Any Foreigners in Warsaw? :-)

Hi, I am an Italian guy living and working in Warsaw and would also like to get some connections here in Poland, for a chat, for a beer, a vodka, a coffee, some walking, restaurant, travelling, whatever :P
Open to proposals thou!
I do speak english spanish and italian, no polish unfortunately.

Hi Francesco,

Check out our meetup group, and incidentally we are getting together this coming Saturday evening, if you would like to come along. Otherwise let me know if you would like to catch up, we spend a lot of time in the city, or Mokotow area.
My ph number is xxx
Ciao, Ildiko

Hi Edyta,

Would love to meet you, we are in Warsaw since last July, and always looking to meet new people. Please check out our meetup, 2gether warsaw if you search it, unfortunately the link I've put into the reply to Francesco does not appear how it should be. So I hope you'll find the group on the net by searching 2gether Warsaw.
Otherwise happy to meet for a coffee any time.

Hi I'll be in warsaw next week would be nice to meet someone local as you

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I will be soon in Warsaw, is there anyone who could help me with a visit? :)
księgowy Krakˇw


What help would you need?  What sights to see, etc?


hey there, I will start working in Warsaw in two weeks. I do not know anyone!!! :-)

Certainly will be happy to meet up, in case you are up for it!

Greets, Vedrana


I am an indian living in warsaw, willing to make friendship

hi,I`m fresh in warsaw,im working here.
I`d like meet with you

I have a very long lived abroad. For two years I have lived in Kalisz. Initially it was very hard but I met a boy, and now is wonderful. I helped me a lot with my accountant Kalisz. Regards

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Yes i am :)

Hi. My name is shahzad and im from pakistan. Making some english speaking freinds is at the top of my to do list:p only a few days in warsaw and already bored like anything..

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