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A fresh graduate working for Vision secondary school. Aiming to open my own private school this coming january. No cash. No infrastructure but believe me it will materialize. Ofcourse nothing comes out of nothing. But i  have an idea. Taking a risk

Hi, Thank U For The Enlightment

Hello everyone

Welcome on board  :)

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am dejoser,  an innovative team player, am an expert in community health and development, well am willing to bring in a concept of community partnership, whereby by the community participates in identifying their problems and comes up with solution to their own problems.



am willing to introduce the concept of community lead total sanitation and community partnership in malawi

Nice plan what name of ur organization, you  may  partner  with my  organization , your  motivation is good

My name is Sini. I am Malawian citizen and hold a degree in BCOM Hospitality Management.Having an international background myself, I understand that moving to a new country can be exciting but also incredibly overwhelming. [Moderated]

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Dear ladies and gentleman
Well, my name is Emmanuel Mavunga, born in Zimbabwe on 25 December in 1973. I am happily married to Mejury Mavunga and we are surviving with four boys and two girls who currently stay in South Africa.

In 2010 I established a road safety initiative which I registered under Zimbabwean law after I had realized the upsurge in the rate of road traffic crashes and increased human suffering on the roads due to non compliance of road traffic regulations, negligent driving, and the use of dangerously defective vehicles. Coincidentally In 2011, on the 11th of May the United Nations launched the Decade of Action for road safety 2011-2020. It took me from 2010 to 2014 for me to receive approval from the Zimbabwean Ministry of Transport to trade in the sector of road safety and driver enhancement.

What then happened is in December 2014, I made an application to the Malawian High Commission in Zimbabwe through Mr. Francis Mponda who was swift to identify the need for such an initiative in Malawi, who then referred  me to the Traffic Safety Council of Malawi for further dialogue. Mr. Mponda took only three days to accept my idea and arrange a meeting with his Malawian counterparts. I salute him (Mr. Francis Mponda) for such active thinking.

My meeting in Malawi was fruitful, and I am scheduled to establish a life saving initiative in Malawi that will focus on educating all road users from pre-school children to the elders and persuade them to become conscious participants in road safety rather than waiting for Government alone to craft road safety solutions for them.  Road safety is a basic human right and also a basic life skill. 

I should have established in Malawi by now but there have been a number of financial set-backs on my part that have delayed the swift establishment of this life saving initiative. Roads as the backbone of communication have left many people crippled for life and the amount of grief that is experienced by losing a family member due to road traffic crashes is too much to bear. 

In brief that me and my mission to save lives. This is just a hint. I have a lot of work to do for the people of Malawi. Yes I am from Zimbabwe but the warm reception that I received from Mr. Francis Mponda at the High Commission has served as my firm foundation for my project.

Thanks to you all and I am happy to join the team.

Best, best, and very best regards


Hi! My name is Netsanet Behailu.Ethiopian Nationality.I am Mechanical Engineer by profession and I have been working in the Automotive industry for the last 11 year.I have worked for a big brands like Volvo,Dynapac,Case,Hitachi and other brands.Now I am looking for an expat job in Malawi.The reaso why I am interested in Malawi is that my cusin was living there one time and he told me several good things about malawi.

Will there be n opportunity to get an expat job in the Automotive Industry there?Please advise me.

Hi there. I am not sure what position you will be able to secure because i am not yet in Malawi. I am actually planning on relocating from Zimbabwe to Malawi to embark on a life saving road safety mission. I wish i could furnish you with detailed info but sorry i have only been in Malawi for only one week but hey, I love the country. Its sooooo peaceful and remember where there is peace there are good chances of success.

Stay blessed and please feel free to keep in touch

Best regards


Thank you. I will call it ROSPIM which means Road Safety-plus Institute of Malawi. Sorry for the rather late response I had gone out for a feasibility study in a number of provinces in Zimbabwe. Thanks


My name is Grace Mkwapata, born Malawian and i have stayed here all my entire life. I am a student at the University of Malawi, The polytechnic and studying Journalism. I am new here, hope we all have a nice time together.

Thank you

Welcome aboard madam.

So how is education treating you so far. are you enjoying what you are studying?

Identifying problems and coming up with tailor made solutions is the way to go. thumbs up.

Hi there!

My name is Lawrence and was an expat in mostly Botswana (Gabs, Kaserne and the delta) Zim and Zambia and the Caprivi! As from that introduction one may be able to see that I travelled that area quiet extensively as a Hotel and Lodge manager!

I moved back to South Africa, Johannesburg and opened a very successful pub in four ways, initially four expats but it outgrew that category and eventually became a free for all! Lol!
I sold the pub, bought a very quaint restaurant in Mpumalanga where I managed to get myself divorced 
And ended up losing the restaurant!

