New members of the Lithuania forum, introduce yourself here

Hi brother how are you
Am from Tunisia and living in Lithuania 8 years
Jemmy.jemmy8 my skype
We can talk about Lithuania and how to be hir

Hello Mr Raheel,
I live in Vilnius, Lithuania.
How can I help you?

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hi dear

can you describe lithuvania for me in terms of its expernses and life standard?

i hope to see you.

Hello everyone,
My name is Ruslan and i am from Russia, i have been living in Dubai for a long time and plan on coming to lithuania as a business trip.

I would be grateful if i could get help finding supermarkets and stores to sell shaving equipment and razors

At the moment we are looking for a translator to start work in Lithuania

Hello. my name is Daniel, am currently studying in north Cyprus, i want to move to lithuania needs help on the admission process

Hi I'm Houssem from Tunisia but  I'm living in Vilnius Lithuania for 5 years now .I can say that I like to be here .everything is easy to get it:)  so if someone need information or help for be here or any questions just write to me and I will help you.
Iki :)


I am Felix. I am Nigerian, I study Architecture in Kaunas - Lithuania. I am been here quite a while and its has been a good experience so far. I also like the quitness and helpfulness of international co-ordinators at the university.

It would be nice to greet you all who are on this forum.

Hello Daniel,

did you find the school you want to attend in Lithuania yet?

Hi FelixOB > if you have any questions about Lithuania you can start a new topic on the forum.

Let's keep this one on the introduction of new members of the Lithuania forum. ;)

Thank you.

Alright, Christine.

What you need?

It's been a great pleasure to be on this forum. My name is Jolly from Lagos, Nigeria.
I applied to  study at MRU as an international student,  am hopeful of getting the admission,  however,  I need additional information on Lithuania hence my joining  the forum.

Dear Expats,

My name is Laura, I am a dancer and I will be moving to Kaunas here to start working with the international dance company here.
I am very much looking for people to meet and discover the country with, so looking forward to your reply :.)

Warm greets,


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Hey all,

Just joined this great site n forum..I currently stay in Gurgaon, India n am into food business with past mainly in the aviation sector..As of now i wish to relocate to an up-and-coming country n after a lot of due diligence zeroed down on Lithuania as one of the options amongst others..Would be seeking a lot of help from the members on the concerned topic categories..Thanks to all and shall be speaking soon..

Monal Sachdeva

Hi, I'm an American guy who has been living in Kaunas for several years with my Lithuanian wife. I'm a computer programmer. I became good friends with an American I met here, but he moved away, and now I don't really have any English-speaking friends here, and I could use some.

Hello Everyone,
I am Suraj from India.
I am pursuing   Masters in Business Management at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.
I hope to find some good friends here.


helloo.....i am from Egypt i am 29 years old i am social worker at school in the morning and seller man in  the afternoon in my father's shop and i like to know new friends from others world ....ilike to know  the procudures of travell to Lathunaian

Hello all, I'm from Vilnius Lithuania 14 years lived in Cape Town. Currently moved to Johannesburg, would like to meet new friends


Thank you

Hi friends,

what type of part time jobs are there in Lithuania.

how are you  i am from Egypt

hi  julian

Hello there everyone and welcome to  :)

@manoj passi, Can you please introduce yourself ? This thread is indeed for the intro if new members  :)

Best of luck,

I'm kyxks, Filipino, working in a electro mechanics construction firm as their safety engineer.

Thanks for accommodating me in this

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I need to rent a house in Vilnius
Can you help me ?

Hi All,

I am Brij from India  , software engineer by profession and i have been deputed by my company for a project.
All the paper work have been done and i will be applying for a EU blue card in about 15 days and i m expected to start work on Oct 1st at vilnius.

i am looking for a rented apartment for about 6 months or may be an year and looking forward to meet new faces and learn from all.


Hello, Labas!, my name is José Cisneros from México, I´m learning lithuanian language, I want to travel to Lithuania maybe in Christmas 2017.

Iki greito pasimatymo

Hello all, i am Tamer from Egypt- movie director and TV shows preparator. I am married to Lithuanian wife and live in Kaunas. Currently learning LT language, looking for a job and new friends. Nice to meet you all

Tamer Arafat :

Hello all, i am Tamer from Egypt- movie director and TV shows preparator. I am married to Lithuanian wife and live in Kaunas. Currently learning LT language, looking for a job and new friends. Nice to meet you all

Hello Tamer Arafat, can you tell us how is living in Lithuania?, the difficulties to find a job or how easy is make friends.

Nice to meet you.

Hi, Mirko here. I'm living in Klaipeda, Lithuania since June 2015 with my wife. I'm from Genoa, Italy. I left my city because there were no job opportunities for us. Now I have some plans here and we'll see if I will reach my first objectives. Good luck to all of you here!

Hello dear cyber friends of Lithuania , the main point  is  get in business with some company that will buy us the many tropical fruits that we grow in my country , and it will help us to sell more and buy your technology in heavy machinery , that we used in our production , this is the main point of this wish , thankyou in advance for your time .

It's farhan, I m from Pakistan, I got admission in Vilnius gediminas technical university in undergraduate degree, but not apply for my visa yet,I got curios to know about Lithuania,

Muhammad farhan Ali

Good morning, I come to this site new and found it more good and helpful, i want to know if you are still living in Lithuania and what part of Lithuania are you.

thanks very much, i got a truck driving job in Germany, so am now working abroad, but its a Lithuania company.

Hi I have people they can help you...
Have nice day

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