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Hello, I'm Elodie from Martinique, French West Indies. I principally came on this blog to communicate with people from the Caribbean, notably the anglophone Caribbean because I'm particularly interested in this region. It may also serve for my studies.

If you need some information on Martinique, or if I can be helpful, just let me know.


Hi Elodie,

Welcome to and thank you for offering your help here :)

Please note that your topic has been moved to the Martinique forum for more visibility and for a better communication with the members living there as well. ;)

Maybe you can tell us more about your project for your studies? In which university are you planning to go please?

Thank you,

Priscilla team

I'm currently going to the "Université des Antilles et de la Guyane" in Martinique. I'm studying the Caribbean, so I hope some Caribbean people could help me to get the information I need. Getting information has not been easy so far !  :(

hello to everybody,

I'm looking to contacts in martynioque. i would like to move to martynique soon.
i will be on island at 27.04.2017
glad to meet some nice people.


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