Looking for arabs in Thessaloniki!!!

I am from Germany and looking for lebanese or any arab speakers in Thessaloniki to make car Business.please let Pm me if you know such a person.

Thank you

I am from IRAQ living in thessaloniki ,anything I can help,please contact with me or you
can come to FILIPOU 35 it's the next street from egnatia where you can find me
all day,you can ask me for my phone No.if you want.
best regards....

Hi,thank you for your Message.for sure i would like to have your phone number asap.

Best regards

I am in athens, and i am a native arabic speaker.

Hi , I am Mr.Nairt,I know Greek Arabic and English and i am living in Thessaloniki,Greece.

hi there, im Lebanese, and I would like to move to Greece with a job opportunity, so would you please tell me what is this about?! also as you are saying car business, im an aircraft engineer, and would be of great help in technical stuff, if that is your business field
thank you

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