clubs for gay- lesbian in sai gon

Bar and club

Many clubs popular with gays are located in District 1, just a short hop, skip or taxi jump from one another, in the heart of the tourist area.
The downtown section of District 1 is easy to navigate using  map:

Dong Phuong Bar 22 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan St, Dist 1. Filled with well-behaved gay couples and friends hoping to find a steady partner. It's dark, unpretentious, and very popular. Live shows (Vietnam's most famous transgender singer sometimes performs traditional folk songs here) as well as karaoke. Very friendly, though almost entirely sticky rice crowd.Eden Bar (mixed) 236 De Tham St, Dist 1 (Pham Ngu Lao area), 836-8154, email. A safe and G&L-friendly bar with pool room and restaurant located in Saigon's backpacker area (similar to Bangkok's Khasan Rd). Downstairs bar is a mix of beer drinkers, families, and friendly staff. 2/F is a stylish restaurant with a bit more privacy for gay and lesbian friends to chat and dine. The international menu features Vietnamese specialties along with pizza and pasta, burgers, sandwiches and much more. There's a wide range of drinks including beer, wine and cocktails. The owner is young, professional, and protects the premises from prostitutes and moneyboys. His manager is educated and speaks excellent English. Although not a gay bar, it's a great place to inquire about the do's and don'ts of the local scene. They ask you to please let them know you are from Utopia so that they may welcome you personally.  Utopia Member Discount

Apocalypse Now (mixed)
Thi Sach St. 2B-2C (see map), Dist 1, 825-6124, FAX 910-0476. The majority of the audience are straight, rich young Vietnamese. Some female prostitutes. About 10% of the crowd is gay (beware of hustlers) and they tend to stay in just one corner area indoors or sometimes the outdoor patio area. Two dance floors, plus an open-air garden café. Entrance fee is arbitrarily applied, but usually free for foreigners. Young crowd, under 25. Open daily from 8pm until late.
"GO2 at 187 De Tham St in Dist 1 seems to be pretty friendly. I'm talking about dancing area upstairs. I had no problems kissing girls there. Nothing fancy at this place, but if u wanna dance, it's pretty cool. Gets crowded around midnight-1am."

"Q-Bar (on the right side of the Opera House, front of Caravelle Hotel) is a hip place with very good music. Usually beautiful people go there when Lush closes because Q-bar closes later than most of the bars. Q-bar has a European touch because the owner is English and the DJ is French. The place is georgeous, like most trendybars in biggest fashion cities! Also, I went to Samsara with my Vietnamese girlfriend. The place seems to be nice, but actually it's a place for gay men. I kissed my girlfriend two times (and not a very naughty kiss, nothing impolite) and the manager came to say that girls can't kiss here! Just to let you gals know, you'll be welcome at the bar to drink and talk, nothing more..." 

America Discotheque
Windsor Hotel Tower, District 5.

Comments from Utopians:
"The disco is huge, the biggest one in HCMC. The DJs are very good and all the waitress are so amusingly hoooooot! There is a dance floor in the middle and small tables all around. The place is really dedicated to dancing! The price is a little bit exepensive, but you really have a lot of space to move your body compared to the other discos. So many people there on Sat. There are also some private rooms that you can close like the compartiment on a train. The place closse at midnight, sometimes at 1am on Sat (you have to see how happy everybody is to continue to dance one more hour!). The music is more trance here than at other places."

"Villa is the current gay disco. It opened in the old location of Samsara at 2/F 131 Dong Khoi St (see map), on a corner across from Gucci and the Sheraton Hotel, above Gloria Jeans)."


Paris Dong Phuong
22 Ba Huyen Thank Quan P6, Dist 3, 930-2796. Crowded with cute gays who come to sing.


Nang Xanh Café Bar (mixed)
Phan Xich Long St, Tan Binh Dist. Gay karaoke and café. Popular for singing and dancing from 9pm-midnight.The Time Café (Café Thoi Gian) (mixed)
28 Tan Xuan St, Tan Binh District (near the Thing Nhat Hospital). Popular with gays from 8pm-midnightPhu Tho Sports Club
211 Ly Thuong Kiet St, Dist 10. Next to the Phu Tho Indoor Stadium.
"The swimming pool at Water World in Dist 5. The ticket is D$40,000. There is a pool (25m long), a jacuzzi, a cold pool, foot massage, and (especially) a sauna room. Staff are good looking. Many gay visitors and very nice, too. Fewer queens than other places. Close at 9pm. Best time to visit is 6pm."

