Best cell phone companies in Ghana?

I have been reading post from several new members , and it really bothers me .I think you guys don't understand .There is a great chance you are being taken for your money.  Wake up and realize what people are telling you.  There is a large  scam operation going on in Accra  with the internet.  Men posing as  women looking for  some one to marry
. Sending you a picture of some one who is a model from a magazine .  Look up on your internet internet  Cafes  in Accra  they are every where. There  will be pictures of what they look like inside . I hope this helps

how good is Vodafone does Vodafone ever loose service and whats the fees on minutes

please explain why tigo is best in Ghana my girl friend has tigo and service sucks

yes its true a new phone is very costly in ghana

All telcos in Ghana have their challenges. My experience with airtel is mostly positive so can't speak for the others.
As to phones being expensive, it all depends on the type. You can get a basic phone for 10 dollars. I think the problem here is that there aren't the plans that are available in the UK and US where you pay a monthly charge for the phone and calls. In fact I just returned from the UK and bought my new Samsung phone here as it was cheaper

Is it possible to put my fiance on my US plan with Verizon once she has a phone and the necessary simm card?

Yes, I agree. They tell a sad family story and want money for passports or expensive cell phones to keep in touch with. Check them out carefully before sending any money.


Cell phone service is not what you're used to no matter who you use, but here's another consideration that can tip the scales: Mobile Money. Only MTN and Airtel have Mobile Money. You can register your SIM to have Mobile Money and then use World Remit to put money on the phone which you can then either cash out at a participating merchant or bank, or you can use the money on your account like a credit card at participating point of sales. You don't need to be roaming around Ghana with loads of cash on you. It's much better to have it in your phone and have it transferred to your phone as needed.
Bring your phone with you; make sure it's compatible with the frequencies used in Ghana, which are the same worldwide, only not so exactly the complete spectrum. As far as I know, all cell phones in Ghana are GSM, which is the technology used by AT&T, T-Mobile. Most factory unlocked GSM phones will work in Ghana, though some inexpensive ones will not be compatible.

Um, well at home here in Cape Coast they tell me that all providers in Ghana offer Mobile Money.
This said, I've had good experience with MTN over the last four years. If you are looking to set up your own wifi hot-spot with a mobile router, Vodaphone gives pretty good results, but I don't know what they are like as a telephony provider

Perhaps they all have Mobile Money, but loading Ghana Cedis onto the Mobile Money account is a daunting task. World Remit can do it for a fee of $3.99. I'm sure that if all mobile providers offered Mobile Money, World Remit would be available for the others as well as MNT and Airtel. But, hey, if there are any other money changers who can put money on a mobile money account, please let me know; maybe their fees are less expensive.

thanks for your post: I hadn't checked about fees, since I don't use the service myself. I can have a look at Transferwise, whom I use a lot.

I use Expresspay and there is Slydepay to put money on mobile phones. They don't charge anything because I have a cedis debit card. However they do charge for mobile money to put it in and also when the person takes it out. Think it is 3+cedis for 100 cedis.
I can also top up my phone from my Ecobank account.

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