New members of the Thailand forum, introduce yourself here

Hi all,

Newbie on the Thailand forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Thailand if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi Julien

My plan is to go on early retirement in about 5 year's time. I would then like to move to Thailand on a retirement visa. Thailand is really an amazing place with amazing people. We will be visiting our friends in Phuket again either in September 2014 or May 2015.


Thanks for give chance for me to share you.
i am thai woman, not an expat, i am join in the classified.
thanks again.


Hi Krisanee
My name is Desmond.
Glad to meet you. I am a South African male and wish to one day retire in Thailand. will be visiting Phuket again either in Setember 2014 or May 2015

Hi Krisane

I would like to be pal with you. Detail me more about you

Hi everyone. I have been living and working in China for the last six years. Have visited Thailand many times in the last few years and just retired to Chiangmai about six months ago and lovin' it. Keeping busy checking out the sites, blogging (, and building away in my virtual cities.

Hello Everyone,
How are you all doing? I am new to and sure will get to make friends in Thailand. I am moving my base from India to Thailand (Phuket) next month. Have taken a hotel business in Patong and hope to do well. Thailand has always fascinated me and my family and happy to move here.

If anybody could help me finding a long term leased house (3bedroom) in Kathu area as i intend to put in my kids in school nearby.


Good luck with the business Rahul

I just posted an introduction of myself, but dunno where it went:) So I'll try again here:

I am a Norwegian girl who just arrived in Bangkok, after working two years in London. At the moment I am enjoying BKK and searching for a job :)

I dont know many people here yet, but hopefully that will change sooner rather than later.

Otherwise I spend my time discovering my new hometown, as well as enjoying the rooftop swimming pool and visiting other countries in the region.

I am suprisingly scared of flying, and also scared of hights. But I love travelling:)

I speak Norwegian, English and French, and hope to learn some Thai :)

Thanks for your wishes Buddy, Do let me know when you plan to visit Phuket.

Welcome to Thailand Elisabeth. I am sure you must be loving this country and its people. Do let me know if you plan to be in Phuket post March.

I will keep in touch. Maybe I can make a booking at your hotel!!

Thanks, Rahul :)

I will let you know, I love to travel, and have not been to Phuket yet, so there is a possibility that I will come:))

I will be moving to Phuket in less than a week. Step one on my journey to discover. I don't really know anyone my age... or anyone actually. So, im looking to hopefully make a few friends.

hi Desmond, Nice to meet you too!
i just start my business about retirement program in Thailand, if you interest contact me by e-mail: mrskrisanee2007[at]
thanks you and best regards,

Hi! ElisabethG
Welcome to Thailand! Glad to meet you. Now you live in BKK and searching for job in BKK, right? I hope you make a new friends soon (especcially thai friends).
But if it not be good, i offer you a choice. May be i can help you if you leave BKK to stay near me. I live in Mahasarakham Province (near Khon Kaen Prov.; NE Thailand). I can help you find a job here (Pls tell me all your abilities). I can find a cheap accommodation. If you want to learn Thai- E-saan lifestyle. You can stay as long as you want and can move back BKK anytime. I can find friend for you. Mahasarakham is a small city that just more grow up when it have a Mahasarakham University for moe than 10 years ago. We can find a foreigner everyday in supermart (they come with Thai wilfe).
I'm Thai woman, 40 years, married with 2 childs.Now i try to make a business with foreigner retirees, but not about you. I think you not so old. I will take care same my sister. The job for you may be a school english teacher, the salary up to your qualified, and you will have a part-time from me too.
Dont be serious, this only the choice, if you dont want to move from BKK, we can be friend by e-mail or etc. All about i say isnt a business, just want to help you. Pls feel free to contact me if you need help or need friend.

Sincerely yours,

Sawasdee jamielee9,
Welcome to Thailand, nice to meet you,hope you enjoy and take care yourself  :cheers:

Sawasdee Rahul,
Glad to meet you. Why you move from India next month if you now not have accommodation already? I live far from Phuket, but I have a friend live in Phuket. If you really want my help, may be i can but i am not go to Phuket for long time ago.
Where is Kathu? Do you mean Kata-Karon beach?
Now you already have a hotel business? why you dont stay in the hotel?

Hi Jamielee

A Benoni girl with no Afrikaans in her profile? (hahahaha)
I am sure you are going to love Phuket. It is an absolutely fantabulous place. Hopefully you will be lucky enough to find love as well!! Enjoy the adventure and lots of good luck. I envy you!!

I have send you an e-mail

Wadee krub! :-)

Here's my brief introduction. Moved to Thailand 3 years ago. Been in Digital Marketing Consulting / Agencies back home in Europe. Needed a break. Planned to come to Thailand for a semester as volunteer teacher in Isaan. Fell in love with teaching. Stayed 2 more semester in Isaan. Then moved to Bangkok to work as prof at Uni while doing digital marketing and e-learning related stuff again.

