Current Real Estate Market in Ukraine

I am posting this question in relation to the political and social upheaval during March 2014, so any response please take this into consideration. 

I am generally curious as to how the current political chaos has impacted the real estate market in Ukraine in terms of foreign purchasing trends.  Has the prices declined sharply and as a result would you consider this a buyers market?  If so, can you provide any relevant examples via links to reputable Ukrainian websites with information on such realty listings.

In addition, same questions except in terms of the rental market?  Have prices declined nation-wide as many foreigners have departed due to the instability..etc

Thank you for the information as I am considering options of future relocation and Ukraine has always been one of my prime interests.

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@ spdmon: Why private message? The forum is far better as other interested people can see also see the replies. Please share any experience or information directly on the forum ;)

I also would like to know the answer on it. So is it possible to post it public?

I'm confused. You say to feel free to answer, then it is OK to solicit my services as a consultant, correct? Thanks ... You understand the value of good work.

Put me down as well. Currently I am planning on retiring to Sevastopol and will be arriving on March 29th. (God willing). My wife and I will be looking for a flat to buy.

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Frankly, I would postpone your trip, at least to Crimea.

Just responded via message with my email contact.  I would be interested in hearing your insights as well.

tantuss :

I also would like to know the answer on it. So is it possible to post it public?

For FREE information consider visiting the following forum which has been established with expert advice from global expats concerning all countries including Eastern Europe.  Post for FREE to the sub-forum: Russia, Ukraine, Former Soviet Republics any question.  Specifically look for responses from a well traveled, seasoned expat who is a native Ukrainian and speaks 9 languages and has lived in dozens of countries.  His ID is "ladislav" and he has experience in all southeast Asian, middle eastern and eastern European countries. 

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navillus2 :

Put me down as well. Currently I am planning on retiring to Sevastopol and will be arriving on March 29th. (God willing). My wife and I will be looking for a flat to buy.

See my last response to user "tantuss" in this thread.  the link I posted my be of use to you as the information is provided on THAT forum for free and is quite helpful.

From what I have seen prices haven't declined and still far higher than place like USA or Ecuador for what I have looked at.

In your case, Russia willing. They are not allowing people in or out. I'll bet you are not so pro-Russian anymore ... )))

Just so are all clear, my snide remark was directed at Caloric Fire.

@VVolpe. I own some properties in Ukraine, primarily in Lviv and Kryvyi Rih. Ukraine is not as unstable as we are led to believe. The primary problem was the corruption. Not that the Yankovich regime is out, there is the possibility for country to develop into all that Ukraine should be. The people understand that if the West continues to help them, Ukraine must repay the loans. The immediate problem is keeping the Russians at bay.

I know that my answer was a bit long, I just want to be clear that I do not believe the market will collapse. That is more likely to happen in Russia because no one will come to their aide ... LMAO!

Is Ukraine a safe investment? It depends on what your interest is here. My wife is Ukrainian and a Realtor. In essence, I am here for the long haul. If you proceed, do so with caution.

WVolpe3, you are correct in the prices being higher than the States and Ecuador.  For the prices they are asking here for a flat is crazy compared to Ecuador.  I own several properties in Quito and in Jadin Del Este in Cumbaya, also a farm in Riobomba.  For prices in Kharkov, the further you get from the city center the prices do decline. When my wife and I bought our flat here near the old City Center we were able to get for a good price.  Even with the threat of the Russians coming, prices have not declined.  Donetsk, might be a different story.  But we are very happy in Kharkov.  I wish you the best in your search.

definitely a buyers market now

The only thing I noticed is that the rent prices of offices did go down with something like 50% or even more.

Real estate companies are already happy if you pay.
Before they kicked you out if you was 4 days to late.
Now they give you more and more time.

Before for some normal office in Kiev you paid at least $25 per square meter per month.
This did fall to something like $10 - $15.

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  I don't know how anyone can compare flat prices in Ukraine to condo prices in the USA where the prices are as much as ten times what the prices of a flat are in parts of Ukraine. I paid $22,000 for a two room, kitchen, bath and small storage room and put in another $7,000 to bring it to western standards. If I had the same place some where in Florida I would be looking at a minimum of $140,000 and the city of Krivoy Rog is much larger than most cities in Florida.

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Hello all im also married to a ukrainian thats why im here in ukraine.The reality is people receive salary less than 100dollars a month because there currency is 4x lower compare before revolution and this current salary now is based 5years ago when the dollar is 8 grivna per 1dollar..many ukrainian suffer because of this price increase and salary low but positive side is food is not that expensive compare to other countries.

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