Help with visa question for filipina

I am an American planning to retire in Malaysia, either in KK or Labuan.

My girlfriend is filipina so what kind of visa will she need to live with me in Malaysia?

The 30 day tourist visa would be too inconvenient as she would have to leave Malaysia every month.  Also, I am not sure how many times she can restart the 30 day clock before she is denied entry. 

Is there some visa that can be arranged in advance that would allow her to stay in Malaysia for a longer period of time?


Hello Peter,

have you made to live in Malaysia yet? Or you landed in Philippines by this time?

I am from Malacca and I can help you settle in here this beautiful city. I can find for you a newly built 2 or 3-room unit, completely furnished for only 1500 Ringgit a month; and it comes with security, Gym and pool.

Le me know what you have in mind.

Best regards

Hi Ege! Peter has ask questions about Visa in Malaysia for his girlfriend who is a filipina. I think you are a little bit :offtopic: and note that advertising is not allowed on the site. Thank you!

Hi Peter. I hope other members will be able to help you.

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Hi peter,

Why dont you check out the links below

One of the links give a lot of contact numbers for filipinos living in malaysia and also the malaysian consulate office in philipines.

I hope you find it useful.

Take care.

Thanks for the links.  I will check them out.

So far my gf is relying on 30 day social visit pass that is granted on arrival. Next month she will try to get 90 day visa by applying at the embassy before arriving in Malaysia.  Hopefully she won't have problem getting the 90 day visa which I believe is extendable by further 2 months.  If anyone have any experience with this, please chime in.


No time limit on that. I know I was doing it.
Only problem is that sometimes if she goes alone to another country they might not allow her to enter they might suspect her to be a prostitute.I am sorry but thats a reality I seen it I have been informed that happened some of the girls when they entry to say Singapore or Thailand.

hi peter, since you not allowed to advertise on this site
maybe i cud share my experence with you,,,,
why dont you email me at ****

Hi Caesar1956,
You may share your experience on the website of course; this is what is all about! If you share it privately with Peter there will be no benefit for others!
Of course don't advertise for companies or commercial services!

I suggest your girlfriend apply for student visa in Malaysia. I apply student visa for full time and part time courses in Malaysia. Contact me at t_laiyin[at] for further enquiries.

you could apply for the mm2y visa which is quiet a nice visa
all you do is keep a fixed deposit in your local bank and they give you a ten year visa

How can two foreigners coming from different countries to live and marry in Malaysia. What visa can you recommend ? And what they can do to immigrate permanently ?  Thanks I need your help !

Based on your city I presume you are a filipino or filipina.  My girlfriend is filipina and she receives 30 day social visit visa at entry so you will likely get same treatment.

My girlfriend has not experienced it because I am always with her when she enters Malaysia but I have heard single filipinas entering Malaysia on their own receiving some scrutiny.  I believe this is because there are many filipinas who come to Malaysia with the intention of working in the sex trade.

As the previous poster indicated, MM2H visa is a very good program which allows foreigners to a 10 yr visa and other benefits (like being able to bring/buy a car tax free).  The main requirement is that you have to deposit 150,000 rigit (about 50,000 USD) in a Malaysian bank.  If you do a google search on MM2H there are tons of information.

I'm also a philippine, why dont u just marry her?.. I am married also and I am staying here in Malaysia.. my visa is 4 yrs. if ur married u can take up to 5 yrs visa, price is not so high. as long as u have the 3 months or 90 days from the malaysian embassy in philippines.. many paper works but it is better than any illegal ways.. my fren did illegal ways spent her 5k RM money.. when she arrives here in Malaysia she got blocked =(

we have a same problem peter.. my bf is a australian who works in kula lumpur as an architect... i usually visit him there and stay for 30days  but ofcourse im afraid that if the malaysia embassy will notice that my passport is purely malaysia visit theyll suspect me that im working illegal though im not... so im planning to work or study in malaysia so in that case ill be given a student passed and student visa which secure me for staying there. as of now im still doing my steep. im only 22 years old but i think this age is enough...

its been a long time since you have this problem.. so what happened? can you tell me? so that i also know whT to do?

thank you guys...

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Hi Efrily

If you are not married, you are not able to obtain a dependent pass. As long as you can proof you are not working in Malaysia but just visiting and give them the same address I am sure you will not have a problem. If you boyfriend can confirm you are his girlfriend immigration will not be so hard on you. But once you are married, you will be able to get a dependant visa and from there you can change to work permit when you get a job.


Hi efrily.

I'm in the same situation and just recently, August 2nd to be exact, my bf and I were coming back from the Philippines and we were asked to proceed to the Immigration Office where my bf was asked a few questions. My bf has a work permit here in Malaysia so now we are trying to acquire a dependent visa for me via a private agency. It's pricey but it beats having to go in and out. We went to the British High Commission to ask how we can get me a dependent visa and they told us that we just need a document stating that we are common law husband and wife. We don't have to be married. Getting that wasn't difficult at all. Took us maybe 15 minutes. Depending on whether or not the OZ government recognizes a common law union, getting a dependent visa shouldn't be so difficult.

Hope this helps ;)

hi. good day. can you help me what do i need to bring and get to go to malaysia. Since this will be my first to visit malaysia. because my boyriend is there.. please guide me for this.thanks..

