New members of the Turkey forum, introduce yourself here

Hi all,

Newbie on the Turkey forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Turkey if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hey all,

My real name is Omar (: originally from Jordan moved from Essex-UK
expat in Istanbul since 14 months , working for electrical company  :huh:

Lives on the Asian side, IDK what else I should say  :/
feel free to ask...


Hi there!


Ahmed Shahzad here from Pakistan.Currently studying MBA in Bahcesehir University. Lives in Kadikoy and still exploring Istanbul. :)

I am from Brazil, currently living in Antwerp, Belgium, where I work as as teacher at Antwerp International School. I have lived and worked in Istanbul, Turkey for 3 years and am a passionate by this country! I have a blog with tips for expats and travelers, the URL is [link moderated] and I am looking forward to making new connections!

If you allow me, I would like to request that Turkey is removed from being in the "Middle East" in this forum, to being in Asia, which is the official geographical location of Turkey! Thanks!!

I am Janey.  Originally from Sydney, Australia I moved with my family to a small village outside of Mersin, Turkey.  Its been a pretty crazy ride but we are settled in now.  Ive been blogging - check out my blog if you like -

Hi all,

My name is Laura and I am from Romania. I moved to Ankara two years ago as I got married to a Turkish man. So far so good except for the fact that I cannot seem to find work here, maybe I am not searching well enough :)

I am looking forward to meet other expats living in Ankara!


Hello or should I say merhaba
My name is Darran Hazelton im 36 years old from london, ive been going out withmy  girlfriend for 3 years now who is from istanbul, Kadikoy to be exact and she recently moved back to Istanbul and im planning on moving there this summer to start a new life together, Im employed and trained as a chef and will start looking for chef jobs in the big 5 star hotels and the fine dining restaurants, im currently trying to learn turkish but its going slowly slowly but im sure I will get by. Im just wandering if there is anybody on this website that might be able to help me in my settling into istanbul with any helpful information and maybe you know of any contacts for work and even we could become friends
Thank you very much
Darran Hazelton

I am originally from Turkey. I have lived in US for 3 years and now working in Iraq on rotation based so I spend more time in my country. I would like to meet foreigners living in Istanbul and/or Ankara.

WAZZAUPP BASHAR! Best intro yet mate lol

Thanks mate!
Now i do have a question 4 u guys!! why don't we meet up as "expats" some where near Taksim for a cup of tea or something since it's the weekend

Heeey ,,
good idea,,
i totally agree but next week will be better as most made plans i assume

Hi my name is Navid,I recently arrived in Ankara,I don't know anyone here,and also don't know Turkish. It's sad :(

Hi!! My name is Ricardo, I'm from Brazil and i love to travel. I've been in Usa, Croatia, Turkey, Portugal, Belgium, France etc. .. I am now going to Istanbul, I will work with exportation of Amazon products. I hope enjoy this site and make new friends. Or maybe contacts for possible trades. Tks. Best wishes!!

I have lived in Toronto for 7 years. It was a big decision to move back to Ankara. Everything seems little strange but I am sure I will get over it soon. I am looking for new friends to hangout in Ankara same time to share experience in this beautiful growing city.

Hello there! My name is Anđela, I am coming from beautiful country Croatia. I am civil/structural engineer, 25 years old, and would like to find job and move to Istanbul.

assalam o alaikum i am ather i m also from pakistan and living in istanbul europe side

I am pamela robinson   cau woman. I am a newly retired rn from the state of tn. I am also retired usaf i have active duty as af reserve and guard in and al to top off my last unit 203rd ada us army at athens al ada.
Ada. I very much miss turkey and its people culture and the wonderful food.i was at once married to a turkish man and still love his dream is to some day to live in tutkey

hi how are you i am from iran and i am living in istanbul a iam looking for a job and also friend to talk to  .
thanks a lot

i am masroor baig from pakistan and intend visiting turkey in just wanted to have some info and make some new friends in atleast i should be knowing some one there before i visit

Hey all,

Moving from Dubai but originally from Kenya trying to settle in the Asian side, Bostancia. Anyone else living here?
I kinda like the cool life around this area.... :top:

Hi  I'm  not  an  expat.  I'm  a  pediatrician living  in  Istanbul.  I'm  turkish,  but  I  can  speak  English, French, Italian  and a  bit  German  and Spanish.   
I  wrote  on this  blog  in  order  to  help  expat  parents  linving  in  İsatnbul,  in  a  case  of  necessitiy.
You  can  find  all  about  me  on  my  CV

Hello everyone I'm 23 years old girl from saudi Arabia and I'm a medical student
I've visited turkey so much since I was a kid and I'm thinking about studying my master degree there and I really wanna live there for the rest of my life  :) .. 

i'm hoping to get new friends from all over the world :)

hey guys hope you are doing well
I am amar from Pakistan. I want to do my master in turkey. i need to know about job condition there as well for students?
thanks :)

which city do you live in

Hi everyone,

My name is Mahsa, currently living and working in London but looking to move to Antakya. Who has been there before?


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Hi, I am thinking of moving to Antalya in the near future & thought I would say Hi and ask a few questions that I hope someone can help with.regarding property

Hi all, am from Nigeria but currently working in Ghana as a welding specialist  in a construction/building company...
But I'm looking forward to settling down in Turkey, as I have a turkish girl I plan getting married to, but my fears is how possible can I get a welding Job anywhere in turkey, either in a construction, oil and gas,or any engineering company..
Please someone please help me..

Hi im parisa from iran ive been living in turkey for 3 years now I moved to Eskisehir last year anybody living in Eskisehir?

Thank you for your information

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I am a young Ghanaian ..who is will to come to Turkey for work...I know very well that God almighty will see me Tru..just wait I will let u know the moment I touch my friend in deed...

Hi everyone....

I don't actually know what to say, but anyway you can see my BIO in my profile
and I'd be happy to have a lot of friends I've been struggling here in Turkey because of the languages, but I've found this website which apperantly a lot of guys here speaks English that's awesome.

Hi by skisehir where do you mean ,in european side of istanbul ? I live in european side ,near bahceshehir

Marcos25 :

Thanks mate!
Now i do have a question 4 u guys!! why don't we meet up as "expats" some where near Taksim for a cup of tea or something since it's the weekend

That would be awesome.

Hi man please I will need your help, I want to relocate to turkey by the end of this year, I want to know if its a good place for Engineering job cause am a welder , pleease brief me on how the construction, oil and gas and other engineering job sectors are and where exactly in turkey will b good for me to stay and work... Thanks

Antakya is one of ancient city of the Turkey. It is a small city, you can not find much social life there. Its cuisine is famous ... wanna learn more u can add me via Skype onur.dabakoglu54

Hi all,,
I'm Ahmad from Syria, and currently living in Turkey, in Istanbul after, before that i was staying in Dubai.
I'm working in tourism as traveling is my life passion,
I also like photography, reading and listening to any music that comes from the heart so mainly i'm just fond of enjoying life as it should.
I worked in different fields like education, administration and even sales.
And finally thanks to all admins and members of this beautiful website, its been very helpful and fun to join it :)

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