New members of the Seychelles forum, introduce yourself here

Hie Mainga. Im fairly new to seychelles, been here for 4 months. Still trying to catch the ropes. Mind sharing a few pointers.

Hey you lucky people living in paradise!

I grew up in ZImbabwe so I know a bit about differing life-styles, but I have been stuck in London working for some decades now, so I'm eager to make a big change. I'm not wealthy but may be able to afford to live abroad within the next few years. Why not the Seychelles? Looks nice ;)

So I've been looking at a trip down there to visit, sometime before next UK summer. I've done a lot of research already, bought & read books.

I'm a chilled sort of person, musician, DJ, music producer. I've never had a boss, I've always been self-employed & I'm now an internet entrepreneur. It's early days but if the income remains steady I may be able to afford to move away from London at last.

I would love to make friends with either local Seychellois or expats down there. If anyone wants to give me to low down on day-today food costs, cost of rent, fuel etc.

I'm not expecting Victoria to be a cheap place to visit or live in, but I'm hoping it'll be cheaper than London.

Thanks in advance :)

     This is Karthikeyan from TamilNadu, India.I am willing to relocate to Seychelles. I have 3 years of experience in the field of Finance and Banking. Kindly someone help me in getting a job over there. Please do the needful.



Hi everyone,
           Can anyone provide the details about the banking field in seychelles. I have 3 years of experience in the field of banking and finance. I am willing to migrate to seychelles. I am looking for a job over there. Some one please guide me.



Please my name is patience chetri from Ghana.Am 26 years old,am single.Am a very hard working person.i have a experience in hotel housekeeping attendant,housekeeper attendant,room attendant,bar attendant,nanny babysitting,laundry,and cleaning.I don't joke with my work during working hours. I have six years experience in all.Thant you. for reading my masseger may God bless you.

Hey guys,

I'm planning a move from South Africa to Seychelles. Probably mid January 2016. Super excited, wish I could go earlier!

Can anyone help with contacts for accommodation? I already have a job, but it's difficult to find any info on the internet regarding places to stay. A friend of mine is also moving there and we are planning to live together to split the rent (she is moving in December). We're not looking for anything fancy! Basically a place to sleep and shower! Not planning on spending a lot of time indoors! Shared accommodation is also an option! 

Amped to meet everyone!!

See you soon!

Dear Expat,

I am Micheal from Nigeria. A Quantity surveyor by profession. I had a in Quantity Surveying from a foremost Nigerian University. I had worked in Seychelles (Victoria, Mahe) before with a Construction Company.

Presently, I am looking for the opportunity to come back to Seychelles again to work on a full time basis. I have a seven (7) years experience in both Consulting and Construction firm within and outside Nigeria.

I am a diligent, meticulous and analytical individual who will readily contribute my own quota to the achievement of an organization goals and objectives in whatever capacity am giving the privilege to function.


Micheal Oyebisi.

Hi, my name is Janet and just arrived in the Seychelles to be with our son.....We are a retired couple from the UK and looking for ground floor accommodation - 2 bedrooms long term rent.  If you can help, please be so kind as to let me know as soon as possible.

Hello everyone,

Welcome on board  :)

@ thorpefairall, you can drop an advert in the Housing in the Seychelles and get in touch with professionals that might help you out listed in the Real estate in the Seychelles section of the directory.

All the best,

Hello everyone,am trizzh from Nairobi Kenya,willing to relocate to Seychelles as from January 2016,I have a diploma in hotel management for more than 5years,I know there many hotels over there and am looking for a job there,someone please help me,.


I am Manish, working in Oman.

Looking for opportunites in Seychelles.

Thanks and regards to all the members

When you open your eyes - thousands of opportunities become visible !

Hi I was looking for some information on the international school from expat parents that have in fact had their teenage children attend it .

hi to all members.l am a 35 year old zimbabwean living in seychelles.l am here on contract basis and l intend staying here for ever though it seems very hard and gonna be a long process.l would say seychelles people are friendly people and the country is a paradise.

i think in terms of employment its hard really .l am trying to get a nursing job in seychelles and get my permit and eveything sorted.

l look torwards on getting to know all members

hi l am a lady looking for a job either in the fashion industry or as a nurse assistant.i studied fashion designing and nursing.Any private doctor out there please help.Any one who can help can contact me at email; nobunobusibanda[at] can even assist in the childcare for any families in need of a caregiver for their kids.l have my certificates and

Clara hi.l am an african lady in seychelles looking for a job.lf u r a local l know u know people

hi Jaque.l would really need your assistance in looking for a job in the fashion industry or in any medical facility

hi everyone
i am from dhaka,bangladesh,i have travel many i want to explore seychelles.if anybody share their tradition and culture i would be very happy.i have plan to move there...


Hi there,
Am a Zim citizen currently staying in Zim and want to relocate to Seychelles for self employment.I am in the I.T industry and want to open a little something for a start up.Can somebody give me the hints or info on what steps i should take in order for me to make my dream come true.

Thanks in advance


we're a family from Germany and very interested in working in Seychelles. I am a lecturer for various languages, history and school-related mathematics and my wife is a hair stylist.
Since we are new to this site, we would like to get to know people who can give us any first-hand information about living, working, and enjoying life in Seychelles. So, we'd be glad to hear from you. I think we're going to dig through all the topics in the forum first. ;-) 

PS: An avatar will follow soon...

quite simple
trying to find a place to retire away from all the corruption like we are experiencing in my home country canada.
I will be 60 & always worked as a labourer for myself.
please give me some advice if this is a good location or suggest another.
not looking for work but love to volunteer any way i can.

Near retirement & love to have more info on apt.-housing. Would volunteer in some aspect or another.

I am Philip and i will like to come visit the beautiful country of Seychelles soon and i will like to rent a self contained close to Anse etoile, Seychelles. I will be staying for 3 months. Please how can i go about it. How much will it cost in USD? I am visiting as tourist but i will be staying for 3 months and i don't want to lodge in a hotel because it will be very expensive. Thanks and waiting to hear from you.

I tried to introduce myself. no response. simply just want a safe haven from corruption. that's all

Hey Clara, I'm Philip from Nigeria and i will like to visit Seychelles as tourist and learn more about the traditions and culture. I will like to find someone who i can stay with there.

I am planning on visiting but can you help inquiry about the hotel charges for a month?

Hi,I am Angkush from Mauritius and i am highly hoping to be at Seychelles and be ready to work.Thus if there is any recreation job position available don't hesitate to contact me please!

Hey Janet, Sorry for the intrude but i will like to you because i am planning on coming to Seychelles too and i will like to have some friends. Hope your husband won't be curious of me contacting you through expat because i need some help with accommodation. ***. The name is Philip

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Hi there!

I'm from South Africa and would LOVE to relocate to any Indian Ocean Island: Seychelles, Comores, Maldives, Mauritius or Reunion. Can anyone PLEASE help me with a contact for a job in Front Desk/Reception/Tour Desk/Tour Excursion Desk or Recreation/Sport/Outdoors Activities. I am also a professional photographer and can provide the hotel/resort of professional photographs for the property or its websites. I can also provide guests of a photo-cd of their excursions/trips they did on the island.
If anyone is interested in my services pls contact me or pls help me with contacts.
Pls post this on the right spot!
Thanks so much :)
Rather email me on: xxx

Thanks so much!
Leánne Stander

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Try to look at lux belle mare they love expats thus may be the can give you a chance!

Thx so much

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