New members of the Macedonia forum, introduce yourself here

Hi all,

Newbie on the Macedonia forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Macedonia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Just a few days and you'd be moving :)

Well, welcome to Macedonia.
I'm here since half a year or so, my wife is from Skopje.

Its a great place to live, just a long as you have a solid income.

Hello,so how do you like it so far?:)


Hi to all! My name is Roberto Postolovski, i'm 21 years old from Macedonia and i would like to work in Switzerland.

hii  :D

oliverpp :

hii  :D

Hi and welcome...

As a new member please introduce yourself to the forum with a little information about yourself.

Hi to everyone. I have lived in MK for 14 months, with my family. We have really enjoyed time spent there.

People are friendly and weather really nice. Cuisine is something you should not miss.
When you are in MK Greece is close, especially Thessaloniki but don't forget Ohrid, Krusevo and Mavrovo.

You can find very good flat with two bedrooms from 350 Euro. Choose flat from Karpos (Taftalidze), Kozle and Vodno (uper areas) and you will enjoy good neighborhood. Utilities are up to 150 Euro at max. Central heat system is good.

When in Skopje don't miss to visit Debar Malo. It is very lovely settlement with great tavernas.

Be careful when driving and walking and I really don't recommend using bicycle

Getting working permit can be difficult but it is achievable. Also you need to register with the police when not staying in hotel in 24 hours.


Hi. My name is Julia, I'm Polish but living permanently in the UK. I spent several months in Macedonia while at uni and I absolutely loved it. I'm now cnsidering moving there but have a family, my son is 5 so jobs and schools are the main issues for me. A lot of thinking to do! I'm sure this website will be very useful:-)


how are you? May be you will be surprise to receive this message that who am I why did I message you. Well my name masood i am making plan to visit to macedonia skopje soon so i want to know the places , culture, accomadation and customs everything about it if anybody don't mind can anyone please tell me little about your place and country.

Waiting anxiously for your quick and positive reply.

Best regards,



Born and lived in Southern California until 3 years ago.  I now live in Colorado Springs.  I am married to a Macedonia from Skopje and we plan on moving there in 2016.  I joined here to start getting to know some people.... make connections, and put out some feelers for work.  I own a Tax business here and hope to split life.  In California for Tax season and in Macedonia for the rest of it.

Hey all ! I am Chaima Souissi from Tunisia! I am planning to live in Macedonia (I'll marry a Macedonian). So, I am looking for Tunisians who are living yet and if possible to give me some tips about the life style there!

Many thanks!

Hi Chaima, congrats on your marriage and Macedonia is welcoming you.. Im not sure and dont know yet are there Tunisians here in Macedonia, but I will gladly help to share some insights for lifestyle here..
keep in touch,

Hi, this is Gaurav. I am currently based in India.
Planning to visit Macedonia in a few months. Absolutely smitten by Ohrid lake, from the pictures i saw.


Can anyone explain the process to obtain Macedonian citizenship ?

Hi Mirijana! Hope that u r doing well! Thank u so much for ur kind words and ur help as well ! I searched for Tunisians who live in Macedonia, I found a Tunisian family who live in Skopje through (I found just the profile)! I was married on July, 28th in Tunis and my husband went back to Macedonia because he works and now I am waiting for the Visa and I am searching for a job too via Internet..


Hi! I am from Southern California as well. Where are you and your wife currently living?

Hi  Dragana! I was in the United States last year (Indianapolis, Bloomington, Washington D.C and Atlanta, GA) !

Hi All!
Well, I am finally moving to Macedonia next week! It was a big decision ti make. This gets me butterflies in my stomach like when I moved to Canada some years ago. (I am originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina.)
Anybody living in Bitola (that's where I'm moving)?
I read great things about MK. How do you like it so far?

Hi Sergia,

Welcome a board in Macedonia. (Almost there) Bitola is very unique city.. the city of the consuls we say... acctualy write me on message, I will immediately introduce to fantastic people and for two weeks you'll have the opportunity to see the oldest film festival in the world dedicated to creative work od the cinematographers..


Hi Mirjana,
Thanks so much for your message and  fir taking the time to introducing me to other people. Why is Bitola called the city of the Consuls?

Hi all,
my name is Anna and i currently live in New Zealand.  My daughter (2 years old) and i are moving to Macedonia in January/February 2018.  big step forward and hope for the best.  I am actually Macedonian and British but have not lived in the country for the last 20 years. 

Currently applying for EU/UN jobs or projects and trying to organise a shipping container from NZ to MK. 

Any suggestions and advice are gratefully received.




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