"You should go to Nguyen Tri Phuong swimming pool, Dist 10. Have fun in changing room. The best time is 4-6pm

343 Café (coffee and snacks)
343 Nguyen Trai, Dist 1, 920-0988, 920-0998. Outdoor area with a fountain, air-conditioned inside on two levels. TVs and video screens everywhere show music videos, movies, or sports. Menu in Vietnamese and English. Popular with gays, but the crowd is mostly young and straight. Open daily from 8am-11pm. Bunta (urban Vietnamese)
136 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia St (opp the Reunification Palace), Dist 1, 822-9913, 822-9914. Their slogan is "Everying is Bun." That may be true, certainly everything was delicious. Contemporary urban Vietnamese menu and lots of exotic fruit drinks in a large, clean, and air-con dining room with modern ambience.Café Terrace
1/F Saigon Center, Le Loi St at the intersection with Pasteur St (see map), Dist 1. This coffee shop is popular with gays, especially those out to spot foreigners getting off work in the neighborhood (or maybe they just feel right at home in the OTT decor scheme). Indoor and terrace seating. Coffee, drinks, snacks and desserts. We spotted a gay Vietnamese celebrity singer on our tea time visit.
Nam Giao (Vietnamese)
136/15 Le Than Ton, Dist 1, 825-0261. This popular, shady, fan-cooled restaurant is behind and a block away from Ben Thanh Market, tucked down a covered alleyway. The simple photo menu offers a limited selection of excellent local specialties. The "Special Clam with Rice" turned out to have incredible, alien mouth feel -- fresh and clean, not really seafoody, with the texture of organic packing material comprised of banana flower, peanuts, shreaded rice cake, mint leaves, pork cracklings and baby clams. They'll also place a towering plate of banana-leaf-packaged mystery items in various geometric shapes which you may sample if you wish. The rectagular ones are Vietnamese wedding cakes made from coconut and rice gelatin. Avoid the others -- raw meat sausages -- unless you have a strong stomach. On our visit, half the customers (and some of the staff) tripped our gaydar.
"Papa coffee shop is also a good gay meeting place in Saigon. It's located near Reunification Palace in District 1. Price is cheap $2-5/drink. There are only waiters (mostly young, gay and cute). The best time to go is weekends and Mon evening."

"New coffee shop opened. It's a franchise of Bobby Brewers. Gay friendly, great coffee and food, free Wi-Fi, big screen TVs, 20% discount on weekends, and great value set lunches. Quiet location at 70 Nguyen Cong Tru, Dist 1."


Phuong Cac Café (coffee shop)
Bis Nam Ky Khoi Nghia 213, Dist 3, mobile: 9-327-484. This garden café has beautiful flowers and very nice decor. Music videos play on the TV. Prices are very reasonable. There is no other place in HCMC where you will meet more friendly local men and women (a few hundred) than on Sun morning between 9am and 12 noon when they gather here for breakfast. Foreigners are welcome, but the staff speaks no English and the menu is in Vietnamese only. Other days of the week, and also after noon on Sun, the café has few guests. Free motorbike parking at the entrance -- only room for 600 bikes though!

"You should try Bread and Butter at 40/24 Bui Vien (off Pham Ngu Lao). It's a mix of friendly teachers, the chef is a lesbian, the food is good and the beer cheap."

ent to a cute coffeshop/ice cream and found out the owner was like minded and wanted more like minded guys to visit him and get involved. It's the B & G and that has many meanings but if you go there you will out what it really means. 315 Vo Van Tan in Dist 3 will get you there and upstairs is well appointed but could do with a few more lounges which would make it more comfortable."
Cafe Dom dom ( CLC BAU TROI XANH) at 53 VU TUNG, BINH THANH DIST.There' re show dance with gay modern every weekend.

Recently i went to some clubs and very gay and lesbian friendly
Some Vietnamese club such as 030 at Thon That Thiep street, at District 1 also the girls look like very enjoying dancing and touching each others.

More options about club and bar, you may browse up at


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And the police claim there are no gays and lesbians in VN!!

You forgot the Hung Vuong Plaza - busy place.

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The places I know are listed here:

Also, you can search the web for Gay Utopia and look up Saigon there.

Hope this helps

Is this information up to date?

Is any information that's 2 to 3 years old up to date????  :dumbom:

Much of it is. Of course it helps if you live in the city, you know what's happening.

One place that was omitted is in the basement of the government-owned Opera House, on DONG KHOI, on the side of the building nearest the Caravelle Hotel. GPS: 10.784892, 106.695634

Several others are 'weekend only' - often restaurants or café's - and are gay or lesbian or mixed.

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