The possibility for Marry a Belgian without Marriage or Fiance Visa

Hi Cha,

Happy for both of you to decided to get married  :)  for answer your question, you need to know first where you will get married? If you choose Belgium, there are 2 ways. 1. You take care the marriage visa from your country or 2. You bring all the documents and submit that to City Hall of your boyfriend.

For more information about Visa from your country, you need to check the website of Belgium embassy in your country.

I hope this little information can help you, dont hesitate to ask again if need more detail information.

Good luck

Hi Karlina!

Thank you so much for the reply, I think we already have all the required documents to apply for marriage its just that we are not sure with the medical certificate for long stay, i dont know if i will get it here in the Philippines or there in Belgium. :unsure

Hi Cha,

If you decide to take marriage visa from your country, better ask the embassy if you need medical certificate or not. From what I know, in my country, Indonesia, the embassy ask that and you need to submit it with other documents. But if you take your documents and submit in city hall, they dont ask that (at least in the city hall near me).

For share little my experience married with Belgian, in my opinion more easy to take care directly in Belgium. I came with tourist visa that only valid 90 days, but I can stay and need to stay in Belgium when I submited my documents until all the process finish. Will be different if you ask the marriage visa from your country, you need to stay in your country until all the process finish which can take max 6 months.

For make sure again, better ask the city hall of your boyfriend for ask the wedding, if look more easy, then why not you apply tourist at first and directly submit the documents when you arrive, just like Enny and I did. Hope this can help :)

Hi, guys  :)
I need a little help. I am EU citizen, but my feance is not. He is non-EU and he is illegal. We live almost 2 years together, and 4 in a relationship, but now we want to get married. We waited so much, because we wanted to find a good home and work that would help us, and also we thought there is a required period of living together.
Anyway, now we think we are ready, but I really worry about the interview in which we have to prove that our relationship is real. Of course, I know him well and his family and also he knows me. But we were told that 1 wrong answer can fail us. Can you please give me some sample of those questions or tell me where I could find them.
Also, which do you think is better in our situation - marriage or so called samenwonen? What is the difference? We need to get him a permicion with right to work.

Please help.  :unsure
Thank you

Hi i need some information about what documents will i need if we are getting married here in Philippines. I'm an Pinay his a Belgian. I will appreciate the information you can give me thanks in advance.

hi Geee27! I think the info is available on Belgian Embassy website in Manila .

Hi ms.enny,

I have a Belgian boyfriend it ok that my bf can get my visa there in Belgium? Or just only here in my country to get my visa? Thank you for the answer 😄

ohh my 6 months without leaving??? Do you mind if I ask the commune you applied to?

You get the visa from your country.

You will be the one to apply i your country.

Hello. I hope someone will answer me. My boyfriend visit here in The Philippines  three times he is from belgium and he's 24 yrs old and i am 18 years old. I am planning to visit in Belgium and planning to get A tourist visa  but i am afraid they they will deny my visa bcos of my age.  he will sponsor me. Do u think they will deny my visa?  And what are the requirements of a tourist visa and have a sponsor . Thank you

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