Working for CLBS in Thailand.... How could that be?

Hey "Vestad"!

Youve any news about the job? Are you starting in Oct/Nov?

CLBS is like any other call center in the world. It advertises live and work in the land of smiles, but that is the only thing it can offer. It is after all still a call center where a strong hierarchy prevails and you get to feel the authority, the Call Agent is a machine in a system and must function. Individual self-confidence is misplaced, I have made my own experience with this company. For conventional educated people who rarely open the mouth and always say yes and Amen it is the ideal place.

Hi! The Company is contacting me for an interview (Customer Care Agent  italian speaker)does anyone of you working there, in thailand? have you got some information for me, about work (is it a good job? and the salary)? do you have the chance to grow inside the company,? is it a good occasion (career growth)?
thank you so much

Hi, can I contact with anyone that are already working At clbs or had the assesment? Thanks a lot

Please I need help

Hello Giulia I'm in the same situation right now: what happened next with this company?
Have you start working there?
Thank you for your answer

Hi there!

Just to ask if someone have been working or work for CLBS  int Thailand

Life there
Job atmosphere
Job itself

Thank you

Hello, they called me as well as Customer Care Agent -italian, and I'd like to ask you more info about the company and your experience in general


So I am actually working in a customer service in Luxembourg for a factory.
My job is not at all on the phone all day long and I would not like it.

Do you know if this position in CLBS is 8h on the phone ?
Is it hard for them to find French ? Since I do not see French people on this forum.
I have experience in customer service but not a university degree, do you know if the degree is really important for them or interview can make the difference?
Does someone as been there for long?

Thank you in advance for the help,


Hello Geo, I had 2 interviews with them and I can absolutely confirm that the job is 8 hour answering the phone, actually it's a call center (only inbound, so you won't call clients)

Hello everyone,
I have a couple of friends working there. The job is a call center job. Staying 8 hours on the phone, one hour break for lunch but as most you spend that hour there, so it's actually 9 hours per day, because you don't really have the time to go for lunch, so you bring there the food from home. You need a degree to work in Thailand, as a Thai role if you're a foreign.
Work is mad and people cannot stay more than a few months at least one year, the salary is poor for the job done. Not mention that you have to work in European time, so during winter time, you finish your work at 2 am. Forget to go round in evenings, because at midnight everything is closed as in Thailand, as everyone knows, ther's dictatorship. You cannot really enjoy Thailand in this way. Sometimes, you have to work during weekends also. I don't know if I want to apply for this conditions. I prefer go somewhere else or find other solutions.

Hola, yo tengo mañana la segunda entrevista? como te fue a ti? sabes si alguien fue a trabajar a esta empresa?

Hola, yo tengo mañana la segunda entrevista? como te fue a ti? sabes si alguien fue a trabajar a esta empresa?

Mireia85 :

Hola, yo tengo mañana la segunda entrevista? como te fue a ti? sabes si alguien fue a trabajar a esta empresa?

Mireia, if you want an actual response, please try asking in English.

I have the second interview tomorrow, and I want to know if you or someone have been working in clbs

Mireia85 :

Hola, yo tengo mañana la segunda entrevista? como te fue a ti? sabes si alguien fue a trabajar a esta empresa?

:unsure  :unsure  :unsure

Would help tremendously if you posted in English so that we can all understand what it is you are saying.

I need to know if someone has been working here, thanks

Where to start with the nightmare? :)
I worked for these slave traders for almost 2 years! Yes, I know I am stupid! :)
The salary very bad, working times always CET, management very bad!!! And the best thing is, if there don't need you anymore there just kick you out for some reason there just made up! And of course eminently, so there don't have to pay for your return airplane ticket! Very nice company!!!
But know I am very happy there kicked me out! Because I am now my own boss since the time I left and employ even some people from CLBS for much better condition! :)
Any questions you may have, I am happy to answer you! :)

Is there any jobs for software project management at CLBS?

maybe not shure and if yes than for 25000TBH a month :)

Oh i see thanks, so it is pure call center and there is no Software development

yes it`s a call centre. I know there employ some IT people, but mostly Thai! As there are very cheap and work for around 10000TBH a month. And there many Thai who can do the job.  I by my self have a few Thai employed for IT as there very good and cheap.

Got it, then please advice me how can i find a Software IT job in Thailand.

well :) if you speak Thai no problem! I can find you easy work! You don`t speak Thai, forget it to get a job in IT! Sorry sound`s hard but it`s the reality! Because, in Thailand we are forang and forag only alowed to do job`s who cant do Thai! And Thai very good in IT and very cheap and many Thais studdy IT on University, so there have enought Thais who can work in IT. This means, forang  can do only a handfull jobs in Thailand. Like teaching english if you have a teacher certificate ore working for a forang call center ore for an realestate to sell proppertys and that`s so pretty much all! Alternativ you can open your own company, but you need to check first if you allowed to work in this kind of jobs in Thailand which you we offer!
Sorry to disapoint you, but this is Thailand! There dont want you! There only want your money as a tourist and after this please go home but you welcome back with money again! That it!

ha ha. No worries then stay where I am. Because i like Thailand : everything is cheap but there is life quality, fresh air outside Bangkok, nature look. So i am choosing Thailand to grow my later part ..........

shure no problem and enjoy it! I do enjoy it too and for me it works perfectly with my company :)

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