Best cell phone companies in Ghana?

Hi all. I'm familiar with vodafone, but what are the best mobile phone companies in Ghana as far as price and reliability?

I´d go with MTN but it also has to do with my South african heritage perhaps. As you will see, they are everywhere. A little too much to be honest.

Thank you Ebony08. I think I've heard of MTN before.

Vodafone is the best.  I am with them and service is very good compared to MTN.  MTN is extremely poor- lines are congested sometimes that you can´t even get through. Vodafone charges one rate to call other providers like mtn, tigo, etc.  This is not the same for other providers.


For me it is not all about service since I get that here in Europe. It is also about where the money (tax money) goes. I prefer paying a South African company rather than giving it to a successful British company.

The good network provider as on date for mobile services are MTN, ZAIN, TIGO, VODAPHONE. By and large the above mentioned companies are providing good services and the prices are also more or less same.I have all the lines but i prefer Tigo in terms of promotional offers time to time. For browsing internet MTN and ZAIN are the best with good speed and they use 3.5G.


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Hi Folks
I am going visit Ghana in the summer for a couple of weeks and I want to rent or purchase a cell while I am there. Can anyone offer a suggestion the best place to pick up a phone. I will be landing in Accra. Do they have phone shops at the airport.?

I have never heard of anyone renting a cell phone here. I suggest you get a cheap unlocked one in your own country and then you just get a local sim card when you are here. You will probably be able to sell your phone before you leave or donate it to some needy person

Thanks! Is it possible for me to buy a cheap cell in Ghana? Do you know how much that would cost?

You can probably get one for around GhC 50.  It will probably last you for the couple of weeks you are here

When i visited Ghana last year, i used Tigo. Network, cost, service was outstanding! I'll be sure to use them again. I've also heard MTN is good.

Tigo is the best.MTN very expensive,especially when you make a call .I like Tigo and Airtel.VODAPHONE better to browse.

Make sure u get a factory unlocked phone here before u go to Ghana. The phones there costs way too much.

I live in Texas and need to send an unlocked phone to my girlfriend in Ghana....I have seen some mention that it needs to be "factory" unlocked.  How would I go about buying one?  All the cell phone carriers here sell their phones to only work on their system.

Perhaps you could go into a phone shop in America and ask. You could also check on Amazon to see if their phones are unlocked

I am very grateful for this blog. I have a friend in Accra, and I live in the US. We text mostly and fb message mostly. I am wanting to get here a service and replace her old phone with Iphone5, I have no ides how much the monthly services are and what would be the best and least expensive way to do this. I have no idea on how much the monthly service plans are and if phone comes with the plans... any help would be appreciated..

Thank You,

The phone does not come with the plan here. There is a shop in the mall which sells iphones but they are generally more expensive than in the US eg an iphone 3 is 600cedis.
Then she will need to get a prepaid service provider for the calls and also get a plan for the internet use. I am with airtel my calls are around 30 cedis a month and then I have an internet bundle for 5 cedis which I only use when I am out of the house.
I suggest you look at vodaphone ghana, MTN ghana or aiirtel ghana on the internet to look at their services and costs.

thank you so very much, :)


I was wondering about cell phone usage in Accra prior and would like to have a phone prior to arriving in the country but I am worried that I will buy a phone and then it won't work in Accra because of the scarcity of towers.
I had not heard of MTN but looked up their information:

I will look into the other company mentioned, Tigo. I have never heard of that one either. 



I was wondering about cell phone usage in Accra prior and would like to have a phone prior to arriving in the country but I am worried that I will buy a phone and then it won't work in Accra because of the scarcity of towers.
I had not heard of MTN but looked up their information but did not see rates.  I was told that people buy an item called SIM chips.  (I think that is the same as top-up cards in the U.S.A.)

I will look into the other company mentioned, Tigo. I have never heard of that one either.  It looks like 5.5GB is only GHC 30 but I was told that in Accra, the internet accessibility is not reliable in all areas. You can have the cheapest plan but if you can't get on the internet 24/7 when you want then that's a major factor.


Cell phone coverage is excellent in Accra and most of the country. The SIM is a small card with a chip that is inserted in your phone and connects you to the network. The internet is available 24/7 but here you pay for every megabite you use so while a bundle is adequate for surfing the internet and emails etc if you do a lot of streaming and downloading it can prove quite expensive

Best cell phone service providers in Ghana Accra

I seen a message said tigo was a good cell phone company but I know for a fact that's a lie because my girlfriend lives in Ghana at the moment and she gets terrible service from tigo don't choose tigo because you wont have service for hours I know from experience thank you and bye

the same thing i m facing as u
"SHE" is from accra ghana.
she needs a new iphone 6
i wana know what happened next in your case
did that stopped just over iphone
or u still paying her

Maybe not a she! Suggest you look at BBC website as this week they had an article about the boys who operate theses scams in Ghana

she is using a Samsung galaxy 5 phone and its not the phone its service she will soon leave Ghana soon and I will get her a good provider here in us yes she is from Ghana Accra this sumsung phone is only 6 months old

How much would it cost to buy my girlfrend a phone she says 100dollers but im haveing trouble belieleving that it doesnt even cost that much her in the usa.

I dont get exactly wat u said but i just want to know wat the phone would cost ann activation please

What sort of phone does she want to buy? I got a Samsung 5 mini last year Oct and it cost me 1500 cedis. At last year's rate that would have been about 350 dollars.

How much mam

Are u kidding me that much thats alot theres no cheaper phones there

Wats the most cheapest but efiecient pfone in ghanna

you know very well that getting a nice phone even in america is expensive,if you  dont believe her then buy one for from usa

U cant just give me a strieght answer roughly plese

You can get a basic phone from 50 cedis +

And how would i ship that this would cost a fourtune

Sorry, I don't understand

MTN has by far the widest coverage area in Ghana.

ok but how is service when it comes to rely on service and how much are minutes when it comes to MTN

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