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i am yash pathak and i am from India 21 years lod and i coming to latvia,riga in september for my masters in strategic tourism program from  Turiba university. I am here to know that can i get a job after i finish my course  there in latvia or any other country in europe?

Hi dear I m frm pak and coming to riga lbk in sep .u knw some infrmation about part time work in riga?

Hi everybody
I am parnian . I am planning to move to Latvia very soon. I am half way through the process already. I am going to study advertisement management over there. I am a certified fitness trainer from Golds gym. I am from Iran and I want to see if there is any Iranian fellow to help me embark on obtaining visa process from Latvian embassy.

Hi, where you have plan to study in Latvia? I live in Liepaja and you can find many Indians in Riga also. You can contact them once you reached there as Indians and Iranians have good relationship. you can book Finnair or Turkish airline to travel. Regarding visa process you should contact to Latvian Embassy in Tehran, I think they will need standard documents such as Bank Guarantee Certificate, Insurance etc... The main important thing is that your institute will get approval from immigration office for you visa and they will inform you to submit your file in Latvian embassy in your country, therefore you u dont need to by worry for visa...

I am planning to study in Riga. LBK university.  There is no Latvian embassy in Tehran so I have to go to Ankara,Turkey. This will make the whole process a bit tricky.

talk to foreign affairs department of LBK university, they will talk to immigration office and release the visa letter for you as it is the process to get the visa, even you can talk to them about Latvian embassy in Delhi as it will be easy for you to get visa from there as well, but it is upto you where you wanna go and get the visa.
you can find university's contact detail on above link. you have to apply in university and they will do everything for you, i can explain you about the study permit process.
Apply in university > university will check and release conditional offer letter for you > u have to pay registration charges of the university > university will send you documents to AIC approval > submit your one year fees and other charges according to university if you get approved from AIC > university will ask your all required documents such as insurance, photos, passport copy etc. > they will submit your documents in immigration office in Riga > they will inform you about the approval and perhaps release letter for you with the embassy interview and where it will be > you have to submit your file (with the same documents you have given to university but with original passport) to Latvian embassy in Delhi or Ankara > embassy will conduct your interview and will take a week or 10 days to release visa (30days) > you have to travel within 30 days and you will get temporary residence permit for a year once arrived here. more information contact me Hope everything is cleared now...

if you apply in Liepaja university or Ventspils university then I can coordinate with universities also for your documents, visa, and other things...

Thanks a lot for guiding me my friend. As of now I am waiting for AIC to check my docs out. Lets see what will happen. I hope it gets done as early as possible. Again i thank you.

Any time... AIC is one month process... dont worry.. it will be thru... best of luck...

Hi! My name is Andris. I am from Riga. I want to leave Latvia because I am not agree with what is going on in my country. I would be happy to find new friends.

Hey everybody,
I'm from Germany and I will do an internship in Riga. I just arrived on saturday. As I still don't know the city nor a lot of people I would be glad if there is someone who wants to meet up for a cup of coffee or to discover Riga.

Hi !  My name is Øyvind, Im a Norwegian with strong ties to Latvia.(my other half) I am currently visiting Latvia regularly and thinking of setting up a business in Riga or Liepaja.

Hello Andreijs,

Your country is great, it is just a matter of social change what is needed here. My pupils at RBS did a research about what country could be the best one to live in and Denmark  was, in average, the most worthy place to live.

We can discuss about it...

Best Regards,


Hi, My name is Ben i am looking to re locate to Latvia next year liepaja,

I need to learn Latvian and also look at jobs and life out there any help or advice  would be really appreciated.

Good morning all,
Im Petteri from Finland and moving to Riga October/November 2016.
I used to live in Riga 2006-2011 and was commuting to my work in Helsinki.
Was living in Riga because of my relationship.Now happily divorced.
After been flight attendant for almost 33 years,i have decided to resign and start a business in Riga.
I speak English,Finnish,Swedish,German and Spanish.
Will be living in downtown Riga on Gertrudes iela.

Hello to everybody here my name is Alan and as well as installing satellite systems ( including Latvian) here in the uk my wife and I are looking forward to visiting Riga next April

Hello  :)

My name is Margarita and decided to live here this past December and have been wanting to join this forum since then. I was born here, but grew up and lived in USA and now have found my self here ... at least for the time being. I enjoy meeting new people and hoping to find a little bit of "home" comfort through this forum. I have relearned Latvian, so if anyone needs some help, I am happy to help. :)

Have an amzing weekend.  :)


My name is Kevin. My parents from Latvia moved to Ireland where I was born. I want to visit my homeland and travel on it. I'll start from Riga soon.

Hi everyone 😊 My name is Yucef im tunisian and my fiancee is Latvian we are together for two years now and we have visited each other several times in both countries, we decided to get maried in Tunisia this summer so we started to think about what paper we need for it, at this stage one strange thing come out for us: Tunisian autorities ask for one doccument that give permission for my fiancee to get maried with me in Tunisia usualy its delivred from the embassy o the foreign country in Tunisia... But Latvian autorities says that they dont deliver such a doccument they just can give a doccument of status showing that my fiancee is not maried yet.. Tunisian autorities say it not enough and Latvian say its all what yhey can give.. So now we are stuck in the middle .. Can anyone give advice or know someone was is such situation who can help we will ne very thankfull for you 😊

Get on a ship with your two passports ask the captain to marry you and you then have marriage license. On shore in either country or any place in this world you are indeed married. if she wants a big church marriage why not ask the vicar priest or what not to give you a full blessing marriage which is just like the real thing. The fact that I do not hold with license if God says yes but your love for each other who can charge you or play around with paper work to upset you it just is not their business is it. But millions allow it to happen to them. Let no one push you around especially Governments as all are corrupt no matter which nation  you care to mention but again millions of people vote the greedy political in to office where I would shoot them first. The older one gets the wiser perhaps as even Cissero said, some 2300 years ago in Rome,"Politics is dirty business. Nothing has changed has it.


