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Only if they go on booked tour by a tour operator or if someone sends them sponsor letter.


Hi I'm Karlene nice to meet y'all I'm glad to b here

Hi there to you all,

Relocated back to Trinidad since 2010 and while it proved difficult in the beginning having been out of the country for 30 plus years......I am now more or less fully adjusted.

After living in Port of Spain for most of these 7 years I finally was able to find "my dream" location on the North Coast and I'm loving it. It would take a bulldozer to move me back into the city.

Welcome to all the newcomers and foreigners to our beautiful country.

Hello, this is Fabio,

I reached Trinidad from Italy sailing all the way down. A beautiful trip full of experience, friends and places to visit. Despite my goal was to see as much world as possible, I stopped here in Trinidad finding my soul mate.
Now I'm temporary steady in TnT.
Looking to extend my passions and hobbies in this new home land, I started my own sailing company and I give everyone the opportunity to enjoy this lifestyle.

See you soon

Hi  can you please let me know that if a Trinidadian want to marry a Cuban and the age difference is ten years apart. Would the Cuban get his papers for Trinidad because ppl say he would not get the papers because of the age difference. Is that true?

I need to find out if a Spanish person wants to get marry to a Trinidadian and the age difference between them is ten years difference.. would the Spanish person get they papers..ppl say that they would not because of the age difference is that true

Age cannot make a difference except if persons are under the legal age limit. But all one has to do is to contact the Immigration Department. they would be the best source of info on this.

Good luck!!

Hi I am currently living in Trinidad but my contract has just expired so I am looking for my next position.

I have been in Trinidad for the past 4 years and came back for the contract from the UK.
I am from the UK originally but grew up in Trinidad so it is like home to me.
My children gave grown up and living in the UK and Australia.

Hi.  Great to meet me all.  I am also looking for either part time or full time clerical jobs.

Thank you.


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