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I am exploring a move to SMA and want some info on unfurnished apartments. I'm on a limited budget, but work online as an art professor. My goal is to have a studio and be able to paint.
Thanks,    Cheri

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It might be a good idea if you have a look at the section housing in San Miguel de Allende and you can even post an advert.

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When was the last time you looked at this link?  There is 1 home for rent listed 9 mos ago?  Thanks though.

Nice option, well I have some contacts on the Real Estate field. If you still looking for a place to live and paint, let me know

@ Dperseo > This thread is quite old, however it would be very much appreciated if you can recommend your contacts int he real estate field in the business directory : … e-allende/ , it might helps the members :)

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Hi, just saw that this post is quite old, nevertheless I would be very happy to help you out if you are still searching for an apartment in San Miguel de Allende. What helped me a lot in finding my own apartment in the centro wasn't by going through the regular real estate ads.

This because the housing prices are ridiculously high and categorised for the expats that come to San Miguel to relocate. If you are willingly to spend a bit more time to get a good house for a local Mexican price then this method should work out just fine.

Before your stay, check out the Craigslist section as over here a lot of people put out there apartment for rent/sale if they need to leave the city abruptly. Over here you have houses that are priced higher than in California and luckily also the local prices. Thus you should check this list out often as good apartments go away very quick!

Another good way of finding an apartment is to get connected to the Yahoo Group: "Civil List SMA" as this group has more than 9700 members who all share the recent local news and also put out there apartment for rent, often against high prices, but lately you will also find local prices over here. It is just a matter of patience to find the right apartment in your desired location.

These above mentioned are the two methods I recommend to use in advance when you are not here in San Miguel de Allende and if you don't want to use the realtor to pay for overpriced real estate.

On the other hand, when you get in San Miguel de Allende, you have a lot more options available. The most simple one is to walk/drive around in your desire neighbourhood and look out for "for rent/sale" sign as these signs are quite a lot. Thus you must be very lucky and quick to get the apartment in the right area. Also let a lot of local people and foreigners who are in San Miguel de Allende know that you are looking for a rental thus that they can ask around in their network.

Might you have other questions about renting an apartment in San Miguel de Allende, feel free to contact me as I would love to help you out!

Hola Senor I will be down in December for 4 months. Is it likely I might find furnished rental for that amount of time? Perhaps a house share and price range of $500.00?  Im 69 yr old male non smoker

Saw your response.  Very helpful.
I'm thinking about moving to sma area. was wondering if there is a possibility of shared accommodations there? Do people rent rooms?

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