Apply for a visa in Manila before you leave.

Good day peter..(few info in regard with your questions)
Im a filipina and marry to a malaysian citizen. We get married here in Philippines, and i am goin to malaysia soon with visa applied here in embassy malaysia philippines ( Ayala,Makati).
Tel no.(+632) 6628200/fax no.(632) 6628202

What to do: once married( u and ur gf filipina)
- find a Lawyer who can arrange your marrige-Must have a SECPA COPY OF YOUR MARRIAGE
- all documents needed both must be authenticated from DFA Philippines ( red ribbon)
Red ribbon documentation, your GF will go directly to the DFA Nearest here place and get the blue form as per docs of what she authenticate.
Regular process 4days - 100/ documents
Rush - 1 day - 200/ documents
- Take note your GF's birth cert must be authenticated also from DFA thats the requirements in Malaysia applying to stay for good and re- register your marriage there.
- your GF must attend the CFO GCP ( GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING PROGRAM( 1 day starts at 2pm to 5pm, after the seminar they will receive a certificate of GCP.
Note: must get an appointment details before goin to CFO
Tel no: (+632) 552-4700,email at: info[at]
( this is a requirement from IMMGRATION Philippines and other agencies to all filipinos who marry a foreign nationals)

- For visa application: 3 months in Embassy Malaysia
Bring the ff:
- Original passport valid at least 6 mos from travel date and photocopy
-Passport size photo ( 1pc)
-Copy of your passport( peter) or marriage contract
- Flight reservation
-Fee Php 550 only
( 3 days process)

- Hope it could help you this info:
Thank you.

Hi I want to ask.. Since I got very impressed with your information.. About the 90days visa for tourist... Are they strict about checking the information.. Because I have a bank statement however I zeroed the deposit amount for a month since I was travelling but I just deposited it now.. Will they acknowledge it? Thanks ahead for your time..

Hi Mrs. Raza nurwani.

I'm a filipina. I would like some advice coming from a filipina regarding me marrying a malaysian citizen. Whats the best way to settle there in malaysia. Thank u in advance

Hi there.

Can i have ur email address?i do have some question on same subject.

I am malaysian do have gf from filipine

This FB group is very helpful -

Foreign Spouses Support Group, Malaysia.

Good evening! I am a Filipina, single and I have a boyfriend in Malaysia who’s also an expat. I am a teacher in Thailand now and I have secured a work permit already and a one year visa. I want to know if is it okay to visit malaysia for multiple times in a year? I only stay there for like 3-5 days each visit. Is there a limit? I would really appreciate your help in this matter. Thank you 🙂

You secured a work permit n one year visa for Malaysia
I thought you working in Thailand
If you having Malaysian visa
Doesn't it state single or multiple?

Hello ceasar, i have a thai visa and work permit. I’m worried if they’re going to refrain me to enter in MY since i went thrice.
First was june 9 - 12
Second july 10-14
Third august 10-16

3 to 5 days would be ok. They will only consider you as a tourist

how about you just apply for dependent pass under my company quota?
i can help you

Can a friend of mine from india is interested to work in Malaysia , but before that what part time course he could talk in order for him to get a visa

Hi Good Afternoon ..I Would like to ask You ..My sister is Student pass Which is Expired on This Coming May 6 Before that She Registered at Malaysia To Marry A Malaysian But The wedding is June so She buy A Ticket to go back phillipines she back with in 10 days and what are the document she would be pass or show to phiilipines immigration thanks m


There is an alternative solution besides MM2H and marriage. Malaysian resident pass allows you to stay and work 5 to 10 years.

If you need further info, pm me.

Where is your gf now. ls she already in Malaysia or still in Philippines. I presume you are staying in Malaysia under the MM2 visa.
If she is still in Philippines, and you are under MM2H, this is what I can advice you to do. I am a registered Employment Agency in Kuala Lumpur. I am Mr Cheng and my agency is in K Lumpur .
You will need to bring the girl to Kuala Lumpur first under a Domestic Helper (DH) visa which means you stay in K Lumpur for a short while. We can do the process for her to come under a DH calling visa. Once in K Lumpur, we will get her a work permit if she pass her medical. After the permit you can take her to East Malaysia and apply for a permit in the immigration there which is not too difficult.
I know you will ask me why she cannot go to to East Malaysia directly. That's because the immigration in East Malaysia is different from west Malaysia and there is no provision for East Malaysia to bring in the DH directly there under calling visa. To get the calling visa  you can only apply for it in West Malaysia and we will also need our Philippine Employment agency partner to process on their side  before the DH can exit the immigration in Philippine. Without this process the Philippine girl will not be able to exit the immigration in philippines.
Hence the calling visa method can help to circumvent this impasse. And once the girl gets her permit she can stay in Malaysia infinity except she has to renew her permit once a year

Hello everyone! I have read about the common law husband and wife. Does it work with Dutch and Filipina citizen as well?
My boyfriend works in JB. I am also here right now using a visit pass for 30days.
Will really appreciate any help. Thank you everyone.

Hi Rainmy! Can you help me too? Thanks in advance.

Not possible to be classified as common law partners unless the Philippines recognises that status legally.

THank you Gravitas! I will check if it’s possible. Will inquire now. 😊

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