With that mournfully morbid intro, I realised that my happiest times was whilst I was an expat and in the hospitality industry! Hence the desire to get back into it!

On my travels I found Malawi to be a beautiful country with a people that were very intelligent and wholesomely happy! Hence the interest and again desire to relocate there!

I have applied for rather a few positions and am waiting for responses, hopefully positive, but thought I would start to get involved, even in a minimal way with the expat community up there before I just "pitch up"!


am a new member! Malawian... i love Africa. am an entrepreneur and a developer... am a founder of Purpose Initiative for Sustanable Development.... the slogan is "Educate a Girl Child, Conserve the Envirinment, Develop Malawi" ... xxx

Vast entrepreneur and magement skills

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Hie... am interested with the Idea.... am owning a school in malawi and am willing to take that initiative.



My name is Desiree Mwachande and I am a South African. My husband is a Malawian. We were going to make life happen in SA but Home Affairs upheld his papers and he had to return to Malawi in August. We have been separated since and now I want to join him in Malawi, I'm passionate about empowerment and would love to help communities empower themselves to recognise their potential and to restore confidence in the downcast.

I'm a teacher, an administrator and an entrepreneur. I don't have a job there as yet but I am coming on holiday on the 5th December and will be looking for a job. I will also be scouting new possibilities to establish my passion of community development.

My husband is from Lilongwe and I will be living in the city. Should I be blessed to find a job, I will not return to South Africa for a couple of years.

It will be amazing to meet other expats.


hie everyone

i am Tonderai; i am a qualified chemical technician. i have vast experience in the manufacturing industry; in the quality control and research. i would like to move to malawi.

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i am currently leaving in zimbabwe

Hi all, I am not sure if I am posting my introduction on the right place. Forgive me. I am new to the forum.  I am Violet, 22 born and grew up in Malawi. I completed my bachelors in Logistics and supply chain management in December 2016, relocated to Rome (enjoying pasta and pizza). I have registered into Italian language school and would like to meet the Malawians living in Rome. And also someone that can help me improve my Italianò. I would be very grateful.
Ps anyone needing any information about Malawi I would be more than happy to give assistance from my knowledge.

Hi all.

Am Sam Muchiri from Nairobi, Kenya.I just got an offer to work with UNHCR Malawi. I have spent the last two years in Dadaab refugee camp in North East Kenya.I was a government representative in the department of refugee affairs.

Am extremely exhilarated to be visiting and residing in a new country ,with a considerable culture change from the one back home..I have read that Malawi is the warm heart of Africa and I can't to wait to learn,exchange and interact with the people of Malawi.

I will be residing in Lilongwe though I will be making regular work trips to Dzaleka refugee camp. I look forward to an amazing time..

However, I got just one question..I have been looking for an aparent where I can put up during my stay in Malawi..the internet is just not so helpful,it daent give me a wide range of choices. Any help pls?


My name is Clare, I am planning to move to Blantyre in the next few months to be with my partner who is Malawian after he relocated there last August after living in the U.K.

I need advise on everything lol.

Look forward to meeting you all. Be ready for when I start asking you loads of questions on making my move go as smoothly as possible.

I really don't know where to begin x

Hi there,

My name is Cheree, we are from South Africa. My Husband is in the process of a job offer for Malawi. I have a small baby and would just like advise on private health care. thank you

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to reach out as my Husband and I are planning to move to Lilongwe early next year.

My Husband (who is from Zimbabwe) is already in the process of moving over as he is in the Tobacco industry.

I am personally due to move over after Christmas.

My husband and I have been living in Dubai the past 6 years so the lifestyle will slightly be different however I an very used to my relaxed lifestyle.

Is there any work with Non-profit agencies or a generic lifestyle that expats tend to lead?

Any information and details would be super helpful and appreciated.

Food and produce (I have quite a few allergies to dairy etc)

I will have my first however very short trip to Lilongwe next month.


would like to know more about malawi, I m getting an opportunity to work in Capital this group is well reputed and respect expats ?

Hi There all!

I am just starting the process of gaining information to move to Malawi from Cape Town in South Africa.

Hope to be there soon!

Hie all, am kirk kwisongole currently working as an administrator at the Lilongwe High court. just looking foward to making some acquaintances. And i own a house where expats can live as well

Hi, am a Malawian trying to learn new thing and welcome changes in my life, looking forward to find any job openings in computer science field or ICT

Hi,my name is Daisy and I'm Zimbabwean and currently have a degree in Political science and just in the process of doing my masters in Development Studies,I work as a community development officer.i wish to get a job in malawi

My name is Daisy and I'm Zimbabwean, have a degree in Political science and currently studying for my masters in Development a mother of two.i wish to get a job in Malawi


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