New members of the Kosovo forum, introduce yourself here

Hi all,

Newbie on the Kosovo forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Kosovo if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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hi i am new here in pristina since last month me and my fiance and we really like the city im from south africa johannesburg... and we would like to have a contact with somebody who do have a space in his appartement to share so that we can discuss about the amount and payment


I am new to Pristina having just moved here this past week. I am wondering if there are any social clubs or gatherings up and running in the city to meet other expats? I have searched on the internet but cannot seem to find much in the way of organised activites. Any information others can offer would be highly appreciated. Many thanks.


Hi I'm Faida from Egypt, I'm considering to move to Pristina with my small family.
Any information and suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Kind regards.


Hi Faida,

It's nice to hear from you, I guess you made the right choice to move in Prishtina, it's a nice city and safe as well.

For any additional information regarding to your place or to have a friendship or anything else, you are welcome to contact me on fcb or skype halemaksutaj[at]

I wish you a nice trip from your country to your new place Prishtina.

All the Best,

Dear Hale,

Thank you for your kind response. Actually based on your kind response, my husband will make a preliminary visit to Pristina for few days, in shaa Allah soon. As far as I'm concerned Kosovo doesn't need entry visa. Please confirm.
What about living and work opportunities in Kosovo?
Thanks again for your advice, I'll appreciated.

looking forward to hear from you soon.


Hi , im from Norway , moving back to my home country Kosovo , gona stay some monh and see how i feel about that..
been in Kosovo some times befor its a good place to be , friendly ppl ,..

Darcy t. Its just to go to some coffee shope and speak with ppl. They are regularry lovly social ppl. Just tell them your new in kosovo and ask them for what ever your looking for , it not alot of kosovo albanian ppl that are so social online , but they are realy soscial in "face2face"

I will be moving to Prishtina very shortly to volunteer.  Would definitely like to talk with others about how to find apartments as well as daily life there.

First of all I will tell you about me. I am from Alabama USA and have been here since May 2012. Yes anniversary is in a couple of days which will be 3 yrs here. Places like Afitos Greece is like 5 hours away and such. I own my own place and don't intend to go back to USA. But that is me. Daily life is like this. Hang out drink a macchiato and sit on mother T BLVD and things like that. It is really laid back here. It is a nice place to live. During the winter it can get pretty bad with snow and ice. But this is my intro. If you planning to move here and want info just place your question here.

Hi I'm Chris. I'm 30 years of age and am English. For the.moment I'm still living in England but soon I'm hoping to move to Kosovo to be with my girlfriend who's from Istog. She doesn't speak English Albanian is basic although I'm trying to learn and finding it alright as I'm already fluent in Spanish which is my partner and my mutual language for the time being. I find I can read, write and understand Albanian pretty well, its just speaking I'd need help with mostly. I was just looking for any info from any Brits out there or other English speaking people with regards to what work i could do and also info on accommodation for rent etc. Any relevant info would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

Hi I am Basharat. I am 39 year old and I am Indian and still living in India.I am sure to move to Kosovo.The climate is same as my homeland-THE KASHMIR.I am sure I will enjoy the Kosovo.I want to work and live there if good Job opportunity will available for me.I am graduate in Medical (Zoology ,Botany and chemistry) I have a diploma.
        I have about 10years work experience with medicine.I  can speak good english and have a talent to learn other languages.
       I am just looking for a job with regards to any work and accommodate me in Kosovo.Any relevant touch be much appreciated.
Thanking you
with warm regards
Srinagar Kashmir India.

I'm Faida from Egypt, I'm considering moving to Kosovo with my husband and two kids.
I need a legal assistant from Kosovo to be in touch ad know more about settlement , getting residency and doing business

Thank you.


I think when I'll be in Kosovo, I'll feel as if I'm at home, I'm also very sociable  :) .

Fadia I am Ibrahim From Egypt I have the same target as you, however If I come to know anythin worthwile I will share with you, I will expect the same from your side also.
Good luck

Olive joy Macola, call me Liv, Joy or any as you like,, 37 year old single mother from Palawan, Philippines. A naturally fun-loving, easy-going, sweet, hardworking woman. My name defines my strongest point-joy. I am commended with my work attitude in the same way with my good personality. I love making friends, enjoy caring for my parents and my 5 year old daughter. Cuddling, playing and mingling with children makes me totally happy. I have cared for many children including newborn, even elderly. I worked as Operating Room Front Desk Clerk and Receptionist in a military hospital named King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wayback 2008 until 2011. I may be a bit older than other women but i can prove my sincerity, integrity, dedication and hardwork should any employer hire me. I can start as early as possible since i have my passport valid until February 2017. Very much enthusiastic to travel with the employer anywhere. Pets are not problem to me because i love animals. My oral and written communication skills are good enough to start a nice skype to skype conversation on camera. I am prepared to answer all questions. I am very much interested to work, move and live in Kosovo. Please i really need a job to sustain my daughter's needs as she is in preparatory level now. Many thanks.

Hi, I am an American, having recently moved to Pristina.

Welcome to Kosovo Dear

Hello. Jocelyn here.

Hi! My name is Sebastian and I just registered here because I will be visiting Kosovo in two weeks. If I'd had to introduce myself I would start with telling that one of my biggest passions in life is travelling and getting to know new cultures. I have been travelling indepently since I was a teenager and I still enjoy it very much. I mostly travel individually and on my own, staying in Hostels or small Guesthouses rather than in big Hotels or Resorts. So far I have visited around 60 different nations and I try to see at least one new country every year. I tend to live rather economical when travelling and seldom stay in luxurious Hotels or take expensive Tours. I am very liberal and tolerant in general and I always try to be respectful and polite with anyone, no matter what.


I am Zena from Pristina. I dont have a place to share but i ***

Looking forward to hear from you.

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Hello kapabayan
Kumsta ka ...

Hello Burim2009,

Welcome to

Since this an english speaking forum, could you please post in English only in order to ensure everyone reads and understands  your comments.

Thank you


Hi Liv,

Are you still in Pristina? Or back in Manila?


Hi, all, This Jim from China, I work in Ferizaj, hope to make more friends here

hello everyone,

I'm Greg and moving to the Kosovo in 8 days. Really looking forward to it actually :) Let's hope I will meet some nice and interesting people.



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