I have been in LV about 9 weeks now and looking to create a circle of friends outside work. If you are still in LV let me know :-)


I'm William from Brazil. I'm married with a Latvian girl. I'm living here for 2 years already. I don't live in a capital or any of the big cities but in a small village/town named Valdemarpils.

Yes always here been that way for years. No rates no worries just peaceful gardening , Odd dinner party here and there otherwise happy to have a good life style. English gardens. Writing articles that pay. Lazy afternoons until friends decided to drop in for tea and cake. Tell the truth I bought some lovely coffee beans the other day. Cant stop drinking the stuff like its s drug or something. Java beans must go and bay more now I have the electric grinder saving my wrists.  Go carefully and save is my code and sent to you.
Sir Kevin.

My name is Lewis and I'm new to this site. I'm a retired American lawyer who's new to Latvia and ready to settle in.


Hello Lisa,
It is so very nice to receive your kind welcome. It is especially welcome to a man coming to a new country where I do not know anyone. Thanks

Hello Princelucio,
I am coming to Riga within the next few weeks and have the same question that you posted on the site. Where to stay, short-term and long-term? Can you share with me what you learned and concluded?
I am retired American man, coming alone.

Hello Oyvhaug,
I am half Norwegian too. My father Orin. I am coming to Riga very soon and would like to make some friends when I get there. If they don't mind being seen with a 60 yo man. I don't have a Latvian SIM card for my phone yet. Any ideas about where I should stay in central Riga to start?

You're welcome. You are coming here completely alone?

Yes, I am very newly divorced and ready for a fresh start.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your introduction :)

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Hi All,

Even though its repeated question would like to ask.

I have been offered 1400 euro per month job in Riga.

Is it worth to accept?
Can we save good amount of money in this salary?.

Also I am from India so will be workimg on Work visa.
So is it possible to work on Other EU countries as well on same visa?

Not sure about type of visa, but mkst probably it will be temp. Resident permit as I have to work more than 90 days in 1 year.

I have gone through many portals for cost of leaving at Riga. And founf out that monthly expenses can be around 700 Euro including rent.
Even I read somewhere one can vet room on sharing basis at 100 Euro. But didn't found any advertisement for the same. Only 250-400 Euro rooms.

Is it possible to get Room around 100 Euro?
Any agent/Broker information will be appreciated.

Hi! I am Nash Kusain from Philippines. I came to Latvia for the Erasmus+ Program for my PhD in Business Administration. I will be here until the end of December 2017. I am interested to work in a part-time job. Please guys, help me find one. My email address is xxx. I don't have my cellular phone sim card (number here), maybe I can have one next week.

Thanks a lot!!!

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Hello jobs here pay so little and are so few all youth has vanished to USA UK and beyond. Best look in Riga as shops sometimes have part time jobs. Outside of Riga forget it. All here are old pensioners with little to live up as pensions for Latvians area joke. Sad but true. Some 5 million people have left this nation since 1990. The total account now is just 1. 8 million in a nation as large as Scotland. Communist view from Government who just cant give a fig .Like it or leave comes to mind. You will find part time jobs in city as cafe worker or dining place waiter but it is you who must came and search. Most Latvians start business or leave. Out here in sticks trades exits but pay is low, which is fortunate for me. Suck it as see is the answer to your question from me.Hard truth my friend.

Hii Mani.   This is Vishnu,I am native of nellore .I am planning study in Riga . This is my number ****

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this message is for the Italians living in Riga. I'm a journalist from RAI WORLD in search for stories of Italians in Latvia. Does anyone want to tell how it ended up in the Baltics and what he/she does there? Please contact me asap. I'm coming to film in December!

Hi everyone,

This is a little reminder: The topic here is on the introduction of new member on the Latvia forum.

@ PaoloEmilioLandi > you should post your ad in the Latvia classifieds section under Testimonies.

Thank you,

Hi, Divyang_K!
Even though its repeated question would like to ask.

I have been offered 1400 euro per month job in Riga.
- It is quite good salery for Riga (even after tax have payed).

Can we save good amount of money in this salary?.
- Your monthly payments usually will include – flat rant (~250 euro/month), flat utilities (~150 eur/month), food (~400 eur/month), transport as needed (~50 eur/month),
hygiene products and other (~50 eur/month) = ~800 eur/month

Is it worth to accept?
- Yes.

So is it possible to work on Other EU countries as well on same visa?
- Usually if you get working visa you can move to all EU contries.

I have gone through many portals for cost of leaving at Riga. And founf out that monthly expenses can be around 700 Euro including rent.
Even I read somewhere one can vet room on sharing basis at 100 Euro. But didn't found any advertisement for the same. Only 250-400 Euro rooms.
- You can find room rented in different Latvian regions, cities and city districts hire - … belM=.html
Normal 2 room flat price is 200-350 eur/month   utilities (sommer time ~100 eur/month, winter ~200 eur/month).

Is it possible to get Room around 100 Euro?
- It is possible, but the condition will be poor.

Any agent/Broker information will be appreciated.
- … no_cache=1

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