New members of the Mongolia forum, introduce yourself here

Hello, People of the world

I am 23 years old male, currently in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
I have lived aboard for some time and currently working in Real Estate.

I lived in Waltham MA for two years, Seattle WA for 4 years and some part of me misses those places. I am looking to meet new people and make friends. Well I traveled to some other countries for those short stays doesn't really count as living, i guess.

I was born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I love doing things that make me glad to be alive, like eating food that can't be described or watching a movie that just makes you go "DAMN", you know.

I am simple, straight forwards and maybe shy at times so lets all get along.

Hi Asteineb:

My name is Hamish - I am an American. I am a Structural Engineer, contracted through various development firms/government, also working in Mongolia. Been in UB for about 1-1/2 years. Wish I would have seen your post, would have cautioned against bringing a European family to Mongolia. Please let me know how your experience has been (especially how received by the Mongolian ladies) as I am interested. I am 35 years and single, so Mongolia has been what I make of it. Personally speaking, I interacted more with the locals upon early arrival; however now remain focused on my primary purpose, and social circle is comprised mostly of business associates relative to the project I am working on.

A little late I know, but welcome aboard!


Hey C178:

Hope all is well. my name is Hamish, I'm a 35 year old American (relax, not hitting on you) current ling living in UB and working in Mongolia. I am a Structural Engineer working as a design consultant to expand/improve mining of the Tavan Tolgoi coal mine. I've been here for approximately 1-1/2 year and anticipate about 10 months more. My circle is primarily the business professionals associated to the Gobi project, however take time out to digress, exercise and routinely grab a cup of coffee at Café Aroma. If you want to join me sometime to swap experiences/stories, it would be great. Always looking for a fellow English speaker.

Best of luck,


Hi Nice to meet you!
I am 28 years old girl from Italy.
I'll move to Ub at the end of march, I work a lot in web design and development field, 1 year in China, 4 years with Koreans in Italy and now for an important Italian food e-commerce. 
I want to come back to Mongolia and after my Trans-Mongolian trip last summer..and try to find a job! I really fall in love for that country!

My name is Bolortuya (called Christina in states), just moved here in UB to live close with my family. Lived in states several years. I'm an accountant (CPA and QuickBooks Expert) and running my accounting firm. Just joined this group to meet other expats and exploring the possibilities to work with you.

Hello Clancy,

I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying Mongolia and its people. I came here beginning of April and enjoying joyful summer with my family. I was able to see naadam festival and firework from Suhbaatar square.  Amazing experience and it reminded me of that how much I missed this country. I didn't travel that much however I believe  Mongolia is one of the few land on earth kept its original state. I used to work with Ivanhoe Mines before I go states. It broke my heart mining corporates are ruining the land in order to explore natural resources.
Lots of potential and growth I'm seeing in this country.

After many years in overseas it feels like almost no friend or community. One point I thought I should open a group who lived overseas 😄

If, you know people here please introduce them to me...

Thanks for being open and welcoming :)

Enjoy your weekend!


Am a Nigerian but presently am in Mongolia. I need someone who can put me true on how to get a job here


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