Banking Warning

The fact remains that the banks, private businesses and individuals are forced to operate on the basis of minimal or no trust. As foreigners we see this a little more clearly. If there is not absolute trust in a business environment (including in your personal banking) there can be no development in business. A contract is a statement of trust.
In an environment where even a simple transfer of moneys is a risky business (as it has been for several friends of mine) there is no prospect for creative economic development. The reason starts with a capital "C", and it is everywhere here.

The OP's post is rather ancient. Heck I have not seen him on here in ages. Have no clue if the problem he mentioned still happens.

Didn't have identical problem, only a similar problem at same bank (Vietcom), with opening a bank account.

Bank clerk insisted that I sign name including middle name, although, we never use the middle name. On the form there was a question "name as you want it to appear on the card". I put firstname and surname. When she input full name into system, she mis-spelled it. It meant another visit to the bank to correct it, before they issue the card.

Card was issued with Firstname Middlename and only PART of surname. (too many characters to fit to card). So had to visit branch again, to ask them to issue card with Firstname and Surname, as requested in the form.

They then issued me with a different card (a visa card), which attracted a small month fee. I had to challenge this as it was issued without my consent. now I've been issued with the original Connect24 ATM card, with FirstName and Surname only. A lot of faffing around if you ask me.

The upside is your teaching: how to think.

              ..they will, eventually...             :blink:

Smart to stay until it was transferred back into your account. Check out charles schwab no fee debit card if your from the US. Mine even reimburses me for the Vietnamese ATM fees. Helps a lot when you can only pay rent in cash and you have to withdraw multiple times bc they only let you take out like $100 at a time at most leading to multiple ATM fees for most people.

Vietnam bank never helps to an individual business or start up business. I remember one time I went to many international banks, Such an as HSBC, ANZ and Standercharet to open a bank account for my company, But they all said I need to have at least three years old business licence to open company account. If we choose local banks, but we have to expect such a mistake as miss communication.

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