Best western compound

Madareem compuand 2 bed rooms 60k per year

Maggon11 :

I dont know so much but heard about Akaria compound, that it is reasonable.


where can I find their prices? Or any pictures or email to ask more information. I need a 2 or 3 bedroom accommodation

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mahmoudkamal :

Madareem compuand 2 bed rooms 60k per year

Thank you so much looks really good for those prices, I will be contacting them to have more information

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hi wana friend from jeddah

If your given an allowance and want to keep it your best options are probably Sahara, Ranco or Riyadh Village........ if your company are paying direct let them spend as much as you can ishbilia or bhustan but based on the people I've seen there they're not really western there are lots of arab nationalities on them

hello everyone i want a villa or apartment with two bedrooms in a western compount with good services for children on a figure of around 40,000 SAR

Try Al Nakheel Compound behind Eid Compound.

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In some other website some people recommend mento search in complex since compounds are very expensive... what's the difference between complex and compound?

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Is Eid still considered one of the top Western compounds? I've heard the lifestyle there has become a bit less Western.

They are making a lots of renovation to make it look better again as it's an old houses but the management are trying to modernise the houses. Give it another couple of months and it will look alright again.

Hmmm. I was referring to the lifestyle not the housing, but good to know it is getting a physical facelift.

When people say Western orientated, are they referring to the nationalities of the residents, the lifestyle in the compound, or both? Some compounds have the Western lifestyle even if the people aren't...

Also, I've heard Cordoba, while definitely one of the 5 nicest compounds in Riyadh, isn't as social as some of the other top compounds like Hamra or Kingdom. It doesn't have the "community" feel that the others do. Perhaps someone living there can verify?

It's usually the majority of the residents and the open culture inside the compound which describes it as "WESTERN" !!

Khalid Al-Rashi :

Al Nakhla Residential Resort
Ranked #1 in all aspects from security to facilities
Experience Riyadh in a luxurious resort setting ... Welcome to Al Nakhla Residential Resort. Situated at Exit 8 with an easy access from Dammam and Airport roads away from Riyadh’ traffic yet within few steps from major shopping malls, International schools, business offices, main government facilities and linked into Al Nakhla Plaza which gives our residents the luxury of being able to go shopping and dine out without the need for transport. The resort has 23 pools around it with a stunning state of Art Gym and a luxurious Ladies & Men SPA with treatments that suits your body & Soul. An impressive lobby overlooking the Central Park will welcome you with various services such as Majdool Int'l restaurant, Costa Cafe and many other outlets and amenities. Al Nakhla Residential Resort is a new concept up-scale life style in Riyadh. It’s simply Everything You Want It to Be..

Was there on Monday for the bazar/ coffee morning. Fantastic compound  :kiss:

Kamine :

Was there on Monday for the bazar/ coffee morning. Fantastic compound  :kiss:

Thanks Kamine, more to come and happy to have people like you

Wow...that almost sounds like its being posted by the compound's PR/HR department ;)

This post from a blog is 5 years old, but the blogger does give her opinions on various compounds. Some of the info may or may not be relevant, but it is interesting (apparently, Cordoba doesn't have the "community feel" that other compounds do), and a good jumping off point for people interested. … -down.html

I second all the comments on Al Nakhla it is certainly impressive, however, very expensive for me so I had to pass. But again ask for a bargain and you will get one (my budget still did not meet the offered bargain price - Listed SAR 345K - Offered SAR 260K with a clause if I was to move in the next couple of weeks and sign up).

The compound is signing major deals with large organisations and will be full very soon and is a very huge property with every thing brand new and excellent facilities as have been mentioned.

I also liked Arabian Homes but have finally settled in Seder Village. Mind you any of these good compounds do not have any thing really available straight away, you can only sign up to get into their waiting list. Luckily my company had an existing lease on a villa. Seder Village is the most sociable of them all (from various blogs, sites, word of mouth, etc) and being there for the last 4 weeks as a single (current status only - family due soon) have been welcomed and have already made friends and participate in various sports too.

Apparently the chef at our restaurant is being wanted by most of the other compounds :)

Hey Kate. You still in Saudi Arabia now days or already left ?

Ishbilia compound [Moderated]
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LauraMikeladze :

Ishbilia compound [Moderated]
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Hi laura, yes Ishbilia is nice, I've lived there when i was a kid "so old", but check Al Nakhla Residential Resort[Moderated]

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I personally like Ranco , People r quite connected to each other and it is indeed Western when it comes to the residents and Life style , Salwa compound is also in same category :)

Hi, just moving to brand new apartment, 3 bed plus maids room for 120.000 a yr, only 12 apartments , outdoor swimming pool gym, beautiful, we have lived on bigger compounds here an prices are ridiculous , we were paying 180.000 for a 2 bed, the compound use to be fab but now so run down that's why we left, if anyone needs to view new apartments let me know, I'm an Irish woman living in Riyadh for 18 yrs, good luck with ur search

Hi, lived on Eid for about 8 yrs, we moved off 2 yrs ago, crazy prices, we were paying 180.000 thousand for an upstairs 2 bed apartment, very dated, we left because there was nothing been done on it, I would think now maybe 40percent occupancy , it's like a ghost town, it use to be amazing place to live, not now, we have moved into brand new smaller 12 apartment compound , amazing, 3 bed plus maids room, outdoor pool an gym, 125 thousand riyals, on exit 2 great if ur working in town, or new finance centre, good luck with serch

We moved from Eid villas nearly 2 yrs ago an apart from hotel there has been nothing done to compound, say there are 40 percent of houses occupied

Hi there, sorry but doubt u will get for 40.000 , we use to pay 180.000 for  an upstairs 2 bed, very dated

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Hey Winniephoo,

What can you tell me about Seder Villa Compound? Do you have any idea as to what percentage of westerners there are in that compound. I used to live on Dana Compound is first is was OK and then nothing but middle easterners (not from Saudi) got housed in there and it went down hill fast from there...



Will do, an thank you for advise

Anybody can tell me anything about Al Bustan compound? I heard it has amazing facilities but the residents are not happy with management???

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Peculiar I went there I didn't see many western people, same as al bustan, maybe 40% ?

The only one I've seen that is almost 100% western is Ishbilia village (not Ishbilia compound)  and no I don't live there.

I think a distinction has to be made between a western and a western lifestyle compound.

Can send me the prices for 2 bedrooms apartments or villas? ***

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Hi Kate, you didn't mention iIshbilia in your list, any particular reason?

Prices please

I have also heard recently about a compound called Yamami Residence, i have visited it multiple times and their price lists are amazing for the services they provide, top notch.

Hi, I'm over 2nd week in August. I would love to know more about your compound.


Al Nakhla Residential Resort is the best compound  in Riyadh so far - happy to find it and moving there after a long struggle what place to choose and how much to pay .. and it`s 100% western with lots of fun ! Have tried other places before, ended up sitting at home during the weekend as swimming pools were occupied by men smoking shisha.. Bustan has locals to access it, for example - so they can easily drive through .. and me and my friends didn't feel comfy when I was visiting them, walking there in my shorts ..

My husband lives in Al Nakhka. He is very happy with it . I’m told it’s expensive, but his employers pay for it so it’s not a concern for us.

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