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Hi all,

Newbie on the Solomon Islands forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in the Solomon Islands if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hello All,

My husband Ron and myself Donna are moving to Honiara end of this month, coming very quickly to that date. Ron has work and I will be running my business here in Australia from over there. Age old question - looking for long term rental, if anyone has contacts or knows of anywhere available it would be greatly appreciated. We have been living in Espirtu Santo Vanuatu for the past 5years and now our next step with work is in the Solomon Islands.

Looking forward to meeting new people and seeing and having more adventures in our new location

Thanks Donna

Hello.we are applying to volunteer in Honiara.
Will be arriving with our 2 kids 13 and 11.
Hope to find a school for them to attend that is not the expensive international school...
Would also love some advice about how to search for long term accommodation

Look forward to hearing from some peeps already on the ground



Hello All , A newbie  to the site .
Previously worked and lived in the Solomon's and only been getting back for holidays to catch up with friends and family. Looking for some opportunities that will enable more time in the sols with family.
Fortunately all ready got home base established , just the work thing to sort out .
Best wishes to you all.

I would never step foot in Solomon's ever again.... If you have a choice to go any where else in this big world .... Take it!!!! Was there working and know now it has to be one of the all time worse places to visit or live.... Now living in Suva Fiji and the comparison is not even close, have lived in the scariest places in Mexico and I would go back there in a heart beat than to ever go back to Solomon Islands... Don't go, or tell family and friends to get some dignity and get the hell out of there... I can't think of one nice thing to say about the place!!!! Run and never look back... And spit before you leave........

L.O.L  jaybay girl . disease , corruption ,no management , More corruption , This unfortunately is what the country cant see past. I took some friends over for a holiday, While we were driving from the airport to the town centre one bloke looked at me and genuinely stated ,HOW LONG AGO WAS THE WAR THAT DID THIS TO THE PLACE. I could only reply, this is what its always like . You don't need a war to destroy your country , Politicians can do it better..

Day before we left there, we were in a serious car accident, but locals did not help, they threatened to burn our car that was upside down with us in it, and then robbed us dragged us out of my car and belted us with iron bars , yelling at the same time that they will kill us unless we gave them all our money and then they bashed me till I was unconscious and my husband till he was unable to walk .... And then stole our wrecked car.... Who does that? And why would any one stay there when the locals are what you call animals.... That is not government , that is a choice of the people, I have lived in santo vanuatu for 7 years and there is no comparison ... My thoughts of what happen to my husband and myself is bring war and get rid of those islands.... Would we miss them or the animals???

Hi Jbaygirl,

Sorry to read about your bad experience but you are off topic here.
Maybe you want to start a new constructive thread even if some of your words are very strong we must admit.

Armand Team

People moving to Solomon Islands should know what parts of it are like, what some of the people are like, ex pat blog should not be Awww sweet, I wish some one told us what it was really like before we moved there and risked our lives...

Hi Donna,

My family and I may also be moving to Honiara later this year and I wonder if you have any recommendations regarding finding housing etc. We have a total of four in our family two adults and two kids. Any insights in terms of who to contact, success you had, insights and beyond are certainly welcome.

Thank you and good luck!


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Hi, my husband has just been offers a job in Honiara. I have no idea what to expect! Any tips and pointers would be most appreciated. There will be my husband, myself and our 10 year old son moving out. I'm hoping to have regular (ish) visits from our 3 older children also. Many thanks x

Hi Donna. Did you move? What's it like? X

Is it just me not knowing how to use this blog or does no one actually reply? :-/

I am just back from 2 years in Honiara and am happy to give you any advice you need,
I was there with my wife, (I am Irish)

We had the most fantastic experience of our lives, you will too!
Feel free to ask anything you need, I'll do my best to answer.

Best of luck !


Thanks! I've sent you a message 😀

Honiara solomon island change my lifestyle. .. since I move here I get closer to God.. assigned to open our first international branch. Trends beauty international which is really challenging.  But I do really love challenges God is with me so no need to worry.  Walking every morning to work  is good exercise. Physically fit and saving some coins hahaha The purpose Of working overseas is to save up not to spend....

3months happy in honiara....

someone has suggested a opportunity for us in Solomon Island and I am very grateful to here of bad experiences as well as the good. If there is not open and honest discussion here then people here will only see places though rose coloured glasses and be disappointed.

Hi all,
I'm Filippo 41 years old and ready to move...
I have visited the Solomon on an holiday in 2013 and completely fell in love with the place...
I would like to leave and come there even if i am considering other destinations .
anyway, should anyone have some suggestions i'll be happy to hear




Hi and I'm new to the forum. Some mixed feelings after reading this welcome thread.


I have been to the Solomon Islands on 8 occasions with my Wife who is from Malaita but lives in Honiara.  I have never had any problems with anyone and found most Solomon Islanders to be very friendly and helpful.  It does not matter what cultural background or Country you come from there are always some low lifes that make things difficult.  But stereotyping the whole Country as you have is wrong and you should apologise to the people of the Solomon Islands from your indiscretion.  I am sad to hear what happened to you but like I said that is no reason to put everyone in the same boat....Kevin :)

Email me. I work in a real estate in Honiara. We have houses for rent available.


do you have any work offer there?


Hi I am a new member and living in solomon islands from last 6 months.

I am confused. Actually I am a native Solomon Islander Studying in the Philippines.

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I am thinking to working in Solomon Islands as Orthopaedic surgeon

I am currently working in UK

How to look for hospital’s jobs and what is the requirements



I am thinking to live in solomon island and im looking for filipino  that wants to be part of my company for part time and fulltime

on oct 30th is my schedule of flight going in solomon island.

To those are interested please PM for more information. Thank you.

Rj Rebosura

Hello everyone,

I am considering taking a 12 months volunteer position in the Honiara starting early next year. I am trying to get some information about what life is like there. I have been doing lots of reading online, but nothing beats getting some insight from people who are actually living there.

I've been trying navigate this forum but have trouble finding any active threads, looks like it is not very active? If anyone is happy to answer some questions please let me know, or if you could direct me to some other forumor website which is more used that would  be great as well.

Thanks so much in advance,

Hi! did you get any responses to your query about living in the Solomons?


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