need some information


im mahindra reddy from kadapa.

i got job in malaysia as jr. electrical engineer.
salary: 4400MYR.
1. how would be monthly expenses at penang with sharing.
2. how would be the job.
is that salary will be enough for individual.
i may come by next month.

plz reply me asap.

thanks and regards

Guess you are working in construction?

Way too low a salary for a decent life (Penang is expensive). To save you will have to share 4 to a room etc and won't save much. And you must be working as a foreign worker not an expat as salary too low for an employment pass as a professional. Or they have cheated you.

If you are in construction then I think the salary is quite good, but you will need to live cheaply. Anyway eating street food can be cheap. Try road kill too. Hope your salary is net and after deductions.

thanks all for your valuable information.

actually that is govt project.

what is EP1 pass.

how many days it will take& how much they will charge for it.

how would be jr. electrical engineering field work job.

is it easy or hard?

kindly clarify it.

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