Deployment procedures at Security Forces Hospital-Makkah

Salam, i've been waiting for 10months for my visa i was accepted as NICU staff nurse, but i've lost my patience, 10 months of waiting is too long, and the agency that is handling my papers are a bunch of liars(light and hope) specially the processing department. I withdrawn all my papers.

NICU is scheduled to open mid Jan.... but opening may be delayed... dont loose heart... the doctors are ready... the nurses (including you) are on standby.... the babies are eagerly waiting.... and the architect doing the renovation is under pressure... it will all happen inshallah.

Aqeeldoc is right... i think the problem is with the agency who's handling your papers. this january, the recruitment team will travel again in Malaysia and Philippines to hire more staff. in my unit, i still need 5 nurses. it's a matter of choosing the reliable agent. try abba and lbs or mega manpower

amira1863. u are from where, under what agency that u apply.

@ismi rufaidah, im from the philippines, and my agency is light and hope, i had my two mwdical exams, march and july, 1st week of july the agency said i already had a visa, but then it took me a month to ask how is my visa, they said problem with en jaz, then now they said to wait, but they blame security forces, they said they are very slow in allocating visas. A lot of us backed out already.

I work in paediatrics. The whole of the 2nd floor is for Obs & Gyn and NICU. Because of faulty layout design, it is under renovation. It was expected to be completed mid-Dec, let the Obs & Gyn start work and NICU expected to be fully operational by mid-Jan. The renovation is slightly behind schedule - maybe a week or two.

NICU nurses are needed. Among the doctors, the HOD of paeds (Saudi) is well known throughout the country for his excellent character - he looks after both drs and nurses - bi'iznillah. That makes the whole team happy and relaxed... plus you have the Haram.

Allah has chosen you amongst many others to come to Makkah - be patient as maybe that's the last link in the chain Allah wants from you before your arrival- We need NICU nurses - and you need Makkah - we all need patience - See you soon!

as salam lina.. how are u there. i just wonder, is NICU unit open or still under renovation.

Salam. Everyone, i will have my interview this 14th of jan for nicu nurse, inshaallah. I hope i can pass, i am still hoping that i could come to makkah.

as salam amirah. insyaAllah u can do it.. i also in nicu. hope to see u there.

salam... so sorry but i've been very busy tending my unit. as of the moment, nicu is still undergoing construction... my colleague said by nxt month inshaAllah it will open. the main OR will also be undergoing major renovation for the next 3 months, my unit will cater all the surgical procedures for the meantime

wslm. thank u lina.. its really helpful. all my documents still in process. im just scared because one of my fren she was offer to work in SFH on january 2014 n was told visa n all documents are ready but till this year she still here..  i really want to go there, work n gain as many experience as i can before came back here... please update me for nicu..tqsm...

As salam.. Can someone here update me regarding sfh makkah nicu...

Hello ismi. As i've told you i already withdrawn my application from them,now i am here in riyadh as an rn2 nicu nurse.greater offer than sfh makkah,and faster deployment.

hi everyone i am also waiting my visa its almost 3 weeks since they process it my agency is mega manpower do you have any idea on this agency?

Did you undergone remedical since it is past 3 motnhs from the time you had your departure

Fellow Makkawis Assalaamu Alaykum! I am from USA and looking for a physician job there as my parents live there. How may I apply . I am internal medicine specialist studied in USA (undergrad, med school, and residency) and I have couple of years outpatient experience as well as now getting inpatient experience.

Please reply to this board or pm me I'll appreciate.

How'd you guys adjust to the warm weather there? I lived two years in Dubai and could never get over it.

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