I think I've seen quite a lot of Thailand already but never tired of finding new cool spots (right now focusing a lot on other Southeast Asian countries as well though). Love doing sports and, obviously, traveling. Can't wait for my next 'holidays' to come :-)

Nice meeting all of you guys here!

Hi All and thank you for accepting me here
My name Joel Camus French born, living in Australia for 20 years, currently living in Singapore for the last 3 years.
My professional background always been in the food industry and specialized in bakery/pastry manufacturing for large semi or fully automated plan.
Working in China for few years in Shanghai and Nanjing - then to Afghanistan servicing all Armies and Allied on this territory - now doing consultancy work contract in Singapore.
I would like to get an opportunity to work in my field as a fulltime in Thailand or this region.
if someone has a connection in this area of work please contact me at anytime.
Best regards

My name is Vincent , i came from West Africa and i had only spent a week and couple of days in Thailand . I will like to be updated in this expat forum on how to cope up with this new community .

I am new here in Bangkok , we can start by knowing each other and building our friend network .

my e-mail is vchidi41(at)

Hi there. I'm Benz, 24years old born Thai. I'm not an Expat , indeed, I'm a graduate student in cultural studies. So I want to make friend with foreigners living in Thailand, particulary in BKK., in order to exchange some idea about different culture. I'm pleased to teach some thai for  people who is interested.I speak Thai, English and German.


I am a 29 year old female, living in thailand from last 1.8 years now. I am based in north thailand. I work as an esl teacher.

I am here to make new friends who are based in chiang mai as i will be moving there soon.

I am excited on this movement and looking forward to meet some more amazing people on my travel. I am a foodie, love reading books, swimming and i am a  movie buff. I would be pleased to meet someone with similar attributes in the city and listen to his experiences.

Currently on a job hunt in the city. Thanks for accepting me here.

Sure, you are welcome.  Do let me know when you are coming.

Hello, I will also be moving to Phuket mid March. Let's catch up then, I will be staying lkng term in Phuket as have taken over a hotel business in Patong

hello jamie,im from africa,uganda,im 20 years,im coming to thailand soon for study.maybe we can really be is my email,fatumanamirembe[at]

sawasdee ka, mythai,
i am glad to know you like Thaiand and very appreciated that you teaching Isaan student. i am Isaan too. i hope you have a nice trip in Thailand and around this region. have a nice time, good luck!

best regards,


Hi there! I've been staying in bangkok for more than 3 years now. Hope to know other people here :)

hey all
im jay. i was born here in bkk. i got my undergrad degree from Missouri, usa.
if anyone needs help, let me know ill be happy to help

Good evening everyone,

I am Mostafa 30 years old from Egypt and I am living here in Bangkok almost one year ago, I am working in investment industry, specifically FOREX or Foreign Exchange, actually I have been in different Asian countries before such as Philippines, China, Malaysia, India but the most country which I felt comfortable to was Thailand, its the country of the smile as they name it and people here are very friendly, polite, helpful and always ready to serve you without they wait anything in return, they always keep smiling, they greet you where ever you go or any place you enter, the main problem here is the language, very difficult to find someone can understand you to communicate with, even when you try to give Thai language a chance you find it very complicated, its not even Latin letters but its all are considered some symbols beside each other, anyway do not give up, you will be still able to find whom can speak English but it requires time, effort and you must be kind of lucky, another thing is the food since I came from eastern community so we are not eating pork and to be honest with you I can not even take its smell, anyway Bangkok is a nice place and I wish I can go to Phuket and Krabi because I have heard its a very nice places, I am happy to be here with you and wish we can exchange our experience, thank you

Hello Miss. Norwegian :) I wished to know your name to be able to call you with it but you may forgot to mentioned to it during you were introducing yourself :) welcome to Bangkok, I am Egyptian and I live here almost one year ago in Bangkok as well, I do not know many people as well but this because unfortunately its kind of difficult to find someone can speak English here, anyway nice to meet you here and if you need any help or would like to inquire about anything just let me know and I will be happy to help you, I am experienced here so I wish to be useful to you :)


You can also contact me directly via my email egy4x[at]

Hi, could I add your yahoo please regarding some business?

Hi all,

My name is Hannah. I've just landed a job in bkk and supposed to move there by the end of march.
Looking forward to make new friends.

Thank you

Hi Hannah,

Very warm welcome from BKK.

Hi people,
I am Antonio Teixeira from Brazil and I'm looking for expat to make friends, change experiences and support each other.
I just arrived in Pattaya and I'll be here for almost two years. Let me know if anyone would like to make a new friend.

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