works in Bahrain.



Sent you a PM with a phone number for verifying the same.


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