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Hi all
m from Nepal want to move in Cayman, i am searching for a job in Cayman  but its seems not possible without yours help.
if u want any reference my best friend is working there i can provide her number.
please do kindly help me


Paruu. Your best bet is to get your friend to find a job for you. No stranger is in a position to do so. Your friend will know all about our local Work Permit system. Good luck.

hi Gordon
she is trying but not able to get job because she is new there
any ways thanks for advice

SuzanneW :

I am from Germany,would like to  move and work in the Caymans. Lived in South Africa for many years, am now looking to gain more international exposure in Logistics. Any advice or contacts would be appreciated.

Suzanne. Google New Resident Cayman and look up Recruitment Agencies. Please tell me what Logistics means, exactly. I probably know what the work is, but the term is new to me. Thanks.

Suzanne. OK, thanks. The local importers and distributors who hire people like that always go through recruitment agencies, and almost never deal directly with applicants, in the first instance.

Hi my name is Sarah.
I'm from germany and just arrived in Cayman a week ago.

I'm a Hairdresser since almost 10 years and used to work in different countries before.
My last adventure was to spend a year in the Maldives to work there in a nice holiday resort.

would love to meet new people here.
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Sarah :D

Hi from Beautiful BC Canada. Hubby Allen and I are looking at moving South in 2 years. He is in sales and can turn around any failing business. He has the encouragement in spades. I am retired hairdresser, now receptionist at busy transit office. A real people person who likes to encourage greatness in others. We both have that gift. He likes to dive while I snorkel. Both have excellent health for our ages. Him 55, me 59. Kids are grown and out of the country, one in Haiti, one in Africa and one is commercial diver so is everywhere. No pets, no smoking, social drinkers. Need work fior expences. Lou

Hi all, I am moving to the Cayman Island with my Husband in the next few weeks...just getting all of the paperwork in order.  Looks like my dogs, two little Shih Tzus, will take the most work and the longest amount of time to get into the country!
I am sitting in -27 degree celsius weather today with a wind chill of -37 degrees celsius!  That's - 35 degrees happy to be heading to the Caribbean!
Our kids are grown so it will just be the two of us.  So excited to be coming. My Husband will be working for the Gov. and we hope to be able to stay for a nice long time!

Hi all

My wife and I first visited Grand Cayman for a whole 5 hours on a shore excursion from our cruise in Fall 2012, and just absolutely adored the place. We returned a year later, staying for a whole week, and started looking for a condo to purchase. We closed on our condo in Fall 2014, staying for two weeks, returning in Spring 2015 for another two weeks. We plan on returning twice a year until we retire, which may be only 6 years away. At that point we plan to retire to our condo almost full time, so we're keeping an eye on the residency requirements.

Just moved here from BC Canada.  We are looking to make new friends and enjoy our new home.

Samantha Bonner here,
I need to find a certified practical nursing job in the Cayman islands. But it seems impossible. I've typed up my application form and resume but I am afraid if I post it I wouldn't be able to get there for the job because I have no passport.

SamanthaBonner :

I need to find a certified practical nursing job in the Cayman islands. But it seems impossible. I've typed up my application form and resume but I am afraid if I post it I wouldn't be able to get there for the job because I have no passport.

Samantha. There is absolutely no chance you will get a job anywhere outside Jamaica without a passport. Sorry to be the one to have to tell you that!

I understand but I will have to do something quick in order to get my passport. I am already on the verge of saving, I just need a lil bit more. Thanks anyways for informing me.

Hi , Martin here.
Looking to re-locate to the Caymens
Writer/Filmmakers /College Profs
loving the outdoors, world travelled.
We currently Live in S Fl which is getting
overwhelmingly crowded. Looking to
escape that... So many questions to ask .
First mainly about healthcare as we are
retirees now on American Medicare.
Secondly to explore we'd like to spend some time going back and forth to the states.. looking for longer term sublet digs and if anyone knows of a commuter flight or boat going over ...great.

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bf137. The first thing you need to do is to check your Medicare coverage outside the USA.
For general information about Cayman, check out "Cayman New Resident", and for social background etc read relevant items on my personal blog: . In the beginning, my posts targeted a local audience: later ones, not so much.

Also, some of my "columns" on the Expat Focus website will be useful.

I see this post is from 2015 but I'm hoping you can tell me how things are working out? I'm new to the forum. I'm Canadian and my husband and I would like to relocate to the Cayman Islands.
Any thoughts you can share on the past year for you would be great! Advice and tips are appreciated.
PS. .. we will also be movin with pets. Yikes... 3 cats!

First, what kind of jobs do you have lined up - and in what line of business?

As for pets, "Cayman New Resident" has all the answers. For other information, it's best to ask specific questions. They're easier to answer!

Hi Gordon. Thanks for the response. I've been doing a lot of research which includes starting to read  your blogs.

My husband works in IT so he'll be looking for a job that fits his skillset in that area. We don't have a job lined up yet but just doing the research to find out if this is possible for us.

I have read all of the info about transporting pets. It seems that will be fine. No quarantine for cats so that's good.

I noticed only yesterday that work permits require a medical exam. My hustand is in remission and stable for a kidney disease. We're concerned that this may be a barrier for him getting approved. Do you have any info or insight on that? I am thinking to phone the government department t that approves permits and ask them.  The whole idea will be a moot point if he's not eligible.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Booky. As far as I'm aware, the medical certificate is intended to prevent HIV+ve people from coming to live here. Your husband's condition will be of more interest to prospective employers than to the government. Our local insurers generally don't cover pre-existing conditions, so he would have to bear all expenses himself, relating to the kidney disease. If he ever needed the dialysis machine, for instance, it would cost him a small fortune. Prospective employers might well be put off by any likelihood of other ailments - but maybe not; I really don't know. I have no idea of government's immigration policy re pre-existing conditions. If you do want to phone the relevant government Department, it is the NWDA (National Workforce Development Agency), but I think it would be far better to let his employer deal with them.

Cayman is not a place where you can relocate to and then look for a job; you have to find a job first - as a visitor, perhaps - before even thinking of relocating. It's a super place to live, but it's depressingly bureaucratic. I hope you find something here, and I'm sorry that I don't have any useful advice on the kidney thing. But it really will all be up to the employer!

Thanks for that info Gordon. We're Canadian so not being covered for pre-existing conditions is new to us. We figure that if he ever needs dialysis we would return to Canada. His specialist said the remission can last for an indefinite time. All said, it's a bit scary to think of owning a home in Cayman and having to leave suddenly due to illness. Something for us to think about.

Are other Caribbean islands the same with healthcare?

Booklvr :

Are other Caribbean islands the same with healthcare?

I've no idea! What your husband might consider is getting a job with government, here. Its employees have some amazing privileges - total medical coverage, for one, whereas the private-sector employees have to pay for their own insurance. Employers have group plans, of course, but their premiums vary according to claims; so naturally they don't want to hire people whose excessive claims might raise the premiums for everybody. As my wife has discovered, old people find it extremely hard to get employment here at all, because the statistics are against them. We pay US$9000 a year for coverage of hospital in-patient costs alone.

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Hi all!

My name is Esther.  I'm moving to the Cayman's later this month and need to find a place to live when I arrive. Does anyone know of someone that will be renting or moving out of their one bedroom apartment?


Hi we are Ray and Sharon and will be moving to Grand Cayman to live for at least three years as of 12 October next month. Ray has secured a position in the power company there as the Engineering & Development Manager and I hope to continue my small business Journey Expressions NZ there.
We are still pinching ourselves that we will be living in the Caribbean and are really look forward to it.
We would love to meet other Kiwis living there so do contact us after October 12th.

Hi we are Ray and Sharon are will be living in Grand Cayman from October 12th onwards for at least three years. Ray has been offered a contract with the local power company as the Manager of Engineering and Development, hopefully succeeding in developing renewable energy in the islands.
I have my little business Journey Expressions NZ and have 7 retailers over here in NZ and in Tonga and would love to expand over in Cayman.

We will have our 26 year old daughter Amy come over with us until Christmas. We are all still pinching ourselves that we get to come to a tropical paradise and live there too.

We would love to get in touch with any other Kiwis over there once we have arrived.

Sharon & Ray

Hello! Just wanted to introduce myself ! i have been in Cayman for few months now. I have started to explore all the activies in area and learn about culture .

Founder and Owner of travel website that currently focuses on Cayman , because this is my current location right now

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