Job accpeted at JKS Jeddah, What next ?

Hi Everyone,

I have just accepted a job role at JKS Jeddah, I had my interview two days ago and was offerd the job. I have accepted the offer and was just wondering what happens next?

Is it a long process ?
Any Visa Issues ?
Life in Sharbatly Village ?

Any adivce would be welcomed :-)

Thank you

Hi Ryan,

Welcome on board :)

I invite you to go through the discussions regarding the Information on visas in Jeddah which might help you finding answers to your questions please and feel free to even participate and post your questions :)

Thank you


if you search the blog, you'll find tons of posts about JKS.

Hi Ryan,
Congrats on the job offer, members suggestions please.  Regarding the offer, package deal, compound, On the top Contract issues.

Hey Ryan,

I'm off to JKS to; I start in Aug ..... I'm just going through the visa process now my agent the school assigned is dead helpful and seems a easy process. :) what year and subject are you teaching? I'm doing secondary PE. :)

Hey Jenni, I'm starting in August too in the primary school. I'm waiting for the visa. Do you have yours already and how long does it take?

Almost all teachers I know changed school to another one after one year.
Life in Sharbatly is good.

Hey thank you for the reply, i've not got my visa yet but i've started the process.

Kind Regards


The only thing I can say about lasting till end of your contract at JKS. Come with an open mind and flexible attitude.

The visa process can take long I think no will get it before end of June because visa only valid for 90 days so you have to travel within this time period. if visa is issued to early so it could lead to problem.

can someone shed some light on contract offers by JKS? is experience considered?

rareshine :

can someone shed some light on contract offers by JKS? is experience considered?

When you say "is experience considered" you mean for the job or for pay scale?

i do mean both i guess...

Congratulations to those who got a job in Saudi Arabia  :top:
Good luck and best wishes to you more than life experiences
Do not hesitate to request any assistance


Hi Please let me know if you accepted the post and what was your experience.



Is it a long process ? yes
Any Visa Issues ?  no
Life in Sharbatly Village ? no

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