LOST DRIVING LICENCE AND ISTIMARA (what to do for a British Citizen)

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My husband (British) lost his wallet containing his Saudi Driving Licence as well as his Istimara, while on holiday outside Saudi Arabia. Does ANYBODY know what the procedures are for getting a new/replacement Licence and Istimara (he has a photo copy of his Driving Licence). We live in Taif. Also, does anybody know the costs involved for this?
Your assistance would be much appreciated !

Dear Golds,

by istimara do you mean iqama OR the car's istimara?

Are you currently outside Saudi? in this case, I think you should contact the saudi embassy and report that the wallet is lost with whatever was inside it.

Don't worry anyway, everything is connected to his iqama number and should be easy to replace.

It's fairly simple. He should get the police report and contact his HR department, they will help me get replacements.

I'm not sure about these documents but I heard that a lost Iqama can be very difficult to replace because everyone give you a hard time (asking why have you lost it). It can be a lengthy process and cost 2,000sar to replace.

I know it doesn't help now but my advice is to colour copy these documents and laminate them. Keep them with you and leave the originals at home. The only place which wants original iqama is the banks. Even the police are fine with a copy.

Renew Private Driving License or Damage/Loss Replacement (Saudis – Non-Saudis)

Requirements to renew Private Driving License or Issue Damaged or Lost Driving License Replacement (Saudis- Non-Saudis):
•Fill-in the specified form completely.
•Provide the original Driving License to be renewed.
•Provide two photos, size (4X6) cm.
•Provide a copy of Civil Affairs ID (Saudis.)
•Pay the required fees.   = Accredited bank - SR 435 •Receipt for payment of licence fee (SR435) from a bank such as Riyad Bank or Al Rajhi Bank
•Provide a file to save documents.
•Provide an identification letter (Non-Saudis.)
•Provide a copy of Resident Permit (Iqama) and passport (Non-Saudis.)
•Provide the damaged license in case of a Damage Replacement request.
•Provide a police report in case of a stolen license.
•Publish in local newspaper in case of a lost license.
•Provide a Civil Defense report in case of a burned license.
=Report the incident to the nearest police station on that area, take a copy of that report, at the same time call the owner of the car for the istimara copy(scanned) to be sent to you via email, much better a letter of the owner/sponsor specifying that he/she/company allows you to use the car w/ permission w/ stated date. You cannot go back to KSA w/out a saudi driving license, much better leave the car after reporting it to the police and have it shipped back to saudi. it will surely takes days or weeks for your husband to produce the necessary documents to have a replacement driving license to enable him to drive again. good luck..


You have to make the Vehicle Inspection Test ("FAHAS" in Arabic) usually it is valid for 1 year, If you have the previous one you can use it also. Its Fee is 73 SAR if it is a car. And you have to pay 50 SAR as a fee of reprint. Then you have to fill two application that is in Arabic and signed by your Legal Advisor or HR personal. And also you need the color copy of your car's Valid Insurance documents

can you please mention from where can i get these 2 application forms in arabic.I have heard that it requires a report from traffic police and insurance and fahas for new print of vehicle registration card.and if you get it done by agent they will charge 200 SAR for whole process and provide you the card within hours,

Pls help

I lost my Car Istemara in Riyadh. Can anyone please share the latest process to get duplicate of Car Istemara

If u can share u r mobile number, i will call u

Would appreciate your help

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I don't think it's a really big issue if you have lost istamarah or driving licence. All those posts are bull shit and irrelevant. Sorry. Main thing is to go to traffic police department and they will charge 200 for new copy of driving license and 150 for new copy of istamarah that's it.

Hi All,

My friend worked in Saudi earlier & now got a visa to work in Bahrain. He lost his original Driving License from Saudi but has a photocopy. He needs help how to get back the original Driving license of Saudi back as he wanted to get it changed with Bahrain Driver's License.
It would be great for anyone's help.

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