Nepali student In Fukuoka

Hai It's me Dipesh from Nepal and is planning to move to Fukuoka in coming  July in student visa. I had Applied and faced interivew in Fukuoka Japanese Language School and they are positive towards me. As, i had heard it is difficult to get job in the city and the earing is also less as compared to other cities. As all we know that we search for part time jobs during our study. So any Neplaese student there  who can guide me through this

Hi Dipesh,

Maybe it would help if you can post your CV in the Jobs in Fukuoka section. ;)

What kind of part time jobs you are looking for please?


Thanks for reply Priscilla. I exactly do not know what type of job i am searching . I just want to know whether it's easy to find job for students over there or not...

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