Learning the Dutch language with Skype

Many people like you are struggling with the Dutch lesson, mostly on the speaking part.
Some of you are seeking help to practice the speaking skill but difficult to find one for several reasons.

Is this an option so set up a Skype group to practice?
Who has the interest?

I would certainly be interested in attending skype tutorials, it's something I've been considering for a while. My knowledge of Dutch language over the past 2 years in still limited to very little. However, I am able to read a few more words each month and can workout some sentences. Learning by Conversation is possibly the best way for me to learn and retain the language. I am eager to learn. Do let me know of your progress. Cheers. Colin

You are the only one who have the interest...

Some else maybe too?

I am offering free practicing Dutch conversation  :cool:

I was waiting to see if anyone else was interested. You can start the tutorial whenever you are ready. Thank you.

hey there! im interested! i can speak it somewhat with my husband but i freak out with total strangers and switch right back to english pretending i dont speak the a word of dutch. today i was interviewed for vrijwilligerswerk and finally i was able to muster up the courage to speak (broken) dutch. would be lovely to find someone else aside from my husband and inlaws to practice with!

hey there  :)  i would be interested too :) only one problem ...in my case i have to start from 0

this is life we all have to start some time from a 0 there is no other ..so no worried and be happy and get advice ans support always from here..

I am in with the Dutch Lessons.

Hello everyone.
am in too.but am beginners level.
thanks :)

I am taking the Rosetta Stone course at the moment, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

My Dutch is limited and can quickly convert to English with a blink of an eye when i get nervous.
This sounds ideal for me, so count me in!

The ones who has the interest can you please pm me?

I am not able to send multiply pm on this moment.

Please am interested in joining.

Hello , still somebody who wants to practice Dutch on line?

Hello all, does anyone offer Dutch lessons via Skype or Google+ for beginners?  Thanks!  :)

I want to learn Dutch as I coming to NL in a month......why don't we create an account in Skype and post here so that everyone can give request to that skype name?

Please help me too! I am a beginner...
I am working on this nowadays.


I would like to learn the Dutch lesson via Skype, I am married to a Dutch man and reside in SA

You can try out this website...Its the best I know to learn the basics very quickly for many languages.

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I had beginner level aleardy and I want improve more my level

I think the admin removed the link.

You can try ielanguages ..This is the best website for learning Indo European languages as far as I know.

All the Best....

I'm extremely interested in this. My Dutch is very small and I'm really hoping to be able to pick it up more. Please message me about details if it's going to happen. Thank you :)

Hello original poster. I am not certain if this proposition is still available. However, I am interested to have Skype practice

I did offered to help but it ended that everyone is enthusiastic but not taking the effort to be serious.
As I offered my time in a busy schedule and no one showed up or were very bad prepared or not prepared at all, I decided to quite.

So sorry to hear about that :(

Hello I have my military foreign language test in the next month no notice I have lived here for 14 years I can still understand it but stopped speaking it. I need help!

hi. I'm interested ! 🙋🏻

where u sit u exam?for dutch languange as well?

Hi, I would like to speak Dutch

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