I bought, but not moved over...yet!

Hi Everyone -
I decided to view in the Winter, when conditions and viewing houses are not ideal.
That way, I'd be pleasantly surprised come Spring and Summer.
I began my online search a year ago, and fell in love with one particular house near VT.
After viewing dozens, I discovered to my delight that the house was still available.
I had already bought it in my head, now, I bought it for real!
I must say the estate agent Yantra Homes couldn't have been more professional - thanks so much.
I stayed in VT overlooking the magnificent castle, went for a walk, saw the estate agent, drooled over my house in the window, heard voices behind me, one Scots, like me, and we got talking.
Turns out, he's a builder!
Fast forward to now, and my internal walls have been knocked down, ceilings raised and garden tidied, all ready for my next trip to decide where plumbing and electrics go.
How great is this!!!

As a fellow Scot I'm pleased you found what your looking for. I live in the village of Dragijevo just out of VT..I'm happy to try and answer any questions you have and keep in touch.  Where are you moving to? and who is the Scots builder in case I need one?



Pleased to hear you have found a property in VT. I also bought a house in Bulgaria and still live and work in the UK.
I haven't seen Veliko Turnovo yet but it sounds really nice there.
I am a qualified electrician if you require a quote for rewiring or indeed the work being done.


Hi Ron -
Good to hear from you.
I hope you're enjoying life there.
Paul is the builder, and we've become good friends.
He does loads for ex-pats, is very reasonably priced, nice and reliable - all in all, result!
Happy to pass on his detail to you.


Hi Robert
Yes enjoying life here very much and not missing the Scottish weather at all.
Please pass on Paul's details to me will always be handy to have. I'm currently looking at killing off about 300 sq m of grass and covering with gravel and stone edging......always something need doing here lol


Hi Ron -
Who'd miss this weather?!
That's why Scots are to be found all over the world!
Paul happy to help - number I have is BG, not sure what you'll call from there - +359 89 6346863.
Good luck.


Thanks for the contact Robert. Keep in touch my e mail is ronhill98[at]

Hello Georgie, Nice to read your post. We are Scottish, living West of VT on the Sofia road, near Sevlievo. You seem to have got things sorted so far. If you want to ask anything, or just get in touch, let us know. Bulgaria is a great place to live, just watch yourself, don't trust people on face value. We've lived here since 2008, we know how the system works, as do many others on this site. Good luck in your new adventure.  John and Wilma Alba Gu Braith :)

Please avoid posting your personal info on the forum, send them through private messages.
Thank you

Hello everyone.

I'm not Scottish but I am from the north of England and I went to college in Glasgow so I'm sure I could hack it in the Veliko Tarnovo area.

I went into Yantra Homes office in VT in April and the lady I spoke to was extremely helpful, just as Georgie said.

After having had a bit of a wander round other parts of Bulgaria I am fairly convinced now that VT is the area that I would like to live in.

However, I'm not sure I can be bothered with all the rebuilding and/or refurbishing malarkey and would prefer to buy somewhere that is ready to move in to.

So could you tell me if it is a lot of hassle getting things done there? I've heard that I'd have to buy the materials myself and then find tradesmen to do the job but I have absolutely no experience of that.

Hi Terry, just read your post, regards refurb on older properties it depends on the seller often local agencies offer you a team that will be able to clean up, refurb, offer builders, and all other trades.
I had this for my own house and although I am quite certain I probably paid a little more than needed I still didn't pay the earth after all the exchange rate is good enough to still think you've a bargain!
I did try going into a smaller local hardware store this may to buy paint, gloves, brushes etc... which was quite funny as 4 lads working there had no idea what I wanted, but thanks to google translator on the shops computer I could type  what I needed and they went and got it, although I did get the biggest tub of white emulsion I had ever saw! But take your time you seem to know whats what, you'll find what you need, the local town mayor may be helpful too, as he may know of properties ready for sale and local traders who can help you in his area. I've noticed that local people respect the mayor and he likes your ££££'s coming in so it all go's hand in hand.
Best of luck Steve.

That all makes a great deal of sense Steve, but it's getting started that my little head is struggling with. How do you find out who and where the town mayor is? Will he speak only Bulgarian? How can I find someone who will go along and ask questions on my behalf? I fully intend to learn the language but with all the will in the world I won't be fluent before I kick off the property buying process.

Perhaps I'll learn the words for 'medium tin' first though which might help matters a little bit.


Hi Terry. Bulgarian people are very friendly, sometimes too friendly, and many speak English and will readily help you with translation. You state that you plan to learn Bulgarian but do not assume that will be an easy task. I have been in Bulgaria for 5 years and I have learned a few words that I consider important like, 'Edna goliama nalivna biera, molya.' Which roughly translated means ' One large draught beer, please.' I wrote this using the english alphabet of course. You will have no trouble finding the mayor and the translator you find will readily interpret. I strongly recommend that you learn the cryllic alphabet and get yourself a good Bulgaria/English English/Bulgarian dictionary. You are going to have one hell of an experience here and you will enjoy it.

Thanks for your advice Fingers. I have no expectation of becoming fluent in Bulgarian but I feel that I need to learn enough to be courteous and polite. British people criticise foreigners who come here without learning to speak English. I am not one of them but I would hate to think that some Bulgarian people might think that way of me. I want to be part of Bulgaria and I want to have Bulgarian friends.

Looking for a good builder in the VT area for renovation work, who is reasonably priced.

Where in the VT area please?

Yantra area, near Gorna Oryahovitsa.

Okay,  :) enjoy your move

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