Hi there, another Egyptian... might be useful to you somehow :)

Hi there,

I`m not that new to forums but i figured it makes sense introducing myself, 1st off i`m Egyptian born and raised/working in Alexandria as stated but neither i want to marry a green eyed one nor an online stranger! and would take a year + to just do that anyway. (i`m saying this and directing it to naii victims of poverty striken youth in hurghada or sharm or anywhere else where you find brash Egyptian males, BE smart and careful!) and i`m quiet (financially ok) so i`m just here to help.

My dear mother passed away recently (january 2014) with a brain cancer for like 7 months, and in this horrid trip i really have found forums to be the most good form of online human interaction/help/socialising etc.

So i`m atm leaving my career (was ruined during my mother`s illness , Egyptian contractors tend to be generally [Moderated: no offensive word here pls]) and i`m finishing my Australian State migration plan in like 7-9 months  i have spare time,  and i`m helpful.

If anyone needs help here involving calls etc. its more than welcome. 
on a side notice : i would love to enroll in Italian courses but if any Italian needs help with Arabic (traditional even i`m queit cultured and nerdy beside Egyptian slang :) ) or English (basic conversation though i`m not a native) i can do that in exchange for free Italian course :) (basic conversation)
also if you are an Aussie its a big PLUS :)


Hi Spiritstallion,

Thank you for your introduction and thank you for offering your help here, it is very much appreciated. :)

I am sorry for what happened to your mother, but be strong. As you said, discussing here on the forum with the other members will help you to feel better. ;)

For the language exchange, i suggest you to post your ad in the Language Exchange in Alexandria section as well please, it may also help. :)

Have a nice day,

Priscilla team

Welcome,  sorry to hear about your mom.
Hope you achieve what you hope for and be able to help others with your time

Priscilla thanks for the admin welcome!
Vail too thanks a lot for your thoughtful wishes.


Hi there

My name is Dalia. I do not speak Italian but i would love to get to know you. My auntie is living here in Maadi and she is Australian born and raised also.

If you want to get to meet, call me on ***



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Am sorry for your mum dear bro and if u need any kind of help or support let me know pm if u would like

@ dalia and eagle abo > Just to inform you that this thread has been created in 2014 ;)



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