Spanish/Italian/Dutch tutor in KL/PJ Area?


Good day!

I'm Ann from Manila. I'll be travelling to Europe this coming September and looking forward to learn Spanish/ Italian/ Dutch. I'm based here in Petaling Jaya and working in Kuala Lumpur.

I can only attend class every Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Thanks and have a great day!

Hi Ann,

Welcome to Malaysia. I could teach you french, English and Mandarin, would that do? But why do you want to learn Italian or dutch? Aren't those sort of useless in the modern world?

Hello Ann and welcome to :)

Why don't you post an advert in the section language classes in Kuala Lumpur?

Please specify which language you want to learn and on which days you are available.

Thank you,

Hasnaa Team

@MikeWallas77 , I want to learn those languages. I'm into old kind of stuff :)


Thank you, I will do.
Have a great day!

No problem, I think you can find expats to meet and teach those languages quite easily. Good luck and hope you are having a great time in KL  :D

Hi, I am an Italian in PJ area.
I wanna learn bahasa Malaysia.
Can we have a tandem learning?

cold_flame i like to learn italian language local in malaysia
consider whether we can meetup or not coz in return i can teach u malay language :)

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how about german language?
If interested, pls PM me

Native Italian teacher with 2 years experience in Malaysia and over 200 students. Interested, please PM me for URL of website (course info). 


p.s. to moderator - kindly advise on why post is removed when everyone in this thread is also allowed to promote their service. Appreciate your kind assistance. Thanks.

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