anybody does cycling in riyadh?

although i know there's a club riyadh wheelers here in riyadh, i'm looking for somebody who does cycling here. RW season is over and i tried to get in touch a couple of times but nevertheless...

due to danger and some conservative issues (last month some locals purposely drove into some cyclists) i'm in the urge to look for a partner who's doing road cycling.

if anyone has any tips/suggestions/etc for me please don't hesitate tellin' me.

fyi i'm vincent from the netherlands and moved to riyadh 3 years ago, found out that i'm gettin' out of shape as a few years ago. brought my bike (racing/semi-prof) this year but a bit after the winter season (that means too late)

thanks and hope to get some reply.

last month some locals purposely drove into some cyclists

Yes, I'd heard about this.  Best never to go into the desert without a very large group of people.

'Road cycling' sounds just as dangerous! 

Have you checked out the DQ?  I've heard that a lot of people cycle there.

I agree with alliecat, most people get an uncontrollable urge to run over cyclists in Riyadh.(Me included):D.

Never safe to do 'road cycling' here considering the high speed at which the traffic moves.

Best bet for you would be the DQ but I guess you better be prepared for some questioning by the security there.

hi i would to enjoy group of cycling

@ mohammed12333 > This topic is very old ( 2010 )

I invite you to create a new thread to introduce yourself and to ask your questions please.
If you wish to create a new group of cycling, feel free to launch a new thread abou it.


Priscilla  :cheers:

I'm very excited, and I am encouraged by it, and the place is an area called (Wadi Hanifa), a beautiful park and a few cars passing by, is located between the embassy district and the suburb of milk.
It wants to see the place and communicate with me. Thank you.

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