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Hi all,

Newbie on the Paraguay forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Paraguay if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hello such ... in my case I am a rookie, and I tell you I'm Mexican and my plans was to go live in Paraguay and even to be listening a bit silly, because the love of my life is there and would able to sit up at their own pace and way of life in Paraguay, but I will not deny that there is some fear, both concerned with their customs and because virtually all the work in my case because I have a career to engineering level but not so easy that there is work to find me you will not be able to comment on that

Now I am living my country Bangladesh,but planning to leave my country for paraguay.

I have lived in the canaries for 3 years, I am still in the process of learning Spanish and enjoy the culture, I am a tennis coach, but would be looking more towards retirement and the costs of living and health care, the Internet supplies some information, but I know from past experiences that local knowledge would be more informative

Hello everyone! I am María Eugenia, I am an English and Spanish teacher.

I lived in England, France and Spain. After 14 years I´ve came back to my country of origin. Looking forward to meeting people from around the world, I was an expat for 14 years and I know how hard it can be sometimes, and I know it is fun too. During my travelling I met a lot of people who were wonderful!

I hope you enjoy my country, and if I can be of any help, here I am.

Hi Marie and welcome back - please feel to join the Official Expat community in Paraguay - we have monthly events and share tons of information for FREE! over 1660 Members strong!

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Hi Oscar,

That's what I do :) PM with questions

Hello Maria,
My wife and I will be visiting Asuncion soon.  Although we have been there before, we don't speak Spanish, and we are a little nervous about day-to-day tasks.  (Such as getting on the wrong bus, or talking with a taxi driver.)

Any tips, or suggestions?

Kind Regards,

My name is Donna.  I am from California in the United States.  I have been staying in Quyquyho since the beginning of October, with occasional trips to Asuncion.  I will be leaving for a visit to the U.S. at the beginning of April.  Sorry for the formal writing, I cannot find the quote mark, etc., on this keyboard.  Right now, I am at the Sheraton Hotel getting ready for a quick one week trip to Valdivia Chile.

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I want to recommend the services of blog member LoreTerra.

My wife and I recently visited Asuncion, and, not speaking Spanish, we needed the help of a bilingual guide who is familiar with Asuncion.

She was exactly what we needed!  Her American English is excellent, including idioms and subtleties.  She is native to Asuncion, and knows it like the back of her hand.

She helped us with everything we needed, including transportation, from simple things like buying groceries to answering questions about buying real estate.  She was completely trustworthy, and her rates are very reasonable.

If you are an English speaker whose Spanish is not up-to-speed, Lorena may be exactly the help you need.

Hi , i'm a 54 year old guy who divorced 3 years ago ... i am looking at possibly moving to Paraguay in the future .. i do have experience of living abroad , i spent a year in Australia when in my late teens and loved it .. i have been successfully self employed in the past and i am presently employed with a large tele Marketing company ... i want more than anything a better quality of life .. my draw back is i'm not skilled in any particular trade .. I'm hoping for info on anyone's experiences in life in Paraguay ? and tips on starting a business with a limited amount of funds .. Regards , Mark

Hi all,

This is Lee and Jocelyn and our toddler Andrew.  Our plan is to move to Paraguay and hopefully start a self sustaining farm.  We are semi retired and college degreed, everyone laughs at the thought of us farming but it is our goal.  We have studied many possible destinations and Paraguay is a place we have settled on.  Obviously we are hoping to purchase some land cheap (less than1k per acre).  We do want to sort of go to a simpler maybe less stressful life as we have no interest in keeping up with the status quo.

Thank you very much.

Lee Jocelyn, Andrew

Hello, I am Eduardo a Canadian-Colombian that 18 years ago meet my partner in Paraguay when conducting international program in the Municipalities of Luque and Aregua.   I travel continuously to Paraguay and I have been setting roots in this country.  Currently, we have an eco-Quinta in Aregua (2.5 km Ruta Aregua-Patino) that is open to visitors from all over the world. Facebook: Eco-Quinta Don Edulfo.

I am planning to move to Paraguay, beginning in August of 2016.  In the meantime, I am sending a container with personal belongings and agricultural equipment to Paraguay by the end of May.  If anyone is interested in sending belongings, supplies or equipment to Paraguay let me know.  My cell: xxx.  The container is expected to leave from Toronto to Paraguay at the end of May with an arrival date at the end of July. We love to be of service to anyone!
Best regards,
Eduardo Garay

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Hi My husband and I are thinking of moving to Asuncion in a few months....he was born there but hasn't lived there since he was a child...I have so many question...I am going to be working remotely with my LA office...I will purchase VPN router so I can work as if I am in the states...I am hoping to live in Villa Morra ..Can anyone tell me wheat would be the best internet/cable TV provider? I lived in Rio de Janeiro and consider it my second home...I had a fantastic company there that gave me a bundle, cable/ internet/ was not cheap..but then again I wanted just about every channel they offered...I was able to work from there...seamlessly....Thanks so much!


Hello everyone I am a filipina,Living here in Paraguay for 4 years now..❤️🙏😃I was hoping and praying that I can meet a fellow Filipinos here thankyou godbless and have a good day!!!

Hello everyone. My name is Fernanda. I was adopted from Paraguay as a child. Now I wish to return to Paraguay for a while to experience the culture of my birth country. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Ernest ,
if you are planning to retire, do it in the relaxed city of  ENCARNACION and buy yourself a house, ...mine which is advertised in the expat web.
ciao ( xxx)

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Hello live in paraguay and very beautiful mare things to if you wat to talk more or come to walk here l am at your disposal Just make  contact with me

Hello Everyone,

I have been thinking about Paraguay for a while, done some research online and it looks like the country is just full of excellent potential whichever way you look.  I will be looking  to come over with my wife and 2 of my children for the our first visit in July 2017.

We will be looking to get a feel for the people and the country. Long term (in 8 years)  I consider retiring there, but the question is if we can possibly make it even earlier.
I love that the weather is warm most of  year. It will be a welcome change coming from my current location  Belgium, with  long winters.

I am interested in bio-farming. I was told many opportunities even in bio farming are available.

I was as also thinking of the possibility of checking  the young financial sector in Paraguay and see if I can contribute some original technical research on the local market. This could  be  interesting in and of itself , but will likely lead also to extensive interaction with the locals, which could be also a reward in itself.

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I am Ati
I have been an ESL teacher for 12 years,accross the world.Currently I am teaching in China.What is the scope for setting up a International language school in Ascuncion?
Or English teaching possibilities?
I am from South Africa.

so do you live in praguay? i really need  some  help, i need a translator and lawyer,can you give me some advices?

Hi everyone,

@ : ivanbirth > To whom are you referring to? Please be more explicit in your posts.



Sarvesh team

hi,my friend,do you live in paraguay?

Hello, Ivan here, I'm in the process of gathering all the info to move to paraguay, get my PR and then after 3 years go for naturalization.
just a short description, I love more face to face than forums, sorry...

Raised in Paraguay by South Asian parents, I attended college and lived in the US for 22 years. I currently teach at an American International school in South Korea. I spend all my summers in Asunción. Currently buying an apartment there to move permanently back in 